Video artists

Angelo Picozzi

6:03, 2006, Video Art

00:06:03:08 is a digital degeneration of both sound and image. The natural element of water is progressively reduced to its digital essence - a series of pulsating patterns of ligh..
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Arya Sukapura Putra
25 pieces of world (oil reserv..

02:25, 2012, Experimental

The world we lived is belong to some elites who have access on energy. By performative approach, a man cutting a watermelon (world) into 25 pieces (oil reserves). It means, these o..
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Agnieszka Smoczynska
3 love

21:00, 2011, Narrative

Magda arrives to meet with her sweetheart-stranger. Unfortunately at the station she approached a wrong man. The film is based on a true story.
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Aram Kim Kaiyue Yang
5th Movement

30:00, 2015, Experimental

A phonic navigation by performer Aram Kim responding to her one of the most hateful site in London through her musical and instrumental improvisations.
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Alina Ozerova
A moving musical piece

2:13, 2013, Video Art

’A moving musical piece’ is a colloboration between videoartist and composer in the genre of [[tone-poem]]. Through picturing the rhythms and composing the movement this piece ..
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Ana Pecar
A score for four waters

16:16, 2008, Video Art

A score for four waters audio-visual installation “thus, water is the gaze of the earth, its instrument for looking at time.” -- Paul Claudel Audio- visual installation stresse..
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Alessandro Amaducci
A secret place

4:20, 2011, Video Art

An inhabited zone of a secret place. A female figure is melt with natural and digital landscapes. Maybe she is a ghost, maybe the real artifex of the place. The zone itself can be ..
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Alexei Dmitriev

3:30, 2010, Experimental

An unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract.
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Anais Pélaquier
Action n.1/vehemence

6:53, 2014, Experimental

First video of a series of auto-filmed actions. Reactive actions connected to a place of internal impossibility, a meaningless, an abutment. Slow chewing of the word. Gulp of lette..
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Alfredo Hisa
Ágora paulista

2:51, 2011, Experimental

On Paulista Avenue, cars and manifestations go in all directions.
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Alina Ozerova

1:23, 2012, Experimental

Inspired by Lewis Carroll novel ’Alice’ is about body alteration and the fears that come with it. Loosing the ground in a nightmarish way.
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Angelo Berretta
Analisi 1138

5:01, 2005, Experimental

A short film shot in Rome by Angelo Berretta.
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Anton Iakhontov

02:17, 2014, Animation

Basically, duo of Patrick K.-H. And Andreas Karaoulanis is a net consists of two spatially separated workstations. It explores various sorts of algorithmic interaction between part..
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Adela Jusic
Artists Statement

7:27, 2010, Experimental

In her video installation Artist’s Statement (2010), shown in a dilapidated room in a former artillery barracks during this past Manifesta, Adela Jusic offered advice on how ..
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Alex Pearl
Auto 7 project

1:00, 2009, Animation

Alex Pearl makes mini epic films, video installations, sculpture and books. Throughout his work there is a sense of an acceptance of failure or disappointment as important parts of..
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Alex Pearl
Automatic film iv - then & the..

6:07, 2008, Video Art

This film was made during a short automatic filmmaking residency for airspace, stoke-on-trent. the central idea of the project is that the process of filmmaking is out of my immedi..
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Adrian Regnier Chavez

2:10, 2012, Experimental

Big Big Bang.
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Arno Coenen
Baghdad disco

4:44, 2005, Experimental

The collaborative live shows of visual artist Arno Coenen with the Berlin-based duo Transformer di Roboter are not to be missed. The Roboter's eclectic electronic music matches..
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Alfredo Hisa

1:07, 2009, Animation

Series "The gap of vain thoughts" The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
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Alison Litherland

1:02, 2012, Fiction

This is a short stop motion video going uncover as what Barbie’s life could possibly be like if she lived in the real world. I wanted to find a source of childhood influences..
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Alex Budovsky
Bathtime in clerkenwell

3:14, 2011, Video Art

This animation is based on Stephen Coates composition under the same title. This film is about The Great Revolution of the British Cuckoos, who bravely took over London, forcing al..
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Adele Miossec

2:10, 2010, Experimental

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Andrej Gontcharov
Berlin troika

11:00, 2014, Fiction

During a stormy night of grave political crisis, an expert interpreter suffers a nervous breakdown. Young diplomat Konrad Gelb is recruited to step in and interpret between the two..
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Aleksandra Acic
Blind hands

4:10, 2009, Video Art

In video work Blind Hands I used a body as a screen to project digital images on. I dedicated this work to one the human senses I consider in this era disappearing and that would ..
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Adriana Benitez
Bubblegum babe

6:05, 2011, Experimental

Part of the project of fetish pornography Tish-Tish, this video develops the subconscious with the exploitation of the audiovisual side of (apparently) non-sexual acts that can eve..
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Agnès Quillet
Chant silencieux

5:38, 2011, Experimental

Pictures flash past, get superimposed. A body, a woman, she’s trying to come off, to tear herself away from the fiction she’s a prisonner of. Then appears an artificial..
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Alexandra Dementieva

6:59, 2006, Experimental

Chat explores the condition where the borders between the real and imaginary lose their reason to exist. By its very nature digital technology offers the ideal entrance point to th..
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Alexander Bates

9:10, 2008, Experimental

Alexander Bates is inspired by the human desire to create order out of disorder. His practice can be seen as both a reflection of this need and also through the use of scale, mater..
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Aranka Israni
City walk

9:49, 2010, Experimental

City Walk, a live video mix by Aranka Israni, is a journey through intersecting points. Through the pathways and vistas of her moving imagery, the viewer is taken on an excursion t..
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Alex Pearl
Clockwork and other works

10:00, 2006, Video Art

I like to work quickly on suddenly apprehended ideas, and often use video as a parallel activity to drawing. Many of my shorter video pieces have a lot in common with automatic dra..
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Anna Maszczyńska
Coming to see you, agnieszka

17:50, 2011, Documentary

Władysława is 95 years old and lives in a small town with her daughter. She rarely leaves home. Someday she gets a letter from Austria. It\’s an invitation to her g..
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Aaron Higgins
Comp3 (terra)

2:54, 2009, Video Art

"comp3 (terra)" is a video piece from the "Matter of Process" body of work created in 2009. The work seeks to merge the sensibilities of painting with those of time based media suc..
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Arno Tessers

5:00, 2006, Narrative

The movie is about everything being linked together, about different elements being responsible for the course of your day. The consequences that your actions have on other people ..
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Andreas Mehringer

4:00, 2006, Animation

Corazona is about love. It definitely is linked with my life but this I only realised after it was done.
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Alexander Bates

6:45, 2009, Video Art

"Corona" features close-up footage of the tip of a burning cigarette, set against a black background. The work makes a material comparison between an everyday act/ object to a natu..
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Alfredo Hisa

1:00, 2009, Animation

Experimental Short-film. Shot with a compact digicam Series "The gap of vain thoughts" The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
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Alex Pachón

3:35, 2013, Experimental

Every sound generates a movement and every movement produces a sound. I ́m interested in exploring a way to project this concept with an elegant and subtle style. Dancing with..
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Austin Formato

3:00, 2006, Fiction

When the telephone reception begins to deteriorate during a life-or-death conversation, the consequences become clear.
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Andrew Binkley

4:24, 2011, Video Art

Throughout Andrew Binkley’s work as an artist, he has utilized a variety of media and approaches to uncover and explore our notions of time and patterns of human behavior. In ‘..
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