Video artists

Myriam Thyes
After tiepolo

10:15, 2013, Video Art

AFTER TIEPOLO 2013, HD video for large projection at the ceiling, 10:15, loop, stereo. At the Wurzburg Residenz, M. Thyes recorded the famous 18th century ceiling fresco by Giova..
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Dave Zijlstra
Afterlife talk

5:46, 2013, Fiction

A young model-like man comes home and waits for the elevator. Just like any other day. He opens the window and climbs into the window frame. Will he jump?
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Alfredo Hisa
Ágora paulista

2:51, 2011, Experimental

On Paulista Avenue, cars and manifestations go in all directions.
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Björn Schürmann
Airless Space

20:00, 2014, Fiction

Hans is thirty. He is from Berlin-Kreuzberg, bike messenger, ex-boyfriend and son. "Air Empty Room" tells a typical day in his life. He works, meets pals. But actually it is the da..
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Marnix Goossens

6:00, 1999, Video Art

A space fully packed with transparant balloons filled with air. Watching the room through the window from outside give s a view of hundreds os of frozen milky soap balls. Then sudd..
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Timo Huber
Aliage - viajes en technicolor

4:06, 2007, Music video

"Aliage - Viajes en Technicolor" it-s a music promo shot in Hong Kong for the Argentine band Aliage. This super8 short film is a journey around an asian city that could be "any asi..
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Alina Ozerova

1:23, 2012, Experimental

Inspired by Lewis Carroll novel ’Alice’ is about body alteration and the fears that come with it. Loosing the ground in a nightmarish way.
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Jared Wright
Alien nation

4:05, 2013, Experimental

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Juan Kasari
Alku e

4:45, 2006, Experimental

In Alku_E pictures reacts to sounds, making different compositions. 80Juan80 uses his own method to create movement and compositions.
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Jodie Mack
All stars

0:30, 2006, Experimental

A bite-sized star punch exercise. Techniques: direct animation with colored acetate.
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José Gonçalves
All the boys fall

1:00, 2012, Fiction

It is spring 2012, Europe instead of prosper is destroying itself in a vicious vertigo. Portugal lives the biggest dry of the last 30 years and we feel this land will burn, however..
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Melancholy Maaret
All the dead actresses recite ..

11:06, 2013, Video Art

ALL THE DEAD ACTRESSES RECITE THE WESTERN CANON FOR ROBERT PALMER ON A 1982 HOMEMADE VHS, is part of a multi-disciplinary installation examining presentational versus representatio..
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Stefano Fanara

4:05, 2011, Video Art

Alone, Stefano Fanara 2011 video art wants to be a synthesis of existential loneliness of the event, understood as an issue of performance and action between man and nature. The vi..
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Rober Ors

3:30, 2013, Music video

Last Athenea Harrington’s project starred by Dudu Arnalot clown from the show "Alegria" from "Cirque du soleil". Produced by Perla 28 for Laura Abril Aka’s Kronikdarling.
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Tajinder Dhami
Alpha 08

3:28, 2008, Experimental

Alpha 08 is a neurological audio- visual animation which uses binaural auto-panning audio and pulsating off images to provide a work which attempts to induce alpha brainwaves in th..
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David Romberg
Am i dead

01:15:00, 2011, Documentary

Am I Dead is a feature-length documentary cataloging the life of an unsung musical hero, Eddie Roache, an African-American afro-Cuban-style percussionist who exemplifies a tragic a..
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Debra Fear
Am variations

1:00, 2009, Experimental

As a consequence of her digital audiovisual sketches -‘AM Variations’ is a playful piece using speech inversion as its jump-off point, manipulating two text phrases: ‘let me ..
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Masanori Yamaguchi

3:35, 2013, Video Art

Ancient Japan  Civilization had flourished but people had many problem and anxiety . Goddess gives people purification and wisdom. Then people took hands each other. ..
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Flavio Sciolè

5:57, 2007, Video Art

A Man (Flavio Sciole’) for a Man (Joseph Beuys).AMAN4AMAN is a short film selected for Biennale di Venezia 2007 52.Esposizione Internazionale D’Arte-Eventi collaterali.
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Caroline Pellet
Ambassadeur Rose Clair

12:10, 2015, Experimental

Gardeners plant flowers on a bridge, then on a traffic circle. You’ll hear them talk about their flower choices, the rules they have to follow, you’ll hear people passi..
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Benjamin Martins

20:00, 2014, Fiction

Paul is 16 years old and earns his pocket money working the streets. Fleeting encounters shape his daily routine, until he comes across a group of teenagers that teach him the less..
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