Tina Willgren - Vehicles

2:29, 2009, Video Art
A village. A street. An ordinary summer day. Or?

It is easy to get struck by a feeling of absurdity when one takes a pause, just to experience what is actually going on in front of ones eyes, anywhere close to a trafficked street. City traffic is like a noisy and somehow comical auto created choreography. Uncountable vehicles in different shapes and sizes passing by in different directions.
The leap to the surreal comes almost naturally. In “Vehicles” the normal movements, appearances and sounds of street traffic are remixed. The everyday car is transformed into an unidentified flying object.
DirectorTina WillgrenProducerTina WillgrenCameraTina WillgrenEditorTina Willgren

CountrySwedenSubtitlesNo subtitlesEdition2011 Screenings2011:Outcasting, A Century of Artists´ Films, Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan, UK
2010:DA Fest, National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria
Camera Eye Essence, V.I.P Art, Belgrade, Serbia
Oslo Screen Festival, Oslo, Norway
Projetaveis, Bienal do Mercosul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

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