Thomas Humphreys - Peeping tom

6:13, 2011, Experimental
Why focus on new architecture when so many usable structures are going to waste? Such was the discussion in last year’s Biennale in Venice and so too in Peeping Tom. The Omega Works Warehouses of Haringey in north London were once home to a thriving textile industry. Now a haunt for artists, musicians and filmmakers, these warehouses are a mix of past industry and future creative force. Peeping Tom is an experimental documentary that explores the possibilities of this space. The occupants have managed to create sustainable domiciles in what, on the surface, looks like untenable grounds. By simultaneous creating both coherent and abstract depictions of his own (ware)house, Peeping Tom provides the audience with a logical spatial exploration on the one hand, and an insight into the more ephemeral and playful ambiance on the other.
DirectorTom HumphreysProducerTom HumphreysWriterTom HumphreysCameraGuy NatanelEditorTom HumphreysCrewBoom Op: Mar Garvey Camera Assistant: Charlie Murphy

CountryUnited KingdomEdition2012 ScreeningsMunich International Festival of Film Schools 2011 (Official Selection)

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