The Unstitute - Physis - fragments 1 9

47:41, 2012, Experimental
Physis - Fragments 1-9 “de Oratore” (47 min, 2012)
Over a period of 4 months, The Unstitute became the object of a series of Obscene Letters which were deemed unfit for publication.
The material was sent to a specialist named CADE; a catatonic who never speaks his own mind.
Cade was instructed to translate the letters into VideoForm for the purpose of public dissemination.
DirectorThe UnstituteProducerThe UnstituteCameraThe UnstituteEditorThe Unstitute

CountryUnited KingdomEdition2013 Screenings’Social Interventions’, Garage 4141 Gallery, San Diego, USA
’Video Art Collective’, Chartier Gallery, Connecticut, USA

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