Video artists

Niall Farrell
33.116667, 35.816667

3:31, 2011, Experimental

Destroyed during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the Syrian town Of Al Qunaytirah remains untouched since the last shots were fired almost forty years ago. It today stands as a disfigured..
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Neil Needleman
A charming and quaint tale of ..

7:50, 2012, Fiction

Behind the charming, quaint, pastoral veneer of this tale lurks a psychodrama about my fear of being considered unemployable because of my age. This story was inspired by true even..
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Né Barros
A praÇa

14:19, 2011, Experimental

This video explores a throbbing, cross and eclectic place, authentic like a really square djemaa el fna. "A PRAÇA" is a revisitation of Filipe Martins from the original dance perf..
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Nic Hamilton
Actress - iwaad

3:26, 2012, Music video

Actress has described his music as ‘reverse decay’ This film is an attempt to present something so obviously digital in an incomplete visually processed state that links aest..
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Nicole Rademacher

0:40, 2010, Video Art

A journey of rhythmic emotional turmoil.
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Nelton Pellenz

8:08, 2015, Experimental

Under a blue mantle, the sky imposes itself about the sea. From this visual immateriality, merge reality and fiction, through a poetic and immersive narrative about space, place an..
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Nico Bunnik

12:00, 2006, Narrative

Badgasten A cheerfull movie which was shot amongst the rather strange bathers -"badgasten"- at the Northernbeach in the Hague. The hot sun is the cause of a quite unlogical sequenc..
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Nora Fingscheidt
Boulevard’s end

15:00, 2014, Fiction

At the end of Washington Boulevard, where Los Angeles’ streets merge into the ocean, the Venice Pier begins. The rough concrete pier braves Pacific storms and provides stillness ..
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Niels Post

0:42, 2006, Experimental

Bowhunting is my extreme sports video.
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Neil Needleman
Cellular activity: tanz!

12:30, 2006, Video Art

Joyous whirling twirling swirling flinging circling spinning colliding crashing and slamming, shot at my daughter’s ultra-orthodox hassidic Jewish wedding. rapidly rotating rabbi..
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Nisha Duggal

11:17, 2009, Experimental

Colours is an exploration of individuality and preference. Interviews are animated across a relational portrait where orchestrated responses produce a complex schema that dwells on..
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Ninotchka Project
Copyright is for losers

24:39, 2008, Video Art

With the appropriation, manipulation and edition of a big quantity of images and sounds, I make a new piece that questions the limits of the copyright and of the originality of the..
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Nedko Butzev
De cent y concili

6:00, 2007, Video Art

Two streets intersect any ware in the world. through this crossroad moved vehicles, people, concepts, feelings, birds, worries, etc.
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Der meteor

36:16, 2009, Animation

The story takes place in an imaginary medieval mixed modern world where the vegetation is a lush green, nature is abundant and the celestial body evolves a bit faster than here on ..
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Nung Hsin Nung Hsin

2:00, 2012, Experimental

Nung-Hsin Hu was born 1981 in Taiwan. She has been leaving and working in New York since 2006. Hu primarily has been working in sculpture, installation, and video. She has exhibite..
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Nils Mühlenbruch
Drifters from outerspace

5:28, 2006, VJ

Alien-boyscouts are the protagonists in a bizarre and sometimes surrealistic world that can be visited by ‘users’
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Nelson Ghrenassia
El encino

4:11, 2012, Experimental

Once upon a time, a crazy man with a dog and two ladies Diane and Laura. One night, he makes them play a dangerous game...
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Nassrin Nasser
Exile in paranoia

10:30, 2010, Experimental

The consequences of geopolitical conflicts can alter our personal life and restrict our choices. As an Iranian, I found myself highly bound by immigration restrictions due to polit..
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Natalie Plaskura

5:58, 2014, Fiction

The time stands still, the moments are everlasting. The nameless characters turn into numb figures, surfacing and disappearing like mental tatters. The protagonist is trapped and s..
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Natalie Woodlock
Grots to the show

6:06, 2006, Animation

Family, memory and connection to place are explored in this evocative and mnemonic film that combines stop motion animation and live action. A collection of stories about growing u..
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Hole in head

4:20, 2008, Music video

Hole In Head by Duracel, from the ‘Lady Ultimate’ album. Music by Duracel Video by Nukubus
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Natasha Beste
I see spots

6:00, 2006, Experimental

Two children encounter a near death experience after falling off a horse. They travel towards “the light” but are awakened by sounds of the real world. They are sent back and u..
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Nicole Rademacher

1:38, 2007, Experimental

Snippets of traffic. The blackness becomes a street corner. The camera focuses. A young family caddy-corner across the street. Cars pass. Cut. The view is never obstructed. We watc..
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Natalie Plaskura

11:11, 2012, Fiction

The short film INTRUSION does not tell a classical story. The main focus lies on the visual design, which has the intention to convey a mood. The motives and the associative dramat..
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Neil Needleman
Last request

12:04, 2007, Experimental

An old and wealthy businessman tells us about his relationship with his father, a dadaist artist whom he didnt and couldnt understand. His painful memories are narrated over images..
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6:44, 2000, Experimental

Manhasset by Speedy J from the A Shocking Hobby album. Filmed by Nukubus. Edited by Speedy J & Nukubus. 2000
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Nils Mühlenbruch

2:00, 2008, VJ

Unleashed game and film characters, chasing each other in a 3d maze.
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Niels Neeskens
Memories of redemption day

10:00, 2006, Narrative

The story is about a spirit that looks back at the final hours of her life before she committed suicide.
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Nena Sesic Fiser
Memory of the water - poseidon

9:00, 2013, Experimental

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Nicola Negrini
One (scoolpture one)

7:26, 2008, Experimental

:: scoolptures :: is a music video art project related to time perception and synchronicity. it’s a series of musical studies on instantaneous composing structures.
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Nicholas Economos

3:24, 2006, Experimental

Pangaea arises from a reflection on physical forces, machines and corporeality and Bateson's notion of seeking the patterns that connect Technical Statement: The animation for ..
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Niels Adde
Remonte tes chaussettes

3:16, 2008, Music video

Anonymous vandals show you their destructor dance.
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Nicola Sersale

2:39, 2008, Experimental

A dream sequence in which a simple removal becomes a terrible nightmare. The furniture movers start delivering an infinite number of chairs, wardrobes, pictures...all of them fill ..
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Secret desire

5:10, 1999, Experimental

From the ‘The Man From PACK’ album and Viewlexx V-002. Music by I-f Video by Nukubus
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Nils Mühlenbruch
Soaring through the starlight

4:12, 2010, Music video

Artist KRAUSE, in search for her alter-ego in a vast and gloomy metropole, confronts her counterpart with destructive consequences.
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Nicola Rae
Soundings, pett level, sussex

3:00, 2009, Experimental

During this acoustic experiment microphones were placed against a breakwater at Pett Level, as the waves were crashing against this wood structure. The microphones were buried unde..
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Nung Hsin Hu

0:10, 2008, Experimental

This video was made on a turntable, which expresses the whole spinning universe. I employed various symbolic icons to represent different political, sexual, and religious phenomeno..
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Né Barros
Story case

10:00, 2009, Video Art

Story Case deals with empty places and people with no history, in the sense of a yet to be seen narrative, yet to be performed. Similar to the body in dance, the individuals in Sto..
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Neil Needleman
The good old days

3:09, 2011, Fiction

This is a story about the struggle to communicate. Yes, this may be a sad story, but I believe it moves beyond that singular emotion. That’s what can happen when you have the cou..
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