Paul O’donoghue - Thin red line

6:08, 2011, Experimental
Thin Red Line uses split screen to juxtapose four simplistic audio visual elements which build to a new rhythmic and harmonic complexity. The source material was recorded live in the experimental TV Studio New York, using 70’s technology. Simple tones, buzzes and glitches were transformed into visual representations via voltage controlled video synthesis. What you see is what you hear.
DirectorPaul O’donoghueProducerPaul O’donoghue

CountryIrelandEdition2012 ScreeningsBuffalo Infringement Festival Buffalo, New York July 2012
Beam Festival Brunel Electronic and Analogue Music London, UK June 2012
IKFF Hamburg International Film Festival Hamburg, Germany June 2012
Visionen Festival for Sound and New Media Arts Hanover Germany May 2012
MUFF Montreal Underground Film Festival Montreal, Canada May 2012

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