Video artists

Evo Preisner

2:44, 2013, Video Art

The video 1933 is commissioned by Enrico Tomaselli for the project 100X100=900, the 50th birthday of Video-Art. Hundred video-artists from around the world each represent 1 year of..
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Evo Preisner
A moment at 44

1:17, 2011, Video Art

A self portrait at 44: to try to grab a moment in time, to silence oneself from words, images and sound.
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Evo Preisner

1:46, 2011, Video Art

Sub specie aeternitatis: ’under the aspect of eternity’, what is eternally true, without any reference to or dependence upon the merely temporal portions of reality. Wi..
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Elina Margolin

14:10, 1013, Narrative

A teen tom-boy nicknamed Arik, discovers her sexuality to the surprise of her buddies.
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Elizabeth Sardari Kermani

4:00, 2008, Video Art

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Edward Ramsay Morin
As dreams sometimes do

3:19, 2013, Animation

For this project I was interested in the metamorphosis of an idea; how a single seed can manifest itself in different layers and forms. At times, it is even easy to lose sense of t..
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Elena Knox

3:43, 2013, Music video

Balloons is the third track from the EP ’Wife Beats’, the second solo release by Actual Russian Brides. It is available from iTunes and Bandcamp: http://actualrussianbrides.ban..
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Emily Kocken
Black ella

0:47, 2008, Video Art

A woman"s fight against gravity on a chair, leaving the kettle on. is part of an online installation, titeld "(moe)". a tired woman tries to live a normal life in the isolation of ..
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Emanuelis Ryklys
Blue eye girrl

0:40, 2007, Experimental

A visual poetry about pink dot boy who misses blue eye girl. Hand made creation by Rüt Rüt with sounds by Menelaos. First shown on “Pravda 1 minute” festival in Vilni..
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Emma Sywyj

7:33, 2013, Experimental

This is video piece I made from footage found of youtube. Today the footage would be referred to as bloopers or outtakes. The footage is from the 1920’s, 1930’s & 1940’s. The..
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Eugenia Gortchakova
Breakfast in rubljovka

5:39, 2011, Documentary

The video investigates the contrasts in the Russian society after perestroika on the example of residents of Rubljovka (a district near Moscow), to whom usually only the new rich a..
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Evy Schubert
Celebration of post soviet bon..

1:53, 2013, Experimental

"Zelebration postsowjetischer Hörigkeit" (Celebration of post-soviet Bondage) adapts the vision put forth by the German sociologist Max Weber that every individual is being ruled ..
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Egle Eigirdaite
Cronicle of view

1:44, 2006, Video Art

My video is about the transformation and deformation of an image. The influence of everyday media on it. Searching for the real reality.
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Eileen Botsford

9:13, 2006, Experimental

Cycle is a raw reflection of the Cycles we go through in life. It is meant to be projected or screened in a public space, and create different reactions to it's audience which ..
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Emanuel Pimenta

60:00, 2008, Experimental

Dante is an experimental film based on Dante Allighieri"s divine comedy. it is a trip to afterlife world through contemporary electronic audio visual media.
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E. M. Lopez Carlos

1:56, 2006, Video Art

What happens if a dead body lies around in the kitchen for a few weeks?
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Elmar Imanov
Die schaukel des sargmachers /..

29:58, 2013, Narrative

Azerbaijan. Yagub lives with his adult son Musa in a small house in a desolate place. They lead a solitary life. Musa, mentally disabled and limited in his motor skills, assists hi..
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Elizabeth Riley
Dragons of iceland

3:40, 2011, Video Art

After a struggle with oppressive forces, the dragon is released. --------------------- While there is a DIY comic element to the video, DRAGONS OF ICELAND mirrors a struggle with o..
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Evo Preisner

3:43, 2012, Video Art

Durchschauen shows 6 fragments (7 counting, but 5 is non-existent) in hard montage, with scenes which by themselves are also fragmentary. Between the colossal buildings, the story ..
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Elisabeth Overloop
Facade europa

30:00, 2006, Documentary

A hot summer at a courtyard in Lviv, West - Ukraine between the spring of the European enlargement and the winter of the orange revolution. A never-ending story unfolds itself. Do ..
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Elena Arzuffi

3:00, 2005, Video Art

A succession of drawings and real pictures opens up to a lightful narration in which the precious natural element mentioned in the work’s title plays the leading role, under the ..
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Eija Temisevä

2:05, 2014, Video Art

In this video I took shots of some sculpture figures in concrete made by myself. There are different types of persons: for example: a mother, a childwoman, a medium, a headless and..
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Emily Bissland
In the same boat

6:21, 2009, Documentary

In a climate of global fear, two unlikely men prove that normal people can do what governments cannot: to overcome fear and racial prejudice with understanding and friendship. This..
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Eva Wijers

1:17, 2011, Video Art

Many faces of people found in video-footage become one.
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Eva Lee
Into the midst

4:45, 2013, Experimental

Encounters on a walk through otherworldly territory. Inspired by research on Tibetan Buddhist art and meditative practice while traveling through India. Created based on video and ..
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Emre Onol

1:00, 2013, Animation

"IO" is the first piece of an experimental project. Common abstract disposition has a reference point, equivalent to infinity. On the contrary, this project tries to depict the des..
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Eike Frederik Schulz

5:00, 2013, Narrative

„Jeanetmila“ is about a young couple. About friendship, relationships, generations. About questions we don´t ask, conflicts, we avoid, issues we don´t want to have. It´s abo..
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Evo Preisner
Jigo jisho

7:41, 2011, Video Art

Jigo Jisho: ’awakening alone, without a master’ (Mushi dokugo) Choir: \"Mushi - Mushi - Mushi\" Voice: I renounce myself - veritable - tranquil - faith: it’s cher..
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Emily Bailey

4:52, 2013, Experimental

Abstract experimental film ruminating on the body, cosmetic enhancement and physical perfection. By physically manipulating film and using materials that act as extensions of the b..
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Eileen Skyers
L i g h t y e a r

0:47, 2013, Fiction

The observer encounters tangible and intangible vistas in this brief, vignetted video clip. This is juxtaposed with fleeting, suggestive prose, which spans the screen creating a di..
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Edin Hendo
Lazy’s Adventures in Wonderl..

7:00, 2013, Experimental

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Eija Temisevä
Let it go

2:09, 2015, Experimental

In neurotic actions you usually repeat something again and again. You try to escape the bad feelings to some action. It feels like you are stuck in something. The same thing happen..
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Eija Temisevä
Longing in the night

2:26, 2015, Experimental

Like in a dream/ longing in the night/ not knowing/ for whom or what This is a video poem about longing and dreaming in the night. Ceramic faces made by me. Music: Trans Alp, Nacht..
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Eva Lee
Lux flux

6:00, 2011, Video Art

Portrait of a city presented as a living system of lights, colors, sights, and sounds, morphing forms which suggest ongoing life cycles, with day passing into night and back again...
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Eveline Nieuwveld
Making noise

8:00, 2011, Experimental

(EN) Making Noise is a film about the fear and freedom a boy with spasm experiences while swimming. The water means two things for him, it’s his freedom of movement as wel as the..
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Ellen Mueller
Monotonize series: mountain to..

1:48, 2013, Video Art

This series investigates concepts of corporate management systems, prison establishments, sisyphean tasks, and surveillance systems by decontextualizing familiar tasks and placing ..
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Eva Franz

18:47, 2012, Animation

The mechanical life form Ohm inhabits a bleak and devastated planet. The thousands of mechanical creatures of this world share a single cycle of energy. In this cycle, Ohm is a rog..
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Emily Kocken

4:19, 2007, Experimental

Een jongen ziet zijn eigen buurt veranderen in een oorlogsdecor. zijn waan wordt werkelijkheid. de film is gemaakt tijdens een project "spertijd" waarin de kunstenaar met buurtbew..
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Esther Probst
Ophelia’s Second Stage

3:00, 2008, Video Art

The existence of the character Ophelia is defined by the male-dominated framework of Shakespeare’s "Hamlet". Her classic performance aims to disguise her unhapiness -- a role tha..
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