Tracy Valcarcel Rodriguez - Underneath this dress, i unfold

7:53, 2012, Video Art
A woman attempts to remember the details of a tramautic experience. She remembers herself standing surrounded by trees and leaves and layers of fabric covering and uncovering her face. In her attempt to reconstruct the scene, she must “unlayer” the details of a story she has tried to forget.

She battles between uncovering her memories and covering herself from the viewers’ gaze. The woman appears and disappears between the folds of her dress. She covers herself by pulling her dress down but an exterior force invades her space, making the viewer transgress the boundaries of intimacy.

"Underneath this dress, I unfold" addresses the paradox found in the process of remembering acts that we voluntearily try to forget. The process of remembering requires us to go inwards, to look further into our deepest memories and settle back into the time and space in which the event took place. In "Underneath this dress, I unfold" the camera plays both the witness to a remembering and the intrusive gaze the woman battles against, making the viewer take on a participatory role in the woman’s process of remembering.
DirectorTracy ValcarcelWriterTracy ValcarcelCameraTracy ValcarcelEditorTracy ValcarcelComposerHi-Asobi

CountryPeruEdition2012 Screenings- ((.mov)) Videoarte en mOvimiento, Lima, Cusco and Iquitos, Peru
- "2000 WATTS", Eastern Bloc, Montreal, Canada
- "As we leave, we arrive changed/unchanged", Coatcheck Gallery, Montreal, Canada.
- "19 Works", La Elastica, Montreal, Canada.
- "From That Time", Studio 303, Montreal, Canada.

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