Thomas Humphreys - Awakenings

5:10, 2012, Video Art
A triptych installation displaying the staged awakening of my three housemates. At the time of production we had recently moved into a semi-derelict warehouse space; finding ourselves at a juncture where our own metaphorical awakening, from the slumbers of kidulthood to the harrows of adulthood, was correlated with the physical transformations in our home. All sounds were recorded on location. N.B. Intended to be looped. The screens and the soundtrack are at different lengths so when looped we get a different combination of sight and sound on each pass.
DirectorTom HumphreysProducerTom HumphreysWriterTom HumphreysCameraGuy NatanelEditorTom HumphreysCrew Grip/Gaffa: Egill Bjornsson

CountryUnited KingdomEdition2012

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