Video artists

Tina Willgren
75 percent color bars horse

1:35, 2006, Video Art

Animated color bars and the sound of horses. An ode to a logical collapse...
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Tessa Garland
Above the skyline

5:50, 2009, Experimental

Above the skyline presents a deserted stage set depicting a grim prospect of a lonely, future with nothing but memories. Built entirely in miniature, the detailed film set invites ..
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Timo Huber
Aliage - viajes en technicolor

4:06, 2007, Music video

"Aliage - Viajes en Technicolor" it-s a music promo shot in Hong Kong for the Argentine band Aliage. This super8 short film is a journey around an asian city that could be "any asi..
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Tajinder Dhami
Alpha 08

3:28, 2008, Experimental

Alpha 08 is a neurological audio- visual animation which uses binaural auto-panning audio and pulsating off images to provide a work which attempts to induce alpha brainwaves in th..
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Tusia Dabrowska
Ananaski (baby pineapples)

1:29, 2012, Video Art

ANANASKI is a short video by Tusia. It features Tusia and Magda Rud. VTR provided sound design. ANANASKI, or baby pineapples in Polish, is an affectionate term for Rebels. Pineapp..
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Tereza Nvotova
Artificial insight

21:20, 2010, Experimental

Experimental documentary about artificial intelligence, virtual loneliness and real software installed to a girl for one day. Everything what Jeeney A.I says there is coming from h..
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Thomas Humphreys

5:10, 2012, Video Art

A triptych installation displaying the staged awakening of my three housemates. At the time of production we had recently moved into a semi-derelict warehouse space; finding oursel..
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Tessa Garland
Blue tower 2

4:55, 2007, Experimental

Blue Tower (2) is a sequence of long shots on the journey into and around a large retail park in East London. The film creates an implied narrative that is influenced by science fi..
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Tomoki Kurogi

3:26, 2013, Animation

“CYCLOID” is an animation work representing a impermanence. I expressed the beauty of the changing times to draw a landscape animation by hand. I want to describe that acceptin..
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Tommaso Caverni
Deep cuts #1

4:16, 2010, Experimental

Initially made for a vj-set, Ive re-edited these clips by following a mere aesthetic approach.
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Tomas Pecha
Dematerializing branik

1:16, 2011, Animation

[[Dematerializing Branik]] /incompatible architectural materia being bracketed and dematerialized/ Contemporary relation to dwelling is connected with serious conflict with mater..
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Thomas Schumacher
Der läufer

3:30, 2014, experimental

"Der Läufer" is an observation of an ongoing process, as it seems, and therefore raises simple and recurring questions while viewing an action by an anonymous walker, which we are..
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Tom Ketteringham
Does a happy meal make you hap..

5:05, 2011, Experimental

The work looks at synonymous issues within modern teenage girls including: body image, popularity and attractiveness, through the contradiction between the prevalence of fast food ..
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Theo Tagholm

5:54, 2009, Experimental

I drift, half awake, half asleep. Moving through the city I recall but have never been to. "Architecture is the simplest means of articulating time and space, of modulating realit..
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Tomas Schats

0:10, 2006, Experimental

About a thumb nail..
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Tajinder Dhami

3:46, 2010, Experimental

This work explores the hidden sonic world of electromagnetic fields and frequencies, emitted by electrical objects. Using special microphones this films shows how our world sounds ..
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Tracy Bo Lee
EMOHOUSE (Emotion + House)

11:0, 2015, Experimental

"my work have been going about visible and invisible unconscious emotions. Act of peeping to the psychology of human behavior through dialogue and various events is one of the ways..
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Tim Skinner

2:48, 2008, Video Art

My artwork explores the visual beauty of sound, documenting it"s effects on water. for this piece I explored the sound of a human heartbeat.
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Tomer Werechson
First lesson in love

8:04, 2012, Fiction

A chance meeting of two worlds leads to a love story between a 17 year old religious girl named Tom and a non observant street musician named Razi at a train station in Jerusalem.
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Tina Willgren

2:33, 2012, Experimental

Forest, walk, flashes
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Thomas Schumacher
Frank zucht. the inner sight

9:31, 2013, Documentary

"The Inner Sight" is a short portrait of Berlin-based painter and graphic artist Frank Zucht Focusing on his poetic paintings which excel in their seemingly archaic and irreal atmo..
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Tomer Werechson

15:51, 2014, Documentary

The perspectives of a documentarian who spends one day with his grandfather who is contending with Alzheimer’s- as the past and present get blurred through his grandfather’s li..
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Tetsuka Niiyama

3:00, 2012, Experimental

This is a CG movie that depicts saltation and growth of life in the sea using jewelry as the motif for illustrating the theme "Jewels of Sea." It creates mystifying and attractive ..
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Tami Liberman
Home in mind

10:00, 2013, Documentary

Tami, born in 1983 in Tel-aviv, Israel, majored in film studies in high school and at the Tel-Aviv University, and graduated from both with honors. While practicing both directing ..
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Thomas Darby
I’ve got a lover way over th..

2:46, 2011, Video Art

I often find a conflict within myself. Sure I have concerns within my practice of how our evolutionary desires have become mediated within our exponentially exploding culture. Espe..
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Ton Meijdam

7:04, 2006, Animation

A typographical stroll through a Dutch city revealing the influence of graphic design.
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Tessa Garland
Karrajong heights

5:43, 2013, Experimental

Karrajong Heights, is a work in response to a trip I made to East Coast Australia earlier this year. It examines the almost visceral mutation from day into night, the transition ..
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Timur Makarevic

01:16:00, 2006, Documentary

Dvojica prijatelja odluče da snime dokumentarni film. Tema njihovog istraživanja je prisustvo homoseksualizma, ljudi druge boje kože u našem društvu, te zašto smo fulili ..
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Takmi Ikeda

1:15, 2010, Experimental

Takmi Ikeda was born near Tokyo in 1975 and graduated from Tamagawa University in 1998. In 2001 he stated his musical activities and participated in the 6th Wangsan International C..
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Thijs Geritz
Mood swing

1:01, 2011, Animation

An spontaneous idea I got while making a short stroll during my lunch break.
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Tessa Garland
No 1 wilwyne cresent

5:20, 2009, Experimental

No 1 Wilwyne Crescent takes the viewer on a short walk around a suburban model house. The atmosphere of oppressive safety is broken by a surreal and other worldly force that lurks ..
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Tessa Garland
Not far from here

5:00, 2013, Experimental

Not Far From Here, combines live action and animation. The work is staged around a suburban house and a domestic shed set within a wooded area. During the video the banality of the..
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Thomas Humphreys
Peeping tom

6:13, 2011, Experimental

Why focus on new architecture when so many usable structures are going to waste? Such was the discussion in last year’s Biennale in Venice and so too in Peeping Tom. The Omega..
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Tom Snelgrove
Perpetual heliolatry

6:40, 2012, Video Art

Perpetual Heliolatry explores historical and contemporary solar belief systems surrounding our affinity with the sun. Long-standing religious, mythical and scientific beliefs have ..
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The Unstitute
Physis - fragments 1 9

47:41, 2012, Experimental

Physis - Fragments 1-9 “de Oratore” (47 min, 2012) Over a period of 4 months, The Unstitute became the object of a series of Obscene Letters which were deemed unfit for publica..
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Toban Nichols
Semaphore (of dendroid origin)

14:11, 2011, Video Art

Conceived as an origin video to the photographic series Dendroid--a collision between the digital landscape and landscape photography--Toban Nichols expands on this investigation w..
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The Unstitute
Soft time

15:40, 2012, Narrative

Soft Time- an obscene fragment from Physis - Fragments 1-9 “de Oratore” 2012 Over a period of 4 months, The Unstitute became the object of a series of Obscene Letters which wer..
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Tea Guarascio

11:40, 2014, Video Dance

Re-interpretation of Vivaldi’s Spring, in which the sound of the strings are added visual arts and dance. Three dancers celebrating the death of winter and the triumph of the..
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Tomoko Nagao
Super usappe

2:48, 2008, Video Art

This animation is based on the 80’s video games. The main character of a red rabbit is kicking out some items, flowers, mushrooms, cars, restaurant, bank, art foudation, commune ..
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