Video artists

Dariusz Gackowski
Under repair

10:05, 2008, Documentary

The movie tells a story of an electromechanical workshop and its customers. The owner happens to be a musician at the same time, and it is his compositions that we are hearing thro..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
Under twilight

5:00, 2006, Experimental

Beauty and/or Destruction
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Tracy Valcarcel Rodriguez
Underneath this dress, i unfol..

7:53, 2012, Video Art

A woman attempts to remember the details of a tramautic experience. She remembers herself standing surrounded by trees and leaves and layers of fabric covering and uncovering her f..
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Anders Weberg
Undisclosed beauty

3:13, 2008, Experimental

English: "Just because You spit in my eyes does not mean that I have clear vision" French: "Quoi que vous me crachiez dans les yeux, je ne vois pas clairement" Spanish: "Por más..
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Jean Gabriel Périot

10:00, 2004, Experimental

Today’s been sad. Tomorrow won’t get any better. Let’s un-do it all over again.
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Manuela Gallo
Unfinished business

1:00, 2008, Video Art

“Chile is a small country traumatized by a long dictatorship with an island mentality and powerful natural barriers: a high mountain range blocks us off the East while the countr..
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Jessica Fenlon

6:36, 2013, Experimental

Animation built of 4,000+ decayed and degraded images of handguns. Audio collaged of samples from popular films whose narratives prominently feature guns. Ive been making art that,..
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Clara Schuhmacher
Unhinged figures

1:30, 2013, Video Art

Unhinged Figures is an epigram that recycles concepts, textures, and objects from a previous project on transitional nature of community-building and nationality. For this video, v..
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Sarah Filmer

8:29, 2010, Experimental

‘Unravel’ is the story of a garment. The pale blue jumper has a trajectory through the world that acts as a metaphor for the life of any one or any thing. The jumper’s compon..
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Anton Iakhontov
Unseeable doers

01:21, 2014, Animation

A surreal non-sence animation based at sketches, historical visuals, found footage. From "Tommy D" series (2010-nowdays)
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Paul Spengemann
Unter uns das blau

10:00, 2014, Fiction

Told from the point of view of two children, BLUE BENEATH focuses with sensitivity on the tensions within the family system, sketching an intimate portrait heightened by the small ..
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Michael Ebert

14:00, 2006, Experimental

A Short Film about a young Man encountering ambiguous Situations and Challenges.
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Zhifei Yang

4:20, 2007, Video Art

A repetition of similar shots of a sleeping girl dressed in white. Zoomed in the camera shows an innocent young woman sleeping in a long white dress on a clean white cushion and sh..
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Patrick Aievoli

1:00, 2011, Experimental

Prof. Aievoli is a full time faculty member at LIU/Post Campus and has been the Director of the Interactive Multimedia Arts graduate program since 1999. The program is constructed ..
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Borbay Borbay

0:00, 2011, Experimental

Voted Time Out New York’s Most Creative New Yorker in December 2009, Upper East Side artist Borbay has painted textural portraits and famed locations around the world, including ..
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Craig Langlois

6:00, 2008, Experimental

I am... A sculptor and functional ceramicist A educator A product of suburban up bringing and middle child syndrome A person who has written scientific papers supporting the use ..
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José Gonçalves

3:04, 2012, Video Art

When an ant attacks another, observed by the sky.
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Jee Song

7:15, 2014, Video Art

In the film, a mirror reflected apartment, and cover it with cheap and colourful bubble gum. This film, representing invisible, and the moment of disappearing. As, the life have ch..
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Sam Spreckley
Untitled #4

4:26, 2013, Experimental

Small moments caught from nature are re imagined sonically in an almost hypomanic style. Seemingly banal or normally unnoticed moments are selected and brought into the foreground ..
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Steven Pedersen
Untitled (island #4)

2:11, 2013, Video Art

Slipping between economies of anticipation and protocols of engagement, much of my work involves teasing out an inherently awkward relational dynamic between viewer and work that i..
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Alex Pearl
Untitled (song)

10:00, 2006, Video Art

I like to work quickly on suddenly apprehended ideas, and often use video as a parallel activity to drawing. Many of my shorter video pieces have a lot in common with automatic dra..
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