Video artists

Jennifer Wilkey
10 (procedure 10)

3:30, 2007, Video Art

The procedure series is a sequential series of videos that explore the experience of a hospital patient, both mentally and physically. the word procedure refers to a medical act pr..
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Jean Gabriel Périot

10:00, 2003, Experimental

The 21st of april 2002 was the day of the first round of the presidential elections. One the two elected candidates is the far right politician Jean-Marie Le Pen. When the result w..
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Jeanette Wagner

14:56, 2014, Fiction

Two people living in a state of bored love, a married couple in short, invite an unknown couple to their house. First it’s time for coffee, then let’s see. In the end t..
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Jodie Mack
A joy

3:00, 2006, Experimental

A music video four Four-Tet’s “A Joy”. Techniques: direct animation with colored acetate, patterned contact paper, and ink
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Judith Made

7:18, 2007, Video Art

Its super good lying wherever i go iam gonna be smiling i amnever going to show videoperformance/animation about a phenomena in the social arena ... the game of pretending...
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Jared Wright
Alien nation

4:05, 2013, Experimental

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Juan Kasari
Alku e

4:45, 2006, Experimental

In Alku_E pictures reacts to sounds, making different compositions. 80Juan80 uses his own method to create movement and compositions.
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Jodie Mack
All stars

0:30, 2006, Experimental

A bite-sized star punch exercise. Techniques: direct animation with colored acetate.
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José Gonçalves
All the boys fall

1:00, 2012, Fiction

It is spring 2012, Europe instead of prosper is destroying itself in a vicious vertigo. Portugal lives the biggest dry of the last 30 years and we feel this land will burn, however..
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João Ricardo
Ana ano

3:56, 2009, Music video

Remixed footage from the film mambo by robert rossen. A ghostly mirrored image of Silvana Mangano incessantly shifts from beauty to beast. Soundtrack out of "fds" by ocp.
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James Grafsgaard

3:40, 2006, Animation

A short journey through an imaginary undersea environment, with original music by P.J. Tracy and animated images created from paintings by James Grafsgaard.
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Jon Carlos Evans

0:10, 2009, Narrative

Antithesis is an experimental, narrative short about a widowed man and damaged teen girl who decide to meet in person after forming a friendship in an online suicide club.
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Jasper Scheepbouwer
Artistic differences

3:20, 2007, Animation

Killing people can be great fun, and it-s artistic too! A short uncensored journey into the raw world of modern art. A violent world, shocking, not for those of a tender dispositio..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
Before i was sad

2:03, 2002, Animation

"Before, I was sad. I was living alone with my mom, in a large flat..."
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Jean Michel Rolland

4:06, 2012, Experimental

Experimental audiovisual work on the circular movement of a blower.
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Johannes Rosenstein
Blut, reis und tränen

30:00, 2014, Fiction

Tim is 38 and works  as a taxi driver, which gives him enough flexibility to take care of his father who suffers from Alzheimer. Lee, a Chinese student, is 25 and Tim’s boyfrien..
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Johannes Gierlinger
Broken time

1:00, 2011, Experimental

Like Jeanne d’Arc in front of the scaffold, clueless. Finally, a fight, they come to get her, the redeeming handshake. Out of the hands, on the hands, that’s how you can ..
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Jarek Duda

28:00, 2014, Fiction

Lukasz (24) wants to get out of the socially deprived. He longs for social Recognition and wants what he misses his life: loyalty. As a racket for the Hamburg milieu Size ’Milan..
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Jean Michel Rolland
Burning matches

2:30, 2012, Video Art

Audiovisual experiment about the light and sound generated by a burning match. Based on accumulation, this video is a declaration of love to the fire element.
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Jan Wouter Van Reijen

15:00, 1986, Other

My films are about watching and the question: how can you reveal something that wasn’t visible before... How can you hand a way of looking, without (verbal) explanation...
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Jan De Bruin
Calling 911

6:21, 2004, Experimental

Calling 911: recorded in Los Angeles in November 2003, is a film about the hidden network of emergency and social safety nets in the United States. It illustrates the idea that rec..
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Jared Wright
Candy munchers

2:28, 2011, Fiction

A few people eat some candy in ridiculous ways to some electronic beats.
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Jennifer Ross
Caught in mise en scene

3:35, 2010, Video Art

Popular culture is characterised by paranoia; some system or organization controlling our moves. We crave to break free of the constraints of life and to be a free individual. But ..
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John Fekner
Concrete people

1:00, 2013, Experimental
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Joshua Brown
Coney island dream

2:17, 2009, Documentary

A subdued Coney Island as a winter storm approaches.
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Jonathan Johnson
Contemplating the mountain fun..

5:22, 2013, Experimental

"Contemplating a Mountain Funeral" combines a spoken story about a funeral in the Appalachian region of the United States with imagery shot in northern Iceland. The contrast betwee..
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Joe Merrell
Corner, los angeles

3:00, 2005, Experimental

Corner, Los Angeles was shot downtown on the corner of 5th and Broadway. The original shot was broken up into a 6x4 grid with each of the squares temporally offset from one another..
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Jan Wouter Van Reijen
Dag vader dag moeder

7:00, 2000, Other

My films are about watching and the question: how can you reveal something that wasn’t visible before... How can you hand a way of looking, without (verbal) explanation.
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Jannis Lenz
Daheim und dazwischen

24:30, 2014, Fiction

Max has been studying in Frankfurt for some time when a family event brings him back home to Vienna’s outskirts. A short meeting with old freinds turns into an all-nighter, just ..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
Dies irae

10:00, 2005, Animation

Remember That I am the cause of your journey Don’t lose me on that way.
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James Arneman
Diesel in the blood

5:00, 2011, Documentary

If The Highways of the Australian outback are its arteries then truck drivers are the lifeblood. Diesel In The Blood explores the transient existence of truckies on Australia’s r..
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Jeffrey Allen Price
Digi test screen

1:00, 2013, Experimental

These videos are a new direction for old drawing processes.  Constant scribbling, obsessive mark-making, and staining have been some of my favorite methods for creating drawings f..
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Jeffrey Allen Price
Digi scribble scrabble #1

2:00, 2012, Experimental

My art, as my life, moves in rhythm with natural processes and cycles of time and these are the dominant themes in my work. My working process is ritualistic and accretionary. I ..
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Jen Kuang Chang
Drishti iii

6:30, 2008, Video Art

Drishti III, a term describing visions one experiences during meditative states, is the third installment in the series realized when taking up an artist residency at the Kimmel Ha..
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Jing Zhou
Dynamic mandala

1:00, 2013, Animation

This animation is part of the project: The Interactive “Book of Changes” - “I Ching” The "Book of Changes" translates this ..
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Jodie Mack

1:59, 2006, Experimental

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Jennifer Ross
Edit of actuality

4:15, 2011, Documentary

There is a myth that we are constrained by modern culture; the real us is buried deep down hidden by culture. I question if this is true, by exploring how language limits our reali..
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James Cook
Edo bardo stream of baubles in..

1:00, 2009, Experimental

Within the context of our existential unknowing, humans have been drawn to strategies such as material gratification and societal status to construct identity and meaning-- despite..
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Jorn Ebner
Electro mountain

4:09, 2010, Video Art

Synopsis: In a sequence of images, a foggy landscape and a tower are seen; then the camera moves inside the tower and eventually depicts visual score sheets. The imagery then goes ..
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