Video artists

Paul O’donoghue
Phasing waves

6:50, 2011, Experimental

Recorded live in the experimental TV Studio New York using 80’s technology, simple tones, buzzes and glitches are transformed into visual representations via voltage controll..
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Pascal Savard

16:22, 2011, Fiction

Alex is 30 years old and a man with a mission. He wants to find his father, whom he never had a chance to know. For this, Alex kidnaps police officers, with the aim of giving them ..
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Pieter Geenen

14:30, 2011, Video Art

Imprinted on the mountains of Northern Cyprus, the landmark of a Turkish Cypriot flag identifies the landscape. As it is ever present and visible from almost every part of the isla..
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Paul O’donoghue
Red green totem

3:25, 2012, Experimental

Red Green Totem is experimental visual music. Using the 70’s analog technologies of the Experimental Television Studio NY, simple tones, buzzes and glitches were transformed ..
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Pieter Geenen

23:20, 2011, Video Art

Situated at the point where four countries meet (Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia), mount Ararat is Armenia’s most important national symbol, full of mythological meaning and..
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Paul Wolterink
Salida llegada

2:30, 2006, Experimental

A boy living on the remote Caribbean island of Colon, Panama. He built (copied from pictures) hundreds of airplanes out of just paper. To escape from daily life he flies ‘off’ ..
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Pia Wergius
Sketch for angels

2:40, 2000, Experimental

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Patrick Reynolds
Sleeping alone

29:57, 2011, Documentary

An experimental personal documentary. My last days in Allston and Cambridge give way to quiet reflections and hazy nights. A bittersweet love letter to a summer gone.
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Philipp Artus
Snail trail

3:00, 2014, Animation

A snail invents the wheel and goes through a rapid cultural evolution, to finally get back to its origin.
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Pako Quijada
Study for Intermission

4:17, 2015, Experimental

As a follow up to previous project Intermission Prologue I, this video continues the exploration of memory as a confused state of consciousness. Although similar in the visual appr..
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Pooja Iranna
Swaas and another new beginnin..

10:00, 2010, Experimental

"SWAAS" - Duration: 03:45 The video is a single channel video. Animation 3.45 min long. It is a single building breathing. Takes our attention towards the spaces we live in and cre..
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Patrick Power

22:02, 2006, Other

A 22 minute drifting experience through an ancient cypress swamp in Virginia.
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Paul Harrison
The dillema of human creativit..

2:59, 2010, Video Art

This video work is an experimental exploration of creativity and how we can start to negotiate complex moral, ethical, or political issues through a process of drawing. This video ..
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Paco Rico
The gelatine eaters

23:16, 2006, Video Art

In a robotic world, Orkowitzo, a successful soldier, gets depressed by the lack of modern stimuli in an environment of easy living and synthetic pleasures. A fashion resistance mov..
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Peter Mertens
The light house, ameland

9:30, 2006, Music video

This documentary music video was produced as a raudio vodcast, as part of ookoi"s performance inside the lighthouse on the dutch wadden island ameland, on sunday may 28th, 2006. se..
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Przemek Wegrzyn
The spring

3:20, 2011, Video Art

Black man changes his identity in surroundings of miraculous forest scenery. He changes into a white man. Context and environment refers to beliefs of healing, mystic power of natu..
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Paul O’donoghue
Thin red line

6:08, 2011, Experimental

Thin Red Line uses split screen to juxtapose four simplistic audio visual elements which build to a new rhythmic and harmonic complexity. The source material was recorded live in t..
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Pete Karkut
Toads mouth

8:44, 2011, Video Art

Toads Mouth was filmed in the garden of a local cafe at the time of the riots in London this August. It became my reaction to these riots. The garden has a very English suburban at..
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Piotr Piasta

4:05, 2015, Experimental

Tom comes from the series The Realm of Forgotten Existence, which was created during Piotr Piasta’s residency in Berwick upon Tweed, UK. While the images in the video reveal ..
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Pierre Wayser
Tribulation i

8:12, 2011, Video Art

Tribulations 1 has been shot in China in winter 2002. This tribulation began at the "dam of the Three Gorges" on the Yangtze river, a year before the valley was flooded. From Yich..
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Paul Spengemann
Unter uns das blau

10:00, 2014, Fiction

Told from the point of view of two children, BLUE BENEATH focuses with sensitivity on the tensions within the family system, sketching an intimate portrait heightened by the small ..
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Patrick Aievoli

1:00, 2011, Experimental

Prof. Aievoli is a full time faculty member at LIU/Post Campus and has been the Director of the Interactive Multimedia Arts graduate program since 1999. The program is constructed ..
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Piotr Zoladz

3:20, 2014, Experimental

A synthesis of abstract bodies.
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Piotr Bockowski
Voodoo in the afternoon

6:55, 2013, Experimental

Fetishist phantasy while blow drying the cactus. Electric massage googles showcase the bondage scene on the pink walls. Mysterious phone call connects us with rope lines on the bod..
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Paul Farmer
We will see the death of our s..

30:18, 2011, Video Art

An exploration of consciousness through place and movement along the coast road between st ives and st just in cornwall uk I am interested in the phenomenon of consciousness I am i..
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Pawel Stasiewicz
Written only

3:37, 2015, Experimental

A movie about closing credits of a movie and bitting off the tips of fingernails.
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Pako Quijada

3:00, 2013, Experimental

Is possession real or rather a hidden means of catharsis? The protagonist in this video seems to be haunted by an outer force that in the end possesses him. But is it the devil tha..
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6:15, 2014, Documentary

In the suburbs of Paris, a gigantic construction and industrial area is facing a school of classical music. A park and an entire new district is being build. The title, Z.A.C.Z.U.P..
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