Tomas Pecha - Dematerializing branik

1:16, 2011, Animation
[[Dematerializing Branik]]

/incompatible architectural materia being bracketed and dematerialized/

Contemporary relation to dwelling is connected with serious conflict with materiality and its permanence, which is expressed by proposing dematerializing and bracketing -reductive processes in form of sculpture as part (one stock) of the flat house. Bracketing - reduction processes of abstraction and evacuation leading to technological destruction of dwelling identity through a-signifying dimensioning, distantiality, disposition. Dematerialization, evacuation and ventilation through circulating walls - ventilating /deteritoriation/restlessness/uprootedness.
DirectorTomas Pecha

CountryCzech RepublicSubtitlesEnglishEdition2011 Screenings5th Media Mix Festival, Generi Mixati, Firenze, Italy
Newsfromart, FabrikArte, Ferrara, Italy
6th FIS / FISch, international festival of small and independent film productions, Smartno, Slovenia
9th Luksuz Film Festival, Krsko, Slovenia
4th Videoholica Video Art Festival, Varna, Bulgaria
AwardsPremio Speciale, Media Mix Festival Generi Mixati, Firenze

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