Video artists

Marlijn Franken
If only

4:03, 2013, Video Art

An apple-girl wandering into a landscape. A minotaur following her, later a cat takes over. A surrealist musical fairytale.
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Michael Brynntrup
Imagefilm 101010

1:35, 2010, Experimental

No Facebook! Just homepage. Ein Imagefilm zum 11jährigen Jubiläum meiner website am ’Digital Day’, dem 10.10.10. No Facebook! Just homepage. A corporate video on the 11th an..
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Michael Olson
In pieces slivers

3:54, 2011, Experimental

This work explores the inner life of sounds. Larger sounds are fragmented into thousands of microscopic bits, which are subsequently combined to form gestures. The video acts as a ..
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Mandy Williams

4:28, 2010, Experimental

Inside is a 5 minute digital video which was shot from the street at dusk over a period of two months. It explores home as a sanctuary, retreat or cell, and voyeuristically documen..
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Michael Gaddini

15:30, 2015, Experimental

What’s "Inside"? This is an experimental project, a dreamlike journey that will lead you into the depths of the human mind. A dark, disturbing, where lie the fears, the ambig..
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Muriel Montini
Instants d’après

6:30, 2006, Experimental

A woman emerges from the shadows in slow motion.While approaching ,we hear echoes of story . It might seem insignificant , but it’s the sort of stories that haunts your thoughts ..
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Maria Kubysh
Intergalactic space travel

3:26, 2009, Experimental

Intergalactic Space Travel is about the road and exploration, and looking for a path, the meaning of life, and sometimes looking farther than necessary. The soundtrack for the film..
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Marlijn Franken
Into the woods

6:12, 2013, Video Art

Surrealistic shortfilm about a meeting in the woods. A pond as a mirror. A fish in a tree.
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Malwina Rzonca

35:35, 2012, Narrative

The [[mashup]] film, blending different video sources into a one consistent narration, describing victory of the Goddess over the demons. It is based on „Devi Mahatmya” - the m..
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Manon Bovenkerk

8:30, 2008, Experimental

Julia/guiliana is an intermediate form of animation, cinema and graphic novel. the story is narrated in filmstills, comprised of delicate charcoal drawings and photographs of impas..
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Mari Liis Rebane
Jungle of despair

2:12, 2014, Animation

Technique: drawn, 2D animation Direction, animation, editing, sound by Mari-Liis Rebane Inspired by a poem by Ilmar Laaban Thanks: Priit & Olga Pärn, ülo & Heilika Pikkov Est..
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Marco Costa
Killing leni riefenstahl

15:00, 2007, Narrative

A letter of a concentration camp and a new short story will change Daniel´s life, a Spanish writer with German origin facing again the ghosts of his family.
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Marcantonio Lunardi
Laboratoire italie

2:16, 2011, Video Art

A voice in control, an image in black and white. An aseptic, scientific environment, similar to the object on the foreground. The main characters in this work by Marcantonio Lunard..
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Marta Roberti
Lacuna (gap)

4:53, 2010, Animation

In my video animations I like to explore several techniques of generation of movement and consequently different ways to conceive time. Lacuna originated from research on the conce..
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Muriel Montini
Le monde est immense

9:00, 2006, Experimental

A summer’s day in the countryside. A woman is sewing. A little girl tries to attract her attention. A boy appears; A few images from a super 8 movie explored in detail and recomp..
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Muriel Montini
Les jeux d’enfants

9:19, 2008, Experimental

Children are playing with water. A study in behaviour.
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MaX Dali
Lost in perspective

6:21, 2006, Experimental

Imagine yourself waking up in a dream...
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Meiya Lin
Lost paradise

3:00, 2007, Video Art

"Lost Paradise", the background sound is mainly the key word for this video which is based on a very popular communist song in China. Singing for the beautiful flower and the nice ..
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Mark Zuniga

6:50, 2007, Experimental

A collaborative effort between a composer and a filmmaker, each influencing the other’s actions. the idea was to create a piece without any preconceptions or designs, to take one..
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Marlijn Franken
Mad as the mist and snow

2:04, 2011, Video Art

Beautiful winter landscapes slowly passing by. Empty landscapes. Swedish composer Karl Nerman composed music on my footage. Karl Nerman is a freelance composer/pianist who was bo..
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Michael Branson Smith
Making me feel glad that im no..

2:37, 2011, Experimental

Schadenfreude amplified when Officer Simon Cowell pulls-over someone singing badly in his car.
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Marcellvs L
Man, road, river

9:00, 2004, Experimental

A Man. A Road. A River. Winner of the One Take Film festival Grand Prix 2004.
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Melo Viana

6:54, 2011, Experimental

A poetic film about the masterwork Lamentation over the Dead Christ, painted by Andrea Mantegna in 1490. The film makes comparison with other works of the art from Renaissance to c..
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Mingjin Yi
Martian hands

25:20, 2011, Multimedia

I wanted to approach ’love’ my own way. I thought that "Love" contain something advanced beyond family and the other sexual relationships. I considered ’martian’ love to br..
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Marius Tanasescu
Me and my arrows

5:20, 2009, Video Art

In the video “Me and My Arrows” the artist performs almost naked, at minus 8° C, an “iconographically correct” Saint Sebastian. The posture is known: the undressed body fa..
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Markus Kaatsch
Mein sascha

14:00, 2010, Narrative

A film about young and old love in a simple, touching drama. Weightless the film glides along on passion and approaches the painful realization of having missed an important moment..
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Martin Bonadeo
Moebius display

1:00, 2008, Video Art

Video: Moebius Display, dynamic luminic sculpture The existence of an infinite "strip" of 1s and 0s in the physical universe is a bit problematic. Couldnt one use some sort of Hilb..
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Maurice Seleky
Monologue a deux - schilder ..

22:00, 2006, Narrative

MONOLOGUE A DEUX is about the situation in life that somebody loves a person who doesn’t love that somebody anymore. In a certain way that was an autobiographic situation. SCHILD..
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Melissa Grey

1:05, 2011, Experimental

The sound of dust, filtered through the air, accompanies a facade repair.
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Melinda Jansen
Multiple titles

45:00, 2006, Narrative

“Leda” is about a person who wants to die, and I have had a period in my life in which I wanted to die. “Sister little sweetie” is about a woman who’s demented, but in a..
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Mahsa Dehkordi

15:25, 2011, Fiction

A young girl which is raped and suffering from the memory of the incident, decides to contact an institute that had received their adverts about helping people for committing suici..
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Maureen Prins
My dog called brick

5:40, 1999, Experimental

This film tells the story of a lonely woman who lives in her own tiny, secluded world. Her life is filled with an obsessive yet sweet desire for a pet dog, which she will never hav..
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Mário Silva
My video diary project

5:15, 2013, Experimental

This video documents some pictures of my life during the summer of 2012, with focus on waiting times, non places and unnoticed details.
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Meredith Starr

2:27, 2013, Experimental

Physical attraction and sexual desire are among humans’ most primal instincts. Society’s assumption is that physiological, impassioned responses result from external sources. T..
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Min Ji Kang
Myo a

8:11, 2010, Animation

Myo-A The cat I loved became night sky.
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Marta Roberti

2:30, 2009, Animation

“Neotenic” is a video recording composed of several hundreds of drawing realised by watercolour technique. The woman’s movements whose overweight body recalls those of Willen..
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Malin Abrahamsson
Night diving

11:25, 2013, Video Art

Work created for LUMEN Video and Performance Art Festival, 2013, NYC, where it was projected onto the bottom of an empty public pool.
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Miek Dongen

10:00, 2006, Experimental

The participating movies form a short series of notes about water, made in the summer of 2004. The movies are made in a very simple style, mostly line and a lot of white space. Bec..
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Marlijn Franken

6:22, 2009, Video Art

Images of Dutch nature, slowly passing by. Film made as a loop.
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