Robin Whenary - Blinded

3:20, 2007, Fiction
A young man lies motionless in a country lane. He relives events in his mind, and all becomes clear.

Made for an AS-Level college course in 2001, but not screened publicly until 2007.
DirectorRobin WhenaryProducerRobin WhenaryWriterRobin WhenaryCameraRobin WhenaryEditorRobin WhenaryCrewCast: Caedmon Gould

CountryUnited KingdomEdition2009 Screenings- BritFilms (http://www.britfilms.tv) & RealPlayer websites (from Oct. 2007)
- Appledore Visual Arts Festival (June 2008)
- From Beneath the Surface Short Film Festival (Nottingham, June 2008)
- Portobello Film Festival (London, Sept. 2008)
- Visionaria International Toscana Video Festival (Italy, Sept. - Oct. 2008)
- 7th flEXiff Experimental International Film Festival (Sydney, Australia, Sept. 2009)

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