Paul Dudin - One way ticket

80:00, 2012, Fiction
A young woman Eva wants to turn back her dead daughter. A scientist named Nicola offers her his help by using a machine, which brings people to another worlds. It can close a time circle and turn back time when the dead person was still alive and it is possible to change the situation and prevent the death. But there is a side effect of an immersion with the machine. In this process the person grows old very quickly. Eva agrees to take part in the experiment... Will her dreams come true?
DirectorPavel DudinProducerPavel DudinWriterPavel DudinCameraDenis Koturga, Sergey LubinEditorJulia AbzltynovCrewElen Noscova
Vldinin Kolossov

CountryRussiaSubtitlesEnglishEdition2012 AwardsThe film was awarded the annual prize of the Russian horror film "DROP" 2012 in the "Hope for the salvation of Russian Cinema"

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