Rose Stach - Confused

5:10, 2008, Experimental
In her work, Rose Stach deals with external and internal blockades, borders and irritations of a psychic and social kind.
The film confused shows white road markings at a road junction inverting the actual meaning of delimiting a wayside into the absurd, in a random, erroneous and confusing order. Similar to a child aimlessly following the markings without respecting the rules of the road, playfully deciding to follow a new direction at each junction without knowing were it leads to. An unfathomable situation of disorientation and aimlessness is created that appears quite threatening. This feeling is intensified even more by the kaleidoscope-like effect of the mirroring. Observers find themselves in a Kafkaesque loop of hopelessness.
At a road junction, white street lines fly by chaotically. They are reflected as if seen through a kaleidoscope, forming patterns and shapes of grotesque beauty, contrasting with the rough traffic noise.
DirectorRose StachProducerRose Stach


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