Video artists

Jonathan Franco
When i let go

25:00, 2006, Video Art

A day at the beach Once when I was a child my mother took me to the beach for the first time. I have a defective eye condition since childhood that obstructs me from seeing the wor..
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Ronald Lindgreen
When i sold my soul to the mac..

45:00, 2004, Documentary

View: From the early nineties an electronical music culture in The Hague emerged. This documentary travels back and forth in time, alongside the ..
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Maja Kirovska
Where is the exit? probably si..

2:57, 2011, Video Art

This video is a metaphor for us, modern Sisyphuses, preoccupied with our everyday repeatable actions that almost get unconscious character. Person almost becomes forgotten category..
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Z Collective
Where the water breaks...

10:00, 2008, Experimental

The shoreline exists as a unique point of conflux - a meeting place of land, sea, sun and humanity - transformed through a child’s imagination and memory into a convergence point..
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Christopher Tevebaugh

2:49, 2012, Music video

Set just before 1900 the friendship of two young boys is broken by parents because of bigotry, a concept that the boys don’t understand.
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Francesca Fini
White sugar

13:15, 2014, Video Art

A video by Francesca Fini (2013) Music File Under Toner Archival footage Prelinger Archive ( WHITE SUGAR is a surreal film that narratively and graphically elaborates a..
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Manon Bovenkerk
Wil je me voeren aan de krokod..

3:25, 2008, Experimental

Geanimeerde videoclip voor een liedje van Goslink, waarin een aap verlangt naar vrijheid, mooie meisjes en het oerwoud, terwijl de stad rondom hem langzaam in verval raakt.
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Diran Lyons
Will and wallace

7:56, 2006, Experimental

Diran Lyons’ short film "Will and Wallace" is both a poetic and anthropological investigation into the tension, pleasure, and linguistic interrogation of an opponent that often a..
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Robert Löbel

3:49, 2013, Animation

\"WIND\" is a short animation about the daily routine life in a windy country. WIND is an animated short about the daily life of people living in a windy area who seem helplessly ..
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Antye Greie
Window flicker

2:45, 2010, Experimental

Window Flicker is an audiovisual poem / experimental short film. The intention is to present a series of these multimedia works - various poems and various audiovisual realizations..
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Clint Enns
Windshield baby gameboy movie

1:47, 2009, Video Art

Images of a car crash are digitally interpreted using a nintendo gameboy camera. This video is an attempt to demonstrate the inherently dehumanized nature of video game images.
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Lisa Hutton
Wings & things

1:00, 2005, Experimental

The video submitted here is from the series, "actions (after lewitt, baldessari, and kaprow)." inspired by the conceptual activities of these artists, this project considers the ma..
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Jack Thurgar
Winter solstice ritual 2010 / ..

25:21, 2010, Video Art

If you are reading this, it means you have found or stumbled upon extremely rare footage of something very wonderful. The footage is from an event captured live on my computer at ..
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Jorn Ebner

7:45, 2010, Video Art

Synopsis: Filmed in Winterbourne Steepleton, this work was inspired by the beautiful setting of this village, with its stream running through. The camera focuses on the surface of..
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14:00, 2006, Experimental

Video project in 3 chapters commissioned by Lex Records for tracks: 1. FKO (Fuck Kelly Osborne) 2. The Long Vein of the Law 3. Swanmeat >From Subtle’s new album ’Wishingbone..
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Craig Kerrecoe
Within the weave

7:00, 2008, Video Art

The work of craig kerrecoe and esther appleyard is distinctly different yet united in the concern of exploring the essence of identity, or ‘free-will’ verses pre-destination. i..
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Kim Engelen

3:10, 2008, Video Art

Incompleteness leads to coloured perspective. stealing a moment from the inner world of three women in different phases of their lives. with the parallel, the longing for sanctuary..
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Ane Lan
Woman of the world

7:00, 2008, Experimental

Staging himself as various women of the world, the artist Ane Lan raises questions of the images and ideas of ethnicity and multiculturalism within the concept of a global economy.
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Mladen Stropnik
Woman with the golden tooth

2:34, 2012, Video Art

My concept / idea is that there is no time and no space. The main thing of all is an idea. Everything else depends on how mouch money you got. So I try to be as economical and ecol..
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Francesca Fini

6:00, 2012, Video Art

WOMBS (2012) a video by Francesca Fini starring Eithel Di Tondo Music by Sanmi How do you see yourself in the mirror? We do not ever see how others see us, we do not see how we rea..
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Evelin Stermitz
Women in war

3:04, 2010, Experimental

This video work came into being during a research on the tag women on YouTube, and through this finding stereotyped videos with womens images entitled like Most Beautiful Women, Fa..
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