Tommaso Caverni - Deep cuts #1

4:16, 2010, Experimental
Initially made for a vj-set, Ive re-edited these clips by following a mere aesthetic approach.
DirectorTommaso Caverni


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Who is Tommaso Caverni?
I’m an artist and video-maker who lives and works in Florence.

How did you start with film? And do you have an educational background in art or film?
I’ve started making video art about seven years ago. My parents are both painters, that being so I have a close relationship with arts since I was a child. I attended the artistic lyceum of art in Florence and I have an artistic education on painting and drawing, but I’ve never attended a class of cinema or video compositing, so I am a self-taught person in these fields.

What is your film DEEP CUTS #1 about?
DEEP CUTS #1 is a project that arises from a VJ set. I initially drew up this material in order to improvise visuals in a live music set. In a second time, I decided to use the footage again with a noisy soundtrack that could reveal the distress about some of those frames.

Is there a DEEP CUTS #2, and if yes, how does that one relate to DEEP CUTS #1?
There’s no DEEP CUTS #2 right now. I’m just trying to put some material together following the idea of a #2 etc. For the moment, DEEP CUTS is an open project and I can’t see its end yet.

Where did the title for this film come from?
The title was inspired by the nature of the footages their selves. Actually, I didn’t follow a logic way of working, I just tried to emphasize the “deep cuts” between frames.

Where do you get your ideas or inspiration from?
Art, literature, philosophy. I don’t mean to bore you.

Where did you find the footage you used in Deep Cuts #1?
Usually I take everything from internet sources and so I did for DEEP CUTS #1. Then I’ve personally edited them with several softwares for visual effects and video compositing.

How important is sound in your work?
It’s fundamental. I’m a modest musician, I studied saxophone and I used to sing in a noise/no wave style improvisation band, so I like to make the soundtracks myself.

How do you finance your projects?
Unfortunately, on my own. This kind of work is not well-financed by politics; actually, I think that arts in general are not sustained in Italy as it should be.

What are you working on now?
Just now I’m working on a crazy (and probably unrealisable) artist installation project. It’s about all the things and objects we leave behind when we die. Besides I’ve recently terminate a new work for Video Minuto 2011 competition; my work is about the concepts of virtue and terror in human being.

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