Tusia Dabrowska - Ananaski (baby pineapples)

1:29, 2012, Video Art
ANANASKI is a short video by Tusia. It features Tusia and Magda Rud. VTR provided sound design.

ANANASKI, or baby pineapples in Polish, is an affectionate term for Rebels. Pineapples, in many cultures, symbolize hospitality. This short video is a humorous token of appreciation of the daily instances when women’s oppression is reconstructed into narratives of self-empowerment.
DirectorTusia DabrowskaProducerTusia DabrowskaWriterTusia DabrowskaCameraTusia DabrowskaEditorTusia DabrowskaCrewTusia Dabrowska
Magda Rud

CountryPolandEdition2013 ScreeningsAnanaski:
▶ Video Guerrilha. Sao Paolo, Brazil. Nov. 2012
▶ To Be Conceived. London, UK. March 2013
▶ B*tchFest. Los Angeles, CA. March 2013
▶FOLK ART. Official selection at Insta Video Festival, Knoxville, TN.
April 2013
▶ WORDS/BIRDS. Currents 2012, the Third Annual Santa Fe
International New Media Festival. Santa Fe, New Mexico. June 2012

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