Video artists

Jim Finn

2:45, 2005, Experimental

Jim Finn from Chicago makes videos about small animals, communism, love, and the disease-like spread of world capitalism. His house is a kind of MGM lot for experimental animal vid..
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Robin Whenary

10:40, 2007, Documentary

A no-budget, non-dialogue documentary about a Belgian man living and working on an organic farm in Cornwall, England. Filmed towards the end of the two months he spent there, when ..
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Florent Texier
Xiu xiu : botanica de los ange..

2:59, 2014, Music video

The music video for Xiu Xiu’s anthemic song "Botanica de Los Angeles" is a nightmarish celebration of decay. A moving collage of cut-outs, fuzzy backgrounds, bold-lined illus..
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Florent Texier
Xiu Xiu : Cinthya’s Unis..

4:23, 2014, Music video

The video for Xiu Xiu’s "Cinthya’s Unisex" is a naive karaoke made of childish drawings.
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Pako Quijada

3:00, 2013, Experimental

Is possession real or rather a hidden means of catharsis? The protagonist in this video seems to be haunted by an outer force that in the end possesses him. But is it the devil tha..
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Adam Lenz

8:07, 2013, Video Art

The color yellow signifies a complex set of meanings. Although it is a symbol of power, warmth, and optimism, it also conjures up feelings of caution, illness, overindulgence, and ..
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Günter Puller
Yellow pages

1:52, 2006, Video Art

I found the Yellow Pages in the wood during an excursion. I thought of the natural process of disintegration. I decided to take the phone book with me and deconstruct it in an arti..
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Tom Walker
You and me

0:23, 2009, Experimental

My video works reference the Youtube generations desire for short, fast, pithy entertainment. They endeavor to undermine the quick-fix notion of such video works with an initially ..
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Dalibor Baric
You who exist only in the dark..

4:44, 2010, Experimental

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Agnese Reitano

3:00, 2015, Experimental

"I’ve got a problem. I don’t remember anymore who I am. Every labour that I do to try to exhume a memory becomes an agony. Pieces of my memories come to light, take for..
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Jon Monaghan
Your uncertain spirit

6:15, 2008, Animation

Your uncertain spirit is a single channel computer animated work based off Madonna and Child and penitent Mary Magdalene Christian religious imagery. I tried to transform these uni..
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Eric Parren
Ysk #1

5:26, 2008, Multimedia

Ysk #1 is an outcome of the live-cinema setup Diagonaal by Macular (Joris Strijbos & Eric Parren). It was recorded in one take in the Rotterdam based studio. Diagonaal is a live-..
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Mauri Lehtonen

1:22, 2013, Animation

Fungoid garden on planet Yuggoth.
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Sandesh Rijk

16:00, 2006, Narrative

David Lynchian fiction film about a man who almost gets into an accident at night on a deserted road. Then he meets a girl that’s walking on the side of the road..........
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6:15, 2014, Documentary

In the suburbs of Paris, a gigantic construction and industrial area is facing a school of classical music. A park and an entire new district is being build. The title, Z.A.C.Z.U.P..
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Tobias Schönenberg
Zehn sekunden himmel

11:30, 2014, Fiction

Leon’s (19) health seemed stable within the last years, until he was recently admitted to the hospital with cardiac arrhythmias. The consequence was an emergency surgery on the ..
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Marlijn Franken
Zémidjan - african sund..

3:17, 2011, Documentary

In Benin’s capital Cotonou on sundays everyone goes to the beach on a Zemidjan, the local motor taxis. I filmed them passing the end of the road where there is a bump.
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Diana Combo

14:38, 2011, Experimental

Zentralflughafen is an audiovisual portrait of Tempelhof, the deactivated airport in Berlin. The static camera shows the images inner movements while the sound reconfigures the spa..
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Nicola Negrini
Zero (scoolpture zero)

7:32, 2008, Video Art

:: scoolptures :: is a music video art project related to time perception and synchronicity. it’s a series of musical studies on instantaneous composing structures.
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Dustin Loose
Zu risiken und nebenwirkungen

8:30, 2013, Fiction

The ambitious scientist MARTIN RAUH feels pretty close to find a cure for Malaria. But the subsidies get canceled and his last chance is his former lover CORNELIA SCHILLING, who is..
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Enrique Ramos

21:20, 2009, Documentary

Every April 7th, Zvornik neighbours bury those identified during the year. 1.555 Bosnian Muslims were killed in that municipally between April and June 1992, and 45.000 were driven..
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