Video artists

Clint Enns
Windshield baby gameboy movie

1:47, 2009, Video Art

Images of a car crash are digitally interpreted using a nintendo gameboy camera. This video is an attempt to demonstrate the inherently dehumanized nature of video game images.
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Lisa Hutton
Wings & things

1:00, 2005, Experimental

The video submitted here is from the series, "actions (after lewitt, baldessari, and kaprow)." inspired by the conceptual activities of these artists, this project considers the ma..
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Jack Thurgar
Winter solstice ritual 2010 / ..

25:21, 2010, Video Art

If you are reading this, it means you have found or stumbled upon extremely rare footage of something very wonderful. The footage is from an event captured live on my computer at T..
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Jorn Ebner

7:45, 2010, Video Art

Synopsis: Filmed in Winterbourne Steepleton, this work was inspired by the beautiful setting of this village, with its stream running through. The camera focuses on the surface of..
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14:00, 2006, Experimental

Video project in 3 chapters commissioned by Lex Records for tracks: 1. FKO (Fuck Kelly Osborne) 2. The Long Vein of the Law 3. Swanmeat >From Subtle’s new album ’Wishingbone’..
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Craig Kerrecoe
Within the weave

7:00, 2008, Video Art

The work of craig kerrecoe and esther appleyard is distinctly different yet united in the concern of exploring the essence of identity, or ‘free-will’ verses pre-destination. i..
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Kim Engelen

3:10, 2008, Video Art

Incompleteness leads to coloured perspective. stealing a moment from the inner world of three women in different phases of their lives. with the parallel, the longing for sanctuary..
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Ane Lan
Woman of the world

7:00, 2008, Experimental

Staging himself as various women of the world, the artist Ane Lan raises questions of the images and ideas of ethnicity and multiculturalism within the concept of a global economy.
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Mladen Stropnik
Woman with the golden tooth

2:34, 2012, Video Art

My concept / idea is that there is no time and no space. The main thing of all is an idea. Everything else depends on how mouch money you got. So I try to be as economical and ecol..
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Francesca Fini

6:00, 2012, Video Art

WOMBS (2012) a video by Francesca Fini starring Eithel Di Tondo Music by Sanmi How do you see yourself in the mirror? We do not ever see how others see us, we do not see how we rea..
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Evelin Stermitz
Women in war

3:04, 2010, Experimental

This video work came into being during a research on the tag women on YouTube, and through this finding stereotyped videos with womens images entitled like Most Beautiful Women, Fa..
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Henry Guild

1:23, 2013, Video Art

Getting smacked upside the head can be a beautiful thing. Depending if you are in the right frame of mind, and, if you are receptive, these eye-opening experiences can cause great ..
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Wooguru Fd
Wooguru free dance

2:53, 2012, Fiction

This is a dance solely for dance’s sake. My dance is grounded in my body and my individuality. I am an inexplicable and absolute individual, considering of innumerable componen..
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Tina Willgren

4:13, 2011, Experimental

Leftover training clothes working out.
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Coalfather Industries

2:07, 2013, Video Art

Placing, ignoring, placing, ignoring, picking, starting, never-ending.
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Sean Burn
World turned upside down by se..

1:00, 2014, Experimental

One minute one take film that literally turns the world upside down, repositioning the antarctic at the top of the world and making us think about the politics of geography. With s..
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Stuart Pound
Writing behaviour

3:12, 2002, Experimental

Writing Behaviour is a poem set to images and sounds. the image foreground is made up of the lines, words and letters of the poem, floating and twisting in the light, as the incarc..
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Pawel Stasiewicz
Written only

3:37, 2015, Experimental

A movie about closing credits of a movie and bitting off the tips of fingernails.
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Jim Finn

2:45, 2005, Experimental

Jim Finn from Chicago makes videos about small animals, communism, love, and the disease-like spread of world capitalism. His house is a kind of MGM lot for experimental animal vid..
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Robin Whenary

10:40, 2007, Documentary

A no-budget, non-dialogue documentary about a Belgian man living and working on an organic farm in Cornwall, England. Filmed towards the end of the two months he spent there, when ..
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Florent Texier
Xiu xiu : botanica de los ange..

2:59, 2014, Music video

The music video for Xiu Xiu’s anthemic song "Botanica de Los Angeles" is a nightmarish celebration of decay. A moving collage of cut-outs, fuzzy backgrounds, bold-lined illus..
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