Video artists

Kitty Lin

3:16, 2011, Video Art

The film is based on an idea of timeline order. Usually a film starts from A and ends at B; the timeline is a horizontal straight line. So I wonder, what if the timeline was a cir..
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Kirill Abdrakhmanov
A famous squirrel’s nuts

1:52, 2011, Animation

A collection of absurd, humorous and melancholic situations.
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Kanamé Onoyama
Acamar - frances marie uitti &..

4:02, 2010, Music video

Acamar by cellist/composer Frances-Marie Uitti and composer Yota Morimoto is a followup to their collaborative DVD 13AL. The piece is the first of a series of works made by the aut..
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Kuba Czekaj
Beyond the horizon

32:00, 2008, Fiction

Malina and Zurek try to capture the world for their own, using a mobile phone. One day they become witnesses to a crime. The small boy can not cope with the loss of his mother, and..
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Kristina Paustian

3:00, 2009, Animation

When does one become part of society? we become people who roam through house holes, eavesdrop the warm and dark colors of life, peer at the flowing phenomena of our surroundings, ..
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Kim Engelen
Boys don’t cry

3:00, 2010, Video Art

Black space. the camera is approaching five rotating men untill a close-up. one by one they say one single phrase, which may expose ‘your’ love for cinema and life.
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Kai Stänicke
Carpe jugular

5:17, 2014, Music video

The dance floor is a battlefield.
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Kevin Carey
Dazed and confused 2013

10:18, 2013, Video Art

My 2013 adaptation of a 1993 film about 1976.
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Kate Lee
Dignity of men

19:17, 2006, Animation

The dark tale of a man caught between ideals and human nature.
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Karl Baumann
Divergent shadows

3:43, 2012, Experimental

Divergent Shadows is a poetic imagining of someone overcome with wonder and dread in the face of new technologies. After going to the Zero1 Biennial in San Jose this year, one proj..
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Katharina Woll

19:00, 2013, Fiction

Elisabeth is a writer. Since her mother was sent to a nursing home, she lives completely isolated, spending her days writing.One day when Elisabeth takes a stroll through the park,..
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Kate Walker

2:10, 2007, Video Art

Elsewhere traces themes of dislocation, loss and cross-cultural exchange. it documents moments of contact based on an email exchange between the two artists and friends, as they tr..
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Kika Nicolela

2:43, 2009, Experimental

From the darkness to light and back to darkness; an emotional self-portrait.
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Katharina Woll

10:00, 2014, Fiction

Ten year old Jonas lives with his ill mother in a small two bedroom apartment. One day he watches from his window as a circus troupe passes by. Later he comes across the troupe aga..
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Karl Stewart
Flowing to blue

9:00, 2013, Video Art

Abstract thoughts reflected on the river Sorgue, taken in France at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, in three parts. Flowing to Blue is part of my water period series. (Alice in Dusseldorf)
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Kai Stänicke
Ganz weit im osten

3:31, 2014, Music video

An ordinary day in Dr. Lipschitz support group for broken dreamers.
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Konstantin Elfimov
Give me future or give me deat..

5:40, 2008, Animation

Film shows an everyday struggle of a man, trying to create some beautiful pieces in his world, or escape it. along this way an abstract "evil" thing is destroying everything, alway..
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Kees Brienen
I love you so

3:00, 2006, Experimental

Love is a debt which cannot be repaid; more than that, it may be an ultimate believe in the future..
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Katerina Mikulcova
Improevents 2011

14:18, 2011, Experimental

Experimental documentary film from dance and theatrical workshop with Ruth Zaporah and Lisa Nelson, placed in Prague in May 2011. The form is as experimental as workshop content. B..
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Kate Lee
Into the shadow - part 1

6:47, 2007, Animation

Shadows draw heavy over unspoken words; Hidden old scars bear forgotten wounds. Private Investigator James Fergan reluctantly takes on a new case. This is the first part of a film..
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Karl Stewart
K 20

3:30, 2013, Video Art

Some would say water is a reflection of us. And though we walk by sources of water almost everyday, we frequently never notice what we are reflecting back onto its surface. K 20 is..
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Kim Engelen

2:22, 2006, Video Art

Where do you think of when you say delicious? What is delicious differs per persons. What I think is delicious doesn't necessarily means that you like it as well. These people ..
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Karla Kracht
Live from the surface of the m..

3:30, 2010, Other

Live from the Surface of the Moon is an audiovisual live performance, where a mix of old, analogue lo-fi techniques deriving from visual arts and theatre (painting, use of mirrors,..
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Karim Morsy
Long live egypt

3:13, 2011, Documentary

After 18 Days of The Egyptian Revolution Finally The Dictator is out of the office and finally egypt is on the path of freedom a short documentary documents the spirit of those 18 ..
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Katarina Kocalkova
Moja teta timrava

29:30, 2007, Documentary

1st Slovak document about a remarkable woman of the European format, the author of number of famous short stories, controversial and sensitive realistic writer - b.s. Timrava. the ..
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Kika Nicolela

1:23, 2010, Experimental

The city lights writing over the naked skin.
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Katharina Woll
Not funny!

0:43, 2014, Fiction

Homophobia is not funny, everything else is!
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Krunoslav Pticar
Phare away

7:07, 2011, Video Art

A succession of vibratory images in movement, “Phare Away” suggests taking us to the boundaries of the dreamed journey, the imaginary dream, the sublimated memory ... Throug..
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Kristina Paustian

7:46, 2009, Experimental

(puella is the chameleon-like effigy of all that can awaken spark delight in many men’s heart. those girls derive they identity mostly from other people’s projections of her se..
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Karen Black
Room 17

7:06, 2012, Experimental

Karen is a graduate of Boston University and Emerson College, where she earned a Master’s in film and video with a focus on directing for fictional narrative. Her films have been..
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Kevin Logan

14:16, 2013, Experimental

‘Seamless’ is a compositional performance mediated through the lens of two video cameras. An unidentified man sits at a table, he sonically manipulates a teapot, smashes it - t..
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Kianoosh Motallebi
Stripping whilst avoiding dete..

10:06, 2007, Experimental

Fundamentally my work deals with how man can obtain knowledge and gain experience from his environment. Within my practice this ‘environment’ is interpreted in broad and flexib..
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Krunoslav Pticar

13:03, 2011, Video Art

Teletrope is an audiovisual poem, ranging from abstract to concrete, that uses these light morphemes to speak about itself. This project deals with the matter and reality of pictor..
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The drowning

9:42, 2010, Experimental

3 video channels, 6 audio channels. The Drowning is a shorter version of my work "MO-SO, " an EMPAC DANCE MOViES Commission 2009-2010, supported by the Jaffe Fund for Experimental ..
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Krunal Palande
The inner tide

6:12, 2013, Experimental

The Inner Tide is an experimental film that presents the voices of common individuals recorded during informal interviews as responses to questions that mainly reflect the themes: ..
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Kitty Lin
The skybar

2:36, 2010, Experimental

An animation short about reincarnation.
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Kiki Petratou
To be familiar with

1:00, 2006, Experimental

Kiki Petratou (Greece, 1971) is an artist based in Rotterdam. She studied Fine Arts at the Athens School of Fine Art (1993-99, GR) and obtained her Masters in Art at the Piet Zwart..
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Keren Cytter

43:00, 2006, Documentary

Triptych Describes the story of Julia and Gayatri two girls that are living together. The story starts as the girls find a camera. The story ends when Gayatri is leaving Julia, w..
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Kim Engelen

3:10, 2008, Video Art

Incompleteness leads to coloured perspective. stealing a moment from the inner world of three women in different phases of their lives. with the parallel, the longing for sanctuary..
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