Video artists

Brian Lien

6:00, 2007, Fiction

A man and a woman, two complete strangers, share a moment on a busy, evening commuter train. Winner of the One Take Film Festival Grand Prix 2008.
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Brigid Burke
A glimpse

10:00, 2008, Music video

A Glimpse Brigid Burke 2008 DVD (pal) Duration10:00 minutes The concept of A Glimpse was from the deconstruction of the soundboard inside the piano. The sounds and visuals are ..
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Björn Schürmann
Airless Space

20:00, 2014, Fiction

Hans is thirty. He is from Berlin-Kreuzberg, bike messenger, ex-boyfriend and son. "Air Empty Room" tells a typical day in his life. He works, meets pals. But actually it is the da..
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Benjamin Martins

20:00, 2014, Fiction

Paul is 16 years old and earns his pocket money working the streets. Fleeting encounters shape his daily routine, until he comes across a group of teenagers that teach him the less..
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Brothers Stifani

12:46, 2006, Experimental

In Amok, we meet Joe, a middle aged man having an identity crisis. He pursues an elusive woman through an increasingly strange landscape. The dream-like, surreal imagery is all tak..
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Black River Pilgrim
Arid shadows

10:21, 2013, Experimental

Arid Shadows (excerpt), Duration: 10:21, Recorded at Biological Basement, June 2012 Intuitive sound environment construction, destruction, and reimagining. Woven and guided sound a..
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Behrooz Karamizade
Bahar im wunderland

16:00, 2013, Fiction

Where do you hide from danger, when you can´t hide anywhere? The kurdish girl Bahar believes she has found a way. „Bahar in Wonderland“ is the story of Bahar, a little girl, w..
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Ben Pederson

3:57, 2010, Animation

This is one of many animations that I’ve made. It’s a good example of my choppy aesthetic and sense of humor.
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Bart Dijkman

7:08, 2005, Animation

Billy is an animated video that tells the story of the Haggard family's fatal holiday in The Netherlands. The Haggards, an American family, wanted to spend time with their term..
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Benjamin Edelberg

2:19, 2014, Video Art

Chorus studies the iconic reaction shot, the ambiguity of face when taken out of context. I have woven together moments from film and video history; faces from the early 20th Centu..
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Bog Bog
Cooking with robots - episode ..

23:30, 2007, Documentary

Pilot episode for (formerly CBStv) cooking show.
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Benjamin Gaulon

01:11:45, 2011, Video Art

Corrupt™ is a web based Glitch Art Software allowing its user to upload and share corrupted images on This single-channel video is the collection of up..
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Barbara Agreste

4:20, 2010, Video Art

This video is a journey through a dreamy dark landscape, the viewer encounters many dry leaves on the floor of its path, and regularly different objects appear catching the eye: a ..
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Blake Williams

10:00, 2011, Experimental

A mini-essay on motion, image tracking, and mapping in an explicitly digital form. It moves through various modes of software and internet aesthetics to frame images of sublime lan..
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Bog Bog
Dj technician - never ever

4:47, 2007, Music video

From My Beat Is A Monster EP (Bunker 3060).
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Boyd Richard
Easy living pt. 2, morning

8:05, 2013, Narrative

“Morning” is the second part of “Easy Living”, a video series by Boyd Richard. Created with the artist’s collection and found video, “Morning”, describes the “Easy ..
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Brian Delevie

10:16, 2008, Video Art

Emanations visual and thematic fragility relies on the viewer to enter a delicately layered sea-like atmosphere analogous to the fluid and fluctuating state of memory. representing..
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Blanca Rego Constela
Engram (optical sound #001)

2:27, 2012, Experimental

’Engram (optical sound #001)’ is part of a series entitled ’This is not cinema’ that recreates traditional experimental cinema aesthetics using lo-fi digita..
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Byron Huangdean

8:01, 2012, Video Art

Borrowing from the conventions of nature documentary and cinema, this dual channel piece re-imagines Herring Island, an artificial island on the Yarra River in Victoria, Australia...
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Bobby Groot
Geweldenaren van ver

2:00, 2006, Experimental

An alien invasion strikes Amsterdam! Tyrants from Afar is a homage to science fiction films of the past in the shape of a dramatic filmtrailer, the Dutch way.
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Barbara Marheineke
Green gold

13:10, 2012, Narrative

Why has the USA waged two wars with Iraq within only a few years? Why have weapons of mass destruction-the reason for the most recent war in Iraq-never been found, and why are Ame..
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Beate Keim
Hard labor, meager pay

2:13, 2013, Animation

“Hard Labor, Meager Pay” is a grotesque statement on the question of what is work and what is pay.
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Brigid Burke
High octane

8:56, 2009, Experimental

High octane Brigid Burke 2009 Air sounds and interwoven rhythms depicting races against time and reaching the finishing line are the bases of "High Octane ". It uses air an..
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Blanca Rego Constela
Hinterland (materialist film #..

2:55, 2014, Experimental

Hinterland explores the aesthetic boundaries between cinema and digital video. The initial idea was to create ’materialist cinema’ using digital gadgets and apps that i..
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Bartosz Kruhlik

12:00, 2010, Fiction

12-year old Michal wants to join to his elder brother’s group. The brother and his pals take Michal to the woods. They record everything with amateurish camcorder.
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Blanca Rego Constela
Il me semble que je serais tou..

5:14, 2014, Experimental

A psychogeographical exploration, it seems to me that I will always be happy in the place where I am not...
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Brigid Burke
Illuminated breath

8:00, 2006, Music video

Illuminated Breath Brigid Burke 2006 Air sounds and interwoven rhythms depicting races against time and reaching the finishing line are the bases of " Illuminated Breath ". It uses..
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Blanca Rego Constela
Inverse reverse

15:26, 2010, Experimental

Inverse Reverse is an abstract animation based on the idea of perverting old media. It was made using two vintage analogical machines. Images are thousands of macro photographs of ..
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Brian Sørensen

3:01, 2013, Animation

My graduation project in Digital Media at 3D College, Denmark. A small, full [[CG]]shortfilm set in a pseudo 1980s environment, where a nostalgic theme is emphasized through the di..
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Blanca Giménez
Lugares fronterizos (hogar)

9:56, 2013, Video Art

Lugares fronterizos (Hogar) ["Border locations (Home)"] encloses a personal reflection about the private space. The videographic images aim is to show the viewer certain fragments ..
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Benoit Guillaume
L’inondation en 1910 é..

1:50, 2006, Animation

My “film” work doesn’t have any message. This is terribly meaningless, I think.
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Benjamin Edelberg
Magnificent obsessions

4:23, 2013-14, Video Art

Magnificent Obsessions is an assembled collage, with footage and sounds drawn from a variety of seemingly unrelated sources: memories stored on YouTube profiles and cell phone came..
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Bernard Jay Mercado
Man in the Cinema House

18:01, 2015, Experimental

A Man is imprisoned in a movie theater for killing Jose Rizal, a film producer. He attempts to escape.
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Benoit Daoust
Mini longueuil

3:51, 2011, Experimental

Here we have a saying “Le Grand Longueuil”, due to that our city is a mix of many cities. Since I’ve only filmed the original Longueuil, which is now called “Old Longueuil..
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Bernhard Wenger
Mit besten grüßen

4:20, 2013, Fiction

Again the admired Mr. Dreamy parks in front of the Cafe. And again the shy waitress doesn’t dare to go out and talk to him. But her friend has a crazy idea how she can get to kno..
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Bethany Orr
MITIGATE (Or, the Law of Etern..

12:19, 2015, Experimental

An apocalyptic experiment.
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Bog Bog
Mtv - ransom intro

51:00, 2011, Music video

Bog, I-f and Bananas
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Bas Ror
Mtv promos

1:23, 2005, Music video

A selection of MurderCapitalTV promos made by Bas roR
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Brigitte Drodtloff

10:50, 2014, Fiction

He is a silent man. He walks the streets, watching, looking for the right place. He finds it. In the middle of a market. He sets up a stand. But instead of selling his goods, the s..
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