Tina Willgren - The polymoids

2:51, 2010, Video Art
The idea for “the Polymoids” emerged when visiting vacant urban areas in Stockholm. In the middle of town, surrounded by a hectic city life there exist spots that seem to have escaped city planning. There is an abandoned railway track and pillar landscapes under bridges. Having a very special atmosphere about them, something spooky and unpredictable, distinctly different from the surrounding city emerges. Walking in these areas is like exploring unknown territories, one does not know what will show up behind the next corner. Lots of waste is lying around, sometimes carried away by the wind, and it feels as though a very special type of flora and fauna could develop here, where dead matter comes to life. I think about the video as a kind of a nature documentary, which take this special biotope as its theme.
DirectorTina WillgrenProducerTina WillgrenCameraTina WillgrenEditorTina Willgren

CountrySwedenSubtitlesNo subtitlesEdition2011 Screenings2011:WPA Experimental Media Series, USA/Directors Lounge Media Art Festival, Berlin, Germany/2010: Visionaria, Toscana Video Festival, Piombino, Italy/Pantheon Xperimental Film & Animation Festival", Cyprus, Greece/Giessen Video Art Festival, Giessen, GermanyAwardsReceived the Best Experimental/Animation award in this year’s West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival.

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