Video artists

Arne Körner
Vue pointe

11:00, 2014, Documentary

The biography of a place: a deserted island. A past kingdom. Everything is changing. In a close observation tells the island her own story over which has laid years ago a veil of U..
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Jim Nestor
Vulcan de masaya

11:51, 2010, Experimental

The video Vulcan de Masaya was a documentation of a performance by Nestor at the Mouth of Hell. Masaya is an active volcano in central Nicaragua. In earlier times this volcano was ..
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Farah Rahman

10:15, 2007, Documentary

Emotional attachment.
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Theofanis Nouskas
Wait trip dinner

5:40, 2007, Video Art

Debora is a girl who waits for somebody or something, Debora drinks, smokes and gets ready for the dinner, Debora travels. as long as she waits for, she gets beautiful. the dinner ..
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Jisuk Jung
Waiting and palpitating

4:17, 2010, Music video

This movie is talking about sympathy of a musician who has left her hometown.
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Nicola Dulion
Wake up hate

3:36, 2011, Video Art

I always made like everyone: TO ACCEPT! But today I cannot any more! The Battle starts. My body escapes to me. Part of the CultureTV program
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Alfredo Hisa
Walk around

0:41, 2008, Experimental

Series "The gap of vain thoughts" The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
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Nicole Rademacher
Walk with me

1:08, 2007, Experimental

As a daughter helps her elderly mother, both are unaware that they are imitating one another’s movements.
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Joe Hambleton
Walking through sequence

3:45, 2006, Video Art

My video explores time in temporal human experience, and how it affects our perceptions and feelings. Through images of mundane everyday events such as walking through a building, ..
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Stuart Pound

1:00, 2011, Experimental

Wren & child sound nice in the background as video time code is written on a wal.l
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Gabriel Orenstein

3:28, 2014, Video Art

Video Art Digital 3D Animation A journey into the magical native lands and ancestors of the past and present. An invitation to your imagination and meditation state.
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Marie Magescas

8:26, 2010, Experimental

On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Five of these UN member countries are today the b..
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Jan Nuenen
Warning, petroleum pipeline

4:40, 2006, Experimental

A desolate desert landscape is slowly transforming into a futuristic industrialized world. Indefinable machines are branching off into more complex mechanisms producing an industri..
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Clayton Flynn

9:21, 2012, Video Art

This video is second in a series of 5 created between 2008 and 2011 in collaboration with the band Cristal and their record company FSS. These are not music videos, instead I view ..
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Leonardo Re

9:56, 2014, Fiction

Wasser explores various stages of a man’s apathy. Unable to see or perceive his wife, he associates her missing with water. To remind himself of her and in an attempt to avoid hi..
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Mikhail Lylov
Watch yourself

26:16, 2013, Fiction

Film “Watch Yourself“ gives an account for curiosity or “desire of eyes”, how it was famously put by St. Augustine. In film curisity is definned as experience for its own s..
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Mark Zuniga
Water 001

2:21, 2013, Experimental

A study of still/motion life adapted to a story of domestic violence. Inspired by the unstable couple that used to live above me.
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Maarten Heer
Waterlanders - best case scena..

10:00, 2006, Animation

Waterlanders is a series of seven animated shorts in which the main characters joyfully explode. Seven Best Case Scenarios.
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Gokhan Okur
Wave theory

2:36, 2009, Animation

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Diego Menendes
We are laibach

30:min, 2013, Documentary

We are Laibach.Twisted manipulated political story , film about the ideas of left and right, city in different times from Capitalism, Fascism and Communism, From different totalita..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
We are winning dont forget

7:00, 2005, Experimental

We are many We are uniforms We smile in the picture But We are NOT happy
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