Video artists

Nacho Arantegui

14:00, 2015, Experimental

Nacho Arantegui invites us to dive into the beauty and singularity of the landscapes of the ribera alta del Ebro, in Zaragoza, Spain, by showing us the making of his Land Art works..
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Keren Cytter

43:00, 2006, Documentary

Triptych Describes the story of Julia and Gayatri two girls that are living together. The story starts as the girls find a camera. The story ends when Gayatri is leaving Julia, w..
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Wilfried Cologne
Truth - paradise found

3:00, 2006, Video Art

The video tells the story of the human desire to be as close to truth as possible. But who ever will succeed while living a life dominated by the fast running time and endless sear..
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Hendrik Maximilian Schmitt
Tschüss papa

27:10, 2014, Fiction

"Goodbye Papa" is a touching drama about a boy coping with the death of his father and the grief that comes with it. Young Benedict is very attached to his father’s old set of me..
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Luca Libertino
Twilight code

16:40, 2007, Narrative

Packed products’ labels lie, and being awake is just a kind of a less naÏve sleep. Tv images are just fear lessons we have to learn on some far off stranger’s skin. A perm..
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Nicola Negrini
Two (scoolpture two)

7:14, 2008, Video Art

:: scoolptures :: is a music video art project related to time perception and synchronicity. it’s a series of musical studies on instantaneous composing structures.
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Olga Koroleva
Two and a half years

8:28, 2007, Experimental

A personal document of Olga Koroleva’s close friends’ experiences over a period of two and a half years in Russia in her absence.
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Tiong Ang
Two women drinking

1:03, 2008, Video Art

On the morning Pim Fortuyn was murdered in The Netherlands, I was having a cup of coffee in my friend Roelandt’s kitchen in his apartment in Kunming. His wife Weili suffered from..
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Jodie Mack
Two hundred feet

2:30, 2006, Experimental

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Nicola Bettale
T’as bien consommé au..

4:11, 2011, Video Art

“T’as bien consommé aujourd’hui?” points the finger at those who want the energetic resources to be wasted and teach everyone how to do that. But nuclear plants blow..
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U nite

3:02, 2014, Video Art

Everyday, every minute, a new crisis is presented to the viewer on a never- ending process of media revitalization. U-NITE is the third (first was N- RED and second INSHALLAH) of a..
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Juan Alcazaren

3:29, 2008, Experimental

ULTRA explores the feeling of want and desire of the modern teenager. ULTRA focuses on the exploits of a plump boy in his mid twenties and the severe pressure and exercise he puts ..
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Christopher Tevebaugh
Ultra thick!!

4:00, 2012, Experimental

A story about a dead puppy induces the director to reflect on past works. Specifically pondering video trash art and how it fits into a larger conversation of art critique and resp..
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Samuel Ransbeeck
Um só

8:17, 2008, Music video

Um só was initially an electronic composition for the course of electronic music at esmae, porto, portugal. when i met camille entratice, a french-brazilian artist, who was doing ..
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Martin Dege
Un nu dans l’escalier, 2006

2:20, 2006, Video Art

A mixture of the motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge, of Marcel Duchamp and „ema“ of Gerhard Richter: turning place is an escalator in a department store 2006. 2 films were fi..
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Vienne Chan
Un papillon sur papineau

3:30, 2009, Video Art

A butterfly in the rain. Made with a plastic bag covering my camera.
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Jerelyn Hanrahan
Un poco mas

2:40, 2010, Experimental

Jerelyn Hanrahan is an internationally accomplished artist, professor and curator. Her two and three-dimensional, public sculpture, museum and gallery installations, video and digi..
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Sandrine Deumier

0:55, 2012, Animation

Staging a virtual character confronted with its own irreality, Un.reality juxtaposes virtual codes and programs of reality in a kind of fantasized screen which acts as border betwe..
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Takeshi Ikeda
Una domenica da kappa

10:00, 2012, Fiction

This is the story of Japanese legendary creature KAPPA and Italian patron saint Francesco.
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Olga Koroleva

7:31, 2010, Documentary

Unbelievable (2010) is based on a true story of a life-long resident in Musrara, Jerusalem, bearing documentary value. The multitude of miniature stories told by the main character..
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Dré Didderiëns
Und johanna

18:17, 2004, Experimental

Und Johanna was shot with a small camera in old east Germany and it was the very first experimental film by dré didderiëns. Two friends visit each other and while daughter ..
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