Thomas Schumacher - Der läufer

3:30, 2014, experimental
"Der Läufer" is an observation of an ongoing process, as it seems, and therefore raises simple and recurring questions while viewing an action by an anonymous walker, which we are all confronted with in our all-day life.
Where do we go from here? When do we return? Why did we get there in the first place? Does it help making us feel better?
As hilarious it may seem and as sneering as it may sound, in the end one is appalled by the underyling earnest of being.
DirectorThomas SchumacherWriterThomas SchumacherCameraThomas SchumacherEditorThomas SchumacherComposerCircus MarcusCrewAnonymous Perth walker
Music: Inceput by Circus Marcus (http://www.circusmarcus.net)

CountryGermanyLanguagenoneSubtitlesnoneEdition2014 Purple

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