Video artists

Gokhan Okur
2 hit combo

0:59, 2008, Animation

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Geraldine Schwindt
A susan cooper production

2:12, 2009, Animation

The teacups, participants of the tea ceremony, move around the house. These objects appear to come alive in order to perform that ritual in an unusual way. The teacups spread aroun..
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Gabriel Orenstein
A3 Sounds

2:34, 2015, Experimental

Experimental Video Art. 3D Animation. Abstract video composition exacted from meditations.
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Ger Ger
Black balloons

4:26, 2008, Video Art

SOUND NOMADS Performance #3 Deserts as environments of extreme heat may cause serious stresses and fragilities in different manners. Contrasts of vulnerability and eternal unbreak..
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Gaelle Denis
City paradise

6:00, 2006, Video Art

Gaelle Denis initially draws a gray, desolate picture of the metropolis, depicting it as an intimidating presence. And so it is with Tomoko, a young Japanese girl who comes to Lond..
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Guido Compagnoni
Claudio capotondi, sculptor

25:50, 2005, Documentary

Claudio Capotondi is considered one of the most important contemporary Italian sculptors. This beautifully shot documentary alternates between the different situations with an emph..
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Gina Wenzel
Coming out

9:21, 2014, Fiction

A satirical family drama about the coming out of a young girl to her family, where nothing goes planned.
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Giuliensemble Berto
Dead instant photo

6:49, 2008, Fiction

The aim of our project is to explore the plausible reactions of an individual dealing with the issues of death, loss, mourning and therefore its potential consequences on one’s l..
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Gad Hollander
Depth of matter

47:04, 2012, Experimental

The title derives from a statement made by Dr Tara Shears at the launch of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. She claimed: “We will be able to see deeper into matter than ever be..
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Gregory Chatonsky
Desert iii

16:55, 2011, Experimental

This movie is made by a game engine. * Uninhabited areas, cities and swamps, forests and roads, objects and words that disappear one after the other, a young woman cry on Youtube...
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Georg Tiller
Dmd kiu lidt

55:00, 2014, Feature

The group’s cheerful use of a specific kind of bricolage, which pieces together a broad spectrum of literary and theoretical allusions: from Walter Benjamin, over John Cage to Be..
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Gabriel Orenstein
Eagle heart

3:41, 2013, Video Art

DIGITAL VIDEO ART 3D ANIMATION A journey into magical worlds of native American lands. A meditation state of mind as an artistic expression. An abstract open door to perception and..
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Gisbert Stach

2:58, 2010, Experimental

A woman sits in front of a mirror and fine pieces of jewellery are brought to her and put around her neck. As in a fitting, several models are presented and put on, while the neckl..
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Gwen Vanhee

4:25, 2010, Experimental

Re:void is Gwen Vanhee, a Belgian creative explorer playing around with code. Though highly depending on technology, he values the human input above it. Colour, composition, ... Re..
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Gaia Gaia
Gaia in korea

1:55, 2011, Experimental

Drawing on his new and evolving body of imagery depicting human and animal figures, Gaias work reflects on the ancient themes of animal and human sympathies, but now in the context..
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Günther Gheeraert
Ganesh spirits

2:54, 2011, Music video

My travel around ThaÏland landscapes and people.
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Gary Mcquiggin
Garden city

6:00, 2011, Documentary

Garden City focuses on the suburban town Welwyn Garden City in the commuter belt of London and an anarchist musician; Mark Astronaut, who has lived there for most of his life. The ..
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Geoffrey Shea
Give Me Three Minutes of Atten..

3:00, 2015, Experimental

Spam meets surveillance meets voyeurism...
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Greg Browe
Glade of thornking

1:54, 2012, Animation

Antics ensue between a Boy and a Monster, and result in an ominous chase up a Tombstone Mountain. Glade of ThornKing is the most recent animated installment of a webcomic titled T..
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Glenn Gould
Goldberg variations aria

1:56, 2009, Experimental

Video/visual score for the Aria of the Goldberg Variations by J. S. Bach. Music performed by Glenn Gould, taken from his legendary 1955 recording by Lucio Arese (I)
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Gyung Jin Shin
Gray hive

4:35, 2013, Experimental

Humanity, forever, dreamed of an ever-young life, and achievements in scientific technology raised life expectancy up to 100 years. However, the question remains as to whether our ..
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Giuseppe Di Bella

6:21, 2009, Video Art

The video ‘Healing’ depicts the artist’s hand struggling to reconstruct a broken bottle of milk that I chose because of the strong characteristics of the milk that co..
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Gregor Zootzky
Hermes & aphrodite

9:55, 2013, Animation

What happens if you have to find out first whether you’re a boy or a girl? The story of a child who begins to discover his true identity in puberty.
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Gary Mcquiggin
Hitching the a1

14:34, 2013, Documentary

In Hitching The A1 filmmakers Gary Mcquiggin and Onyeka Igwe give themselves the challenge of getting from London to Edinburgh along the ancient Roman road with only their thumbs t..
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Gianfranco Foschino

6:07, 2009, Video Art

Stillness and movement play in opposition in this video. In a long shot framing and a single take, Foschino’s camera captures an everyday life scene in Chilean country farm.
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Gerry Loew

3:02, 2010, Experimental

A short experimental piece based on the work of Paracelsus. An abstract view of man as elemental and alchemical, a homunculus or little man who is a spec in a vast existence, but w..
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Giovanni Antignano

01:01:25, 2009, Experimental

There are places where consciousness and matter coexist. Perhaps they share the same origin. We learn that collective consciousness is shared among human beings, dynamically redist..
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Grimanesa Amoros
La procesion

4:17, 2007, Video Art

The forces of life and death are often seen as opposed and our own fear of dying renders us incapable of understanding their interconnectedness; however, death as an integral stage..
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Ger Ger
Lantern dogs

2:09, 2007, Video Art

SOUND NOMADS Performance #10 Los Angeles dogs and puppies. Sidewalks - rich, poor, famous, empty. Beverly Hills lost and found in translation. Who is the dog - we are what we do. ..
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Gokhan Okur
Last train ride

4:00, 2006, Animation

A bored, desperate, lonely man in New York and what he has in his mind. First steps to madness.
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Gokhan Okur
Little red riding hood

6:01, 2008, Animation

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Grimanesa Amoros
Los pies libres

3:45, 2006, Video Art

To have naked feet means freedom ("la libertad"). Since I was little I always had the sensation that when I freed myself from shoes, I would also free my body and the voice of my s..
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Ger Ger
Luxor 22.145

3:00, 2007, Video Art

SOUND NOMADS Performance #7 As planned - a m/hotel performance went down in Vegas. Luxor: rooms 4455, employees 4000, casino 120,000 square feet, 250 miles visible Xenon light sho..
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Glenn Marshall

2:49, 2010, Experimental

Glenn Marshall’s distinct style of abstract computer animation blends modern art, eastern mysticism, mathematics, nature and science. A strong advocate in the digital artist’s ..
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G Bertasi
Minimalrome - mordi e fuggi

8:41, 2005, Experimental

A MinimalRome Movie by G.Bertasi & R. Pace. Rome-based collective and record label, founded in 2003 by Composite Profuse and Feedback and devoted to Electro.
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Giora Eshkol
Mona lisa

1:30, 2011, Animation

Leonardo Da Vinci and Mona Lisa in a painting session.
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Galo Chico

2:28, 2012, Experimental

Cambio constante del ser humano en una introspección subjetiva
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Gabriel Orenstein
Ocean of dreams

2:09, 2011, Experimental

Experimental Video Art. Digital Animation, exploring the ocean of dreams. a meditation state of mind. I believe there is no need to explain what you can see with your own perceptio..
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Gokhan Okur
Off the phone

4:07, 2010, Animation

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