Video artists

Rick Niebe
Vier berliner blicke

4:00, 2006, Video Art

Vier berliner blicke (four berliner views) is a video suite of four 1 minute long works. Each video is a sequence of still images of Berlin from three webcams and a satellitar map,..
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Constantine Gras
Vinyl replay

3:39, 2011, Music video

A meditation on a vinyl record collection amassed during 1966-1993. In the studio and on location, long photographic exposures, often with a camera in motion, were used as a means..
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Adam Void
Virtuous reality

2:04, 2014, Experimental

First experimental long-distance collaboration from viral artist and educator, Ryan Seslow, & manic recluse and vandal, Adam Void. Themes of digital vs material, peace vs destructi..
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Meredith Shapiro Toto

0:10, 2010, Experimental

This video piece connects the idea of the virus as both biological and electronic transmission. As simultaneously an organic contagion and a psychological fear, it infiltrates the ..
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Johannes Gierlinger
Vision of traces

1:09, 2012, Experimental

Vision of traces is a secondary project which resulted from a previous attempt of removing the surface of found footage filmstrip on to paper with the aid of chemicals. The visible..
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Edwin Rostron
Visions of the invertebrate

2:35, 2011, Animation

‘Visions of the Invertebrate’ is a collaboration between artist and animator Edwin Rostron and musician William Goddard AKA Supreme Vagabond Craftsman. The film concerns marg..
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Varda Hardy
Visiting shane

53:00, 2005, Documentary

The mother of a dying veteran wished for a miracle. The miracle arrived in the form of three strangers.
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David Sarkissian
Voice of the voiceless

20:00, 2008, Experimental

We wanted to create a very intimate film with participation of animals but not about the animals. We wanted to show those sights of farm animals, which were less noticed. We wanted..
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Piotr Bockowski
Voodoo in the afternoon

6:55, 2013, Experimental

Fetishist phantasy while blow drying the cactus. Electric massage googles showcase the bondage scene on the pink walls. Mysterious phone call connects us with rope lines on the bod..
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Martyna Starosta
Voodoo instructions

10:00, 2009, Fiction

VOODOO INTRUCTIONS is the continuation of the Video PYROMANIAC EXERCISES. It also deals with global capitalism and local gentrification. The setting is aggain the Berlin district K..
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Arne Körner
Vue pointe

11:00, 2014, Documentary

The biography of a place: a deserted island. A past kingdom. Everything is changing. In a close observation tells the island her own story over which has laid years ago a veil of U..
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Jim Nestor
Vulcan de masaya

11:51, 2010, Experimental

The video Vulcan de Masaya was a documentation of a performance by Nestor at the Mouth of Hell. Masaya is an active volcano in central Nicaragua. In earlier times this volcano was ..
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Farah Rahman

10:15, 2007, Documentary

Emotional attachment.
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Theofanis Nouskas
Wait trip dinner

5:40, 2007, Video Art

Debora is a girl who waits for somebody or something, Debora drinks, smokes and gets ready for the dinner, Debora travels. as long as she waits for, she gets beautiful. the dinner ..
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Jisuk Jung
Waiting and palpitating

4:17, 2010, Music video

This movie is talking about sympathy of a musician who has left her hometown.
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Nicola Dulion
Wake up hate

3:36, 2011, Video Art

I always made like everyone: TO ACCEPT! But today I cannot any more! The Battle starts. My body escapes to me. Part of the CultureTV program
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Alfredo Hisa
Walk around

0:41, 2008, Experimental

Series "The gap of vain thoughts" The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
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Nicole Rademacher
Walk with me

1:08, 2007, Experimental

As a daughter helps her elderly mother, both are unaware that they are imitating one another’s movements.
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Joe Hambleton
Walking through sequence

3:45, 2006, Video Art

My video explores time in temporal human experience, and how it affects our perceptions and feelings. Through images of mundane everyday events such as walking through a building, ..
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Stuart Pound

1:00, 2011, Experimental

Wren & child sound nice in the background as video time code is written on a wal.l
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Gabriel Orenstein

3:28, 2014, Video Art

Video Art Digital 3D Animation A journey into the magical native lands and ancestors of the past and present. An invitation to your imagination and meditation state.
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