Video artists

Henry Guild

1:23, 2013, Video Art

Getting smacked upside the head can be a beautiful thing. Depending if you are in the right frame of mind, and, if you are receptive, these eye-opening experiences can cause great ..
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Wooguru Fd
Wooguru free dance

2:53, 2012, Fiction

This is a dance solely for dance’s sake. My dance is grounded in my body and my individuality. I am an inexplicable and absolute individual, considering of innumerable componen..
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Tina Willgren

4:13, 2011, Experimental

Leftover training clothes working out.
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Coalfather Industries

2:07, 2013, Video Art

Placing, ignoring, placing, ignoring, picking, starting, never-ending.
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Sean Burn
World turned upside down by se..

1:00, 2014, Experimental

One minute one take film that literally turns the world upside down, repositioning the antarctic at the top of the world and making us think about the politics of geography. With s..
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Stuart Pound
Writing behaviour

3:12, 2002, Experimental

Writing Behaviour is a poem set to images and sounds. the image foreground is made up of the lines, words and letters of the poem, floating and twisting in the light, as the incarc..
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Pawel Stasiewicz
Written only

3:37, 2015, Experimental

A movie about closing credits of a movie and bitting off the tips of fingernails.
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Jim Finn

2:45, 2005, Experimental

Jim Finn from Chicago makes videos about small animals, communism, love, and the disease-like spread of world capitalism. His house is a kind of MGM lot for experimental animal vid..
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Robin Whenary

10:40, 2007, Documentary

A no-budget, non-dialogue documentary about a Belgian man living and working on an organic farm in Cornwall, England. Filmed towards the end of the two months he spent there, when ..
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Florent Texier
Xiu xiu : botanica de los ange..

2:59, 2014, Music video

The music video for Xiu Xiu’s anthemic song "Botanica de Los Angeles" is a nightmarish celebration of decay. A moving collage of cut-outs, fuzzy backgrounds, bold-lined illus..
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Florent Texier
Xiu Xiu : Cinthya’s Unis..

4:23, 2014, Music video

The video for Xiu Xiu’s "Cinthya’s Unisex" is a naive karaoke made of childish drawings.
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Pako Quijada

3:00, 2013, Experimental

Is possession real or rather a hidden means of catharsis? The protagonist in this video seems to be haunted by an outer force that in the end possesses him. But is it the devil tha..
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Adam Lenz

8:07, 2013, Video Art

The color yellow signifies a complex set of meanings. Although it is a symbol of power, warmth, and optimism, it also conjures up feelings of caution, illness, overindulgence, and ..
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Günter Puller
Yellow pages

1:52, 2006, Video Art

I found the Yellow Pages in the wood during an excursion. I thought of the natural process of disintegration. I decided to take the phone book with me and deconstruct it in an arti..
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Tom Walker
You and me

0:23, 2009, Experimental

My video works reference the Youtube generations desire for short, fast, pithy entertainment. They endeavor to undermine the quick-fix notion of such video works with an initially ..
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Dalibor Baric
You who exist only in the dark..

4:44, 2010, Experimental

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Agnese Reitano

3:00, 2015, Experimental

"I’ve got a problem. I don’t remember anymore who I am. Every labour that I do to try to exhume a memory becomes an agony. Pieces of my memories come to light, take for..
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Jon Monaghan
Your uncertain spirit

6:15, 2008, Animation

Your uncertain spirit is a single channel computer animated work based off Madonna and Child and penitent Mary Magdalene Christian religious imagery. I tried to transform these uni..
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Eric Parren
Ysk #1

5:26, 2008, Multimedia

Ysk #1 is an outcome of the live-cinema setup Diagonaal by Macular (Joris Strijbos & Eric Parren). It was recorded in one take in the Rotterdam based studio. Diagonaal is a live-..
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Mauri Lehtonen

1:22, 2013, Animation

Fungoid garden on planet Yuggoth.
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Sandesh Rijk

16:00, 2006, Narrative

David Lynchian fiction film about a man who almost gets into an accident at night on a deserted road. Then he meets a girl that’s walking on the side of the road..........
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