Rrose Present - Code of... senses II

4:39, 2014, Experimental
Codes of... senses, Codes of significance Concept: Video without camera, reinterpreting the camera-world.
The images of riots in Istanbul onlinein 2013 (those they allowed to change a political system) here are transformed into colored blocks, as the minimum unit of representation "the pixel". Atom of this new world we live in, from each of our specific cultures.

They are as the graphic charts in motion, that become (paradoxically) nvisible the tangible reality of what they represent behind the informational codes ready to be scattered through the visual network insensitive to the "senses." These codes reveal parts of source images together with sound quickly recognize and gives them meaning. Sounds that speak directly to our "emotional body" and will cause "feelings" from "senses" to return to "feel" the cold-date information in the world in which we live.
DirectorRrose PresentProducerRrose PresentEditorRrose PresentCrewRrose Present

CountryEspanyaLanguagenoSubtitlesnoEdition2015 CyanScreenings2015 - AXW Another Experiment by Women Film Festival, NYC
2015 - CINE TORO Festival Internacional de Experimentación, Toro, COLOMBIA
2015 - NODOCCS Muestra Internacional Viedoarte, Caracas, Venezuela
2014 - ESPACIO ENTER Festival International Cultura Digital, TEA Canarias
2014 - FIVA Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Awards"Menção Honrosa de FAB 2015 Festival de Audiovisual Belém, BRASIL"

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