Video artists

Sophie Kahn

5:30, 2011, Video Art

04302011 is a 5 minute, 40 second video of 38 New Yorkers who visited my studio to have their portrait made in 3d. The result is an identity parade of textured 3d scans of their fa..
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Seunghee Park
10 minutes smiling, 10 minutes..

10:29, 2011, Video Art

Self Sports ‘Self Sports’ is a video series about time, action and change. I do one action such as smiling, listening without stop during 10 minutes. As passing the time, ev..
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Sabijn Peeters

0:55, 2011, Fiction

A meeting on a train from Eindhoven to Tilburg
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Sam Holden
70 still frames and 5 minutes ..

5:50, 2008, Video Art

Using a digital SLR, image capture software and a hidden video camera ’70 still frames and 5 minutes and 50 seconds of video’ highlights how much we simply don’t see when enc..
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Serene Daoud
A chance encounter in the wood..

4:55, 2008, Animation

A nature-loving girl goes on her usual daytime strole in the forest where she runs into a fox. this is no ordinary fox: he walks upright, wears a gentleman"s hat and coat, and carr..
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Sergej Kreso
A symphony for a street musici..

10:00, 2004, Documentary

Faruk Karabegovic is a street musician. Every Saturday he stands there, on the small square in Roermond, playing for the occasional passer by. Faruk has become a bit of a local att..
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Stavroula Chantzi
A travers

9:35, 2013, Video Art

The undo of a spatiotemporal reality. Passages. The alternation of darkness and brightness. The emphasis on personal decision.
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Stuart Pound
A woman from the past, much lo..

1:26, 2012, Video Art

16mm black & white film frames from the distant past fondly remembered and seen in low magnification through a microscope connected to the computer. It has great appeal for anyone ..
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Silvia Gennaro
Ad un passo dal paradiso

5:29, 2010, Animation

Hell is always hidden behind any paradise. Digital animation and subjective interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch’ works :”Ascent of the Blessed” and “The Temptation of St. An..
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Stefano Fanara

4:05, 2011, Video Art

Alone, Stefano Fanara 2011 video art wants to be a synthesis of existential loneliness of the event, understood as an issue of performance and action between man and nature. The vi..
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Sean Dunne
American juggalo

23:22, 2011, Documentary

American Juggalo is a look at the often mocked and misunderstood subculture of Juggalos, hardcore Insane Clown Posse fans who meet once a year for four days at The Gathering of the..
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Sabijn Peeters

1:00, 2006, Animation

Anima is about the belief animism; that is a belief still practised by "primitive" (close to nature) cultures. They believe in the soul or spirit of inanimate objects and worship t..
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Sergio Cruz

3:20, 2006, Experimental

Animalz is an exuberant fantasy in which boys emerge from the sea, like the original amphibians, and colonise a forest, marking out their territory in a break-dance celebration of ..
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Sebastien Senechal

3:56, 2011, Video Art

This is my attempt to stop time, liquid, which slides between our fingers. And I am seduced, I see, but what I see and which seduces me, I cannot seize it... The image shies away, ..
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Su Tomesen

54:00, 2006, Documentary

Su Tomesen is a visual artist and director of videos from The Netherlands, based in Amsterdam. Originally a historian, Tomesen has an M.A. from the University of Utrecht. She worke..
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Sally Grizzell Larson

1:00, 2010, Experimental

The rhythm of clapping hands, the repetition of images in equally timed segments: We are lulled and seduced. Like any other high-functioning receptor, the human brain is indiscrimi..
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S. Phoelich
Being digital - bacili cocci..

0:55, 2006, Experimental

This animation is about a gameconcept called Nanolife.
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Stuart Pound
Black & white

6:22, 2013, Experimental

Scenes appropriated from Antonioni’s famous film L’Avventura show Monica Vitti as the central subject. The constant alternating positive and negative image appears to vary with..
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Stephane Leonard
Bodi bill - what?

4:22, 2011, Music video

‚What‘ is a music video for the band Bodi Bill. ‚What‘ is the story of four young friends on a journey to a magical portal that opens during an eclipse. The four friends em..
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Sourav Roy Chowdhury
Boom bang

3:19, 2011, Video Art

Synopsis: Boom Bang is a video performance which symbolically captures the continuous process of dissolution and re-generation of our dreams and hopes in the course of actual polit..
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Stuart Pound
Breath dance

4:01, 2011, Experimental

Breathing out and in, walking forwards then backwards takes on a dance-like aspect beside a temporary maze placed in Trafalgar Square, London. Pigeons, dandelion seeds and fountai..
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Simon Welch

6:40, 2012, Experimental

Synopsis : In the Miltonian "demi-monde" of night fishing, anglers on a French beach bait & cast their lines as the last sunbathers head for home. The camera follows their night-l..
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Sam Spreckley
Celluloid warfare ii

2:52, 2013, Experimental

Celluloid Warfare ii is an experimental moving image work focused upon several ideas. In one sense it is a visual experimental journey that discovers and plays with the notions of ..
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Silvia Gennaro
Cest la vie!

4:00, 2009, Animation

A life at the bus stop.
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Soonmi Oh
Chaos fractal

2:00, 2012, Video Art

Stepping in the aisle created with mirrors named as Chaos Fractal, viewers encounter an endless space spread right and left in this finite space. There appears boundless abyss that..
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Sean Burn

2:22, 2006, Experimental

illness hospitalised me, made me homeless; on discharge i was placed in temporary accommodations. to stay well i created art reflecting my experiences; chekhov references how the a..
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Sarah Janssen
Cinematic shivers

7:00, 2010, Experimental

How do we define a film? If it consists of single photographs, where is the difference between both media? And, is there something in-between? “Cinematic shivers” consists of s..
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Stephanie Golden
Connected transmission

0:41, 2013, Experimental

Through the creation of fictional character narratives and kinetic entities, Connected Transmission playfully explores the idea of an interconnected process of information exchange..
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Sophie Kluge
Dans le jardin du nil

9:00, 2012, Narrative

How a day goes by. The phone rings and rings. A romantic weekend in Paris didn’t work out as planned. She listens but in reality she would have loved to call someone herself...
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Sin Sin Collective
Dee dooley - a love story / in..

4:00, 2006, Animation

Dubbed ‘digital terrorists’ by The Irish Times, sin sin is an international pan media group of artists working under the auspices of their beloved leader, The Fat Controller. ..
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Sascha Zimmermann
Die box

14:30, 2013, Fiction

Hannah, a young woman, wakes up locked in a dark wooden box. She has no clue how she got there. She pleads for her freedom. All she wants is out of the box until she watches throug..
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Sonja Wyss
Die krähe

7:00, 2002, Video Art

In "Die Krähe" (the crow), Sonja Wyss lets a number of elements interact with each other. Images of a screaming girl, black crows against a blue sky, and a snow-covered woodland l..
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Stuart Pound
Die nebensonnen

2:24, 2011, Experimental

The mysterious love poem by Wilhelm Müller from Schubert’s Winterreise provides the audio amplitude samples used to draw the waveform.
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Sandesh Rijk
Divine intervention

8:00, 2009, Narrative

A young poet and a woman have a romantic encounter during Christmas in a church!
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Siri Svendsen
Diving deep and surfacing

4:54, 2010, Video Art

The setting is in the forest at night, where a young woman with a strong flashlight is searching for something. The work centers around the idea that we are in an ongoing mov..
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Suzanne Smith
Don’t And Won’t And

2:05, 2008, Video Art

A silent film about a vague, but tenacious internalised rhythmic fury at nothing in particular.
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Sharlene Bamboat

1:53, 2012, Video Art

Drone: a remote controlled aerial vehicle or missile; a monotonous speech. Drone: a reaction to the current United States government drone attacks in Northern Pakistan. Dro..
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Shereen Abdul Baki

3:07, 2008, Animation

The journey through lost love that brings us back to life.
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Stephen Foley
Elephant stone

2:00, 2008, Video Art

Elephant Stone is a film about a building near my home.
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