Video artists

Tina Willgren
75 percent color bars horse

1:35, 2006, Video Art

Animated color bars and the sound of horses. An ode to a logical collapse...
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Oliver Laric
787 cliparts

1:05, 2011, Video Art

Part of the CultureTV program
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Yu Araki
971 horses + 4 zebras

1:14, 2007, Video Art

"971 horses + 4 zebras" consists of various images of horses appropriated from the Internet, sequenced to create a galloping motion. Modelled after Eadweard Muybridge’s "The Hors..
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Diran Lyons
99 problems

2:35, 2012, Fiction

99 Problems (Explicit Political Remix). 2:35. September 28, 2012. by Diran Lyons Beta testing and lyrical input, Vrüden Jakov This Political Remix Video features Barack O..
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Qi You
A bowl of snow

7:39, 2014, Video Art

Experiencing a snowy winter this year in Alfred, I planed to make a video about snow. Observing fallen snow on the objects create a puffy shape. In my mind there is always an image..
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Serene Daoud
A chance encounter in the wood..

4:55, 2008, Animation

A nature-loving girl goes on her usual daytime strole in the forest where she runs into a fox. this is no ordinary fox: he walks upright, wears a gentleman"s hat and coat, and carr..
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Neil Needleman
A charming and quaint tale of ..

7:50, 2012, Fiction

Behind the charming, quaint, pastoral veneer of this tale lurks a psychodrama about my fear of being considered unemployable because of my age. This story was inspired by true even..
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Kirill Abdrakhmanov
A famous squirrel’s nuts

1:52, 2011, Animation

A collection of absurd, humorous and melancholic situations.
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Brigid Burke
A glimpse

10:00, 2008, Music video

A Glimpse Brigid Burke 2008 DVD (pal) Duration10:00 minutes The concept of A Glimpse was from the deconstruction of the soundboard inside the piano. The sounds and visuals are ..
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Jodie Mack
A joy

3:00, 2006, Experimental

A music video four Four-Tet’s “A Joy”. Techniques: direct animation with colored acetate, patterned contact paper, and ink
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Paul Gabel
A landscape drawing

20:00, 2012, Video Art

A Landscape Drawing is an experiment in storytelling. In four Acts, tracking shots of mountains, basins and plains jump-cut into one another over the cues of classical music. What ..
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Marianna O’reilly
A little night music

11:38, 2008, Experimental

A Little Night Music
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Wayne Horse
A matress in the woods

3:38, 2008, Experimental

Short clips on Kent the norseman Hensleys life and times.
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Evo Preisner
A moment at 44

1:17, 2011, Video Art

A self portrait at 44: to try to grab a moment in time, to silence oneself from words, images and sound.
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David Sant
A movement towards

6:33, 2010, Video Art

The film is an experiment in associated imagery. Within each sequence are images of water as it is pulls and pushes against and together with a diverse but considered range of mate..
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Alina Ozerova
A moving musical piece

2:13, 2013, Video Art

’A moving musical piece’ is a colloboration between videoartist and composer in the genre of [[tone-poem]]. Through picturing the rhythms and composing the movement this piece ..
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Ryan Seslow
A narrative suchness about not..

3:18, 2010, Narrative

"A Narrative Suchness about Nothing" is a short narrative film by artist Ryan Seslow. The film is illustrated and narrated by Seslow. The story is but a small reflection of past me..
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Patrick Mahoney
A new computer

4:00, 2006, Animation

About one man’s experience with a new computer. It is a short reflection on technological clutter.
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Né Barros
A praÇa

14:19, 2011, Experimental

This video explores a throbbing, cross and eclectic place, authentic like a really square djemaa el fna. "A PRAÇA" is a revisitation of Filipe Martins from the original dance perf..
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Ana Pecar
A score for four waters

16:16, 2008, Video Art

A score for four waters audio-visual installation “thus, water is the gaze of the earth, its instrument for looking at time.” -- Paul Claudel Audio- visual installation stress..
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Alessandro Amaducci
A secret place

4:20, 2011, Video Art

An inhabited zone of a secret place. A female figure is melt with natural and digital landscapes. Maybe she is a ghost, maybe the real artifex of the place. The zone itself can be ..
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