Video artists

Winn Rea
Topo walk

15:00, 2012, Experimental

WINN REA’s environmental art includes sculpture, video installations, and works on paper. She has exhibited from Gongju and Seoul, South Korea, to A.I.R. Gallery, New York, The U..
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Elmar Imanov

22:00, 2014, Fiction

Two lives, two worlds: a man and a child. A kid who wants to be friends with the neighbouring children. A man who has a date with a woman on a roof. The world of adults and the wor..
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Cristine Brache
Totalitarian nature

3:38, 2013, Video Art

Totalitarian Nature explores surveillance in contemporary society and exhibitionism in the age of social networking, the coming of age, or the becoming of a standard feminine objec..
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Zlatko Cosic

4:40, 2007, Experimental

Touch explores the sensuality of a couple through the use of various bodies of water recorded at Niagara Falls, the Atlantic Ocean at Acadia National Park, the Caribbean Sea, Lake ..
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Arthur Jeanroy
Tout dans la tete

4:25, 2013, Music video

Tout dans la tête (Meurtr’rap), a rap music video shot with a black & white Arri Alexa and a Phantom Flex in wich one can follow the night and the memories of a hitman in Paris.
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Lior Sagi
Tozeret bait / homemade

18:00, 2013, Narrative

Ahuva’s son, a kibbutznik from the south of Israel, is arrested on suspicion of rape of a minor. Ahuva is convinced that he is innocent and commits to clearing her son’s name d..
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Sandesh De Rijk

20:00, 2008, Narrative

A man and a woman have a brief encounter along the deserted east coast of england in the wintertime. The woman who has lost her desire to live becomes the subject of the man’..
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Jean Paul Gomez

2:25, 2013, Video Art

My work references the physical and social conditions we live in. These conditions have produced an array of contradictions that I employ to create spaces between the two, ranging ..
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Dré Didderiëns

4:56, 2004, Experimental

Waiting for a train was shot in Portugal as an experimental short film.
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Jean Michel Rolland
Training doors

5:53, 2011, Video Art

Experimentation on a few different sounds generated by doors, put in relation with the passage of a train. All along the video, the more and more altered sounds respond to the chro..
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Claudia Ruiz

25:00, 2006, Documentary

Trans is a 25-minute documentary about a journey by train from Moscow to Beijing. On board of the famous Trans Siberian express the film passes by the fascinating visuals of extrem..
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Ryan Seslow
Transcending situational poten..

15:03, 2009, Experimental

Professor Universe, considered purely brilliant by some, and by others, a raging quack. The professor activates his audience through ” technology based interventions.” He clai..
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Emirhan Eringen

11:00, 2014, Fiction

Transient captures the first three days of a young professional moving from London to Frankfurt for an interim assignment. He represents well-educated, well-paid young professional..
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Sam Chegini

3:30, 2012, Music video

Story of a traveller who is asking herself symbolic questions about the meaning of life along the road.
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Nadan Pines
Treasure hunt

40:36, 2012, Documentary

Despite loving each other dearly, Nadan’s Dad and only sister (Naama) haven’t met for the last 15 years. ‘Treasure hunt’ tells the story of Nadan’s attemp..
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Sehee Kim
Tree in the house

4:54, 2013, Video Art

This is a dream and also an intimate conversation with trees. The organic coloured sand animation exposed on the images of trees. as ancient memories.
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Colby Allen

3:17, 2011, Documentary

TREESMOKE documents the unsettling, natural beauty of desolate West Texas. Filmed in and around Marfa, Big Bend National Park, Utah, and various other western states, the film visu..
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Dré Didderiëns
Treintjes + konijntjes

20:00, 2006, Narrative

Een tragikomedie over een treinmachinist, die na een traumatische ervaring realiteit en fictie niet meer uit elkaar kan houden. Hij raakt hierdoor verstrikt in een absurd plan.
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Javier Villegas
Triangles and cats

1:54, 2010, Animation

Triangles and cats is a short animation that uses triangles as narrative elements and cats as inspirational objects. It is an exploration in sound and image between the abstract, t..
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Jonathan Spencer
Triathlon pt2 v03: an audiovis..

2:02, 2011, Video Art

This audiovisual piece was made as a result of reading about the Triathlon. The structure of three radically different stages within one event is both intriguing and attractive (mo..
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Pierre Wayser
Tribulation i

8:12, 2011, Video Art

Tribulations 1 has been shot in China in winter 2002. This tribulation began at the "dam of the Three Gorges" on the Yangtze river, a year before the valley was flooded. From Yich..
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