Timo Huber - Aliage - viajes en technicolor

4:06, 2007, Music video
"Aliage - Viajes en Technicolor" it-s a music promo shot in Hong Kong for the Argentine band Aliage. This super8 short film is a journey around an asian city that could be "any asian city", since the meaningful part is the discovery of a mix of ancient culture and technology through the eyes of the tourists. And exploration around simple discovery and naive tourism, where the high-tech feeling of places like Hong Kong is only suggested by NTSC bars that blend seamless in the landscape and the friendly locals.

DirectorTimo HuberProducerTimo HuberWriterGeraldine JuarezCameraTimo HuberEditorTimo HuberCrewArt Direction: Geraldine Juarez, Telecine: Daniel Iglesias, Tape2Tape: Antonio Ramirez


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