Video artists

Marie Magescas

8:26, 2010, Experimental

On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Five of these UN member countries are today the b..
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Jan Nuenen
Warning, petroleum pipeline

4:40, 2006, Experimental

A desolate desert landscape is slowly transforming into a futuristic industrialized world. Indefinable machines are branching off into more complex mechanisms producing an industri..
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Clayton Flynn

9:21, 2012, Video Art

This video is second in a series of 5 created between 2008 and 2011 in collaboration with the band Cristal and their record company FSS. These are not music videos, instead I view ..
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Leonardo Re

9:56, 2014, Fiction

Wasser explores various stages of a man’s apathy. Unable to see or perceive his wife, he associates her missing with water. To remind himself of her and in an attempt to avoid hi..
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Mikhail Lylov
Watch yourself

26:16, 2013, Fiction

Film “Watch Yourself“ gives an account for curiosity or “desire of eyes”, how it was famously put by St. Augustine. In film curisity is definned as experience for its own s..
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Mark Zuniga
Water 001

2:21, 2013, Experimental

A study of still/motion life adapted to a story of domestic violence. Inspired by the unstable couple that used to live above me.
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Maarten Heer
Waterlanders - best case scena..

10:00, 2006, Animation

Waterlanders is a series of seven animated shorts in which the main characters joyfully explode. Seven Best Case Scenarios.
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Gokhan Okur
Wave theory

2:36, 2009, Animation

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Diego Menendes
We are laibach

30:min, 2013, Documentary

We are Laibach.Twisted manipulated political story , film about the ideas of left and right, city in different times from Capitalism, Fascism and Communism, From different totali..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
We are winning dont forget

7:00, 2005, Experimental

We are many We are uniforms We smile in the picture But We are NOT happy
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Debra Fear
We made it - 1942

3:15, 2013, Video Art

This video is part of the 100x100=900 worldwide project in celebration of 50 years of video art. The year I was given to represent was 1942: ‘The omnipr..
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Dave Greber
We need this as much as food a..

4:00, 2010, Video Art

Inspired by the imagery of the BP’s "Live Feed" of the leaking oil pipe in the Gulf of Mexico. With the magnitude of the disaster in mind, I had to make a piece which dealt with ..
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Paul Farmer
We will see the death of our s..

30:18, 2011, Video Art

An exploration of consciousness through place and movement along the coast road between st ives and st just in cornwall uk I am interested in the phenomenon of consciousness I am i..
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Addie Wagenknecht
Webcam venus

2:41, 2013, Video Art

If asked if there is a difference between the Renaissance painting The Birth of Venus (1486) and a Playboy centerfold, most might say it’s no contest: one is art and the other po..
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Andrea Wollensak
Weir farm

3:56, 2007, Experimental

The weir farm is rich with history of site-specific landscape painting. my work at weir farm explores the landscape and grounds through digital video processing techniques that all..
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Colby Allen
West texas

3:50, 2009, Documentary

WEST TEXAS documents the unsettling, quiet beauty of an austere, arid landscape. Filmed in and around Marfa, Fort Davis, and Pinto Canyon, the film visually explores the grace some..
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Elena Knox

1:56, 2004, Video Art

Wet is a love poem to an absent lover, spoken by a submerged geisha. The poetic text was performed backward; the video was then reversed and the audio re-recorded and re-synced wit..
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Jin Woo Park
What can be shown, cannot be s..

7:00, 2012, Video Art

What can be shown cannot be said. Divide things can be shown and cannot be shown Neither of them are related to each other or is more important, or mean something. But rather, an ..
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Ahram Kwon
What did happen to me the othe..

3:20, 2010, Video Art

What did happen to me the other day?, HD, 3 min 20 sec, 2010 This video exploits the aspect in which the images generated by the photocopier make the audience face the deconstru..
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Joris Dommels
What happens? / un(h)armed

0:55, 2006, Experimental

All is not what it seems...
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Ger Ger
What the fuck

6:00, 2008, Video Art

SOUND NOMADS Performance #5 Native Americans are living in fenced Indian reservations in times when signs of the brutal history completely disappeared. Monuments remembering the lo..
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