Video artists

Alfredo Hisa
Doing the dishes

0:41, 2008, Experimental

Series "The gap of vain thoughts" The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
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Alina Ozerova
Don’t worry, I’m here

1:00, 2013, Video Art

"Don’t worry, I’m here" is a visual study of mechanic camera eye’s view on what seems to be alive, on differences between back and front, feminine and masculine, body and sur..
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Alexander Lehmann
Du bist terrorist

2:00, 2009, Animation

You are a Terrorist! A Campaign against Terrorists. United for a safer Germany. The Campaign „Du bist Deutschland“ (You are Germany) in 2005 was the beginning of a wave of posi..
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Anders Weberg

2:15, 2010, Video Art

Dualism August 6 - 2010 Duration: 2.15 Video and Sound by Anders Weberg
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Alexei Dmitriev

4:09, 2005, Experimental

A slow dance of the classical cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho.
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Alex Pearl
Duet for the invisible girl

0:50, 2006, Animation

All moveables of wonder, from all parts, Are here--Albinos, painted Indians, Dwarfs, The Horse of knowledge, and the learned Pig, The Stone-eater, the man that swallows fire, G..
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Alexander Isaenko

7:00, 2012, Experimental

The person and his existential condition are the main subject of this video project, we investigate a duality of a nature of man, interrelation and violation of internal and extern..
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Alberto Guerreiro
El gran comunicator

2:11, 2007, Other

What remains between the political word and action? what follows the noisy speech of the speaker in front of the crowd? this is a view regarding the values of the political stateme..
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Ana Rodríguez Leon

24:00, 2015, Experimental

In the city, people live together with the characters of the advertisements images universe. But, this aparently peaceful coexistence, starts to nget disrupted when people and char..
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Alessandro Amaducci
Electric self

4:00, 2008, Video Art

A dancer in balance between darkness and light. Creativity and unconsciousness: in the subtle edge between dreams and reality stands the chance to come into the world. In the digit..
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Antti Savela

1:00, 2007, Music video

Emma is a video about my childhood in Finland. It´s a film about; brylcreme, cigarettes and rock n´roll.
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Andres Zuniga

15:11, 2011, Experimental

Ephemerals belongs to the City Symphony genre. I love to find beauty in environments created by humans from the perfection of a skyscraper silhouette to the distortions that we fin..
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Amnon Owed

4:30, 2011, Experimental

Eternalism is a philosophical view on reality that proposes time is just another dimension. As opposed to the view of the world as a three-dimensional space modulated by the passag..
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Anselm Belser

0:43, 2011, Narrative

Every action has a reaction!
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Alex Pearl
Film 8 - the treasure house of..

0:55, 2010, Video Art

On of 17 Automatic Films made as part of "Pearlville" a two week residency based in Islington Mill Salford
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Adam Void
Floodplain: manmade

3:27, 2013, Experimental

Filmed on a handheld VHS-C, edited in-camera, and transferred to digital through webcam, Floodplain: Manmade presents the viewpoint of the poor, non-tech savvy, populist rebellion ..
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Anders Weberg
For sore eyes

2:17, 2006, Video Art

“For Sore Eyes” is another exploration of the ambivalence of the male gaze and gendered (dis)order. It is a suggestive reflection of life in the pyrotechnic in sanatorium of co..
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Alexander Heringer
Fortune faded

3:11, 2012, Video Art

Every Moment leads to another one. Thus, to understand one Moment one has to know about his background, because everything has a cause and everything has an effect. Fortune Faded d..
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Andy Joule
Four and five

7:07, 2013, Experimental

’four and five’ was filmed in the cities of Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha and Guangzhou. Each city has its own flavour and distinct identity, but also vibrant relics from the past...
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Andrew Bucksbarg

2:57, 2008, Music video

Fracture (2008) Video by N_DREW Music by Aerostatic- Video examples online: fracture- Fracture is a music video inspi..
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Antye Greie
From morning on

4:09, 2010, Experimental

From Morning On is an edit of live recordings made for the development of Wildnis Performance project, during a 5 days residency at Grizedale Arts, in the woods of the Lake Distric..
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Arne Nostitz Rieneck
Für tot erklart

9:15, 2013, Fiction

Manfred, an 82 year old man, wants to kill himself, but his alleged death comes in between. On his own funeral he finds new meaning in life.
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Antoine Dengler

29:00, 2014, Fiction

"Sisters in Crime" tells the story of the two sisters Hanna and Lena who are trying to realize their dream of emigrating. Hanna seduces rich men, goes home with them, sleeps with t..
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Anton Wenzel
Ghillie and the nothing: about..

14:00, 2014, Fiction

Maria and Miguel are sitting in a bar. Miguel wants to shoot a short film. While he really only seems to be interested in having sex with Maria, she has an abstract approach to the..
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Andrew Bucksbarg
Green baby head

2:32, 2008, Music video

Green Baby Head (2008) Video by N_DREW Music by Aerostatic- Video examples online: green baby head- Green Baby Head is a..
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A. Bill Miller
Gridworks4000 (good bye)

3:24, 2011, Video Art

Preparing for the 41st century Leaving the body behind Becoming gridform ASCII compositions, Compressed/Distorted Video, Glitch abstract experimental video with original sound comp..
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Alberto Guerreiro
H 10. one red c.

8:36, 2007, Experimental

H-10 a visual essay tribute to the group known as the Hollywood Ten: professionals of the cinematographic industry that, in 1947, refused to testify before the House Committee on U..
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Anna Pankiewicz

5:00, 2011, Animation

The film considers the problem of trivial understanding of the values in the mass culture society. The hero is confronted with commercial society enjoying the fashionable lifestyle..
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Adrian Regnier Chavez
Hay cosas buenas en las cosas ..

5:17, 2013, Video Art

It is said that, over the life of man, stars born from the energy released in his effort to align them with those of others form together a complete constellation. It is assumed th..
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Adrian Regnier Chavez
Hay una lección en todo esto

5:17, 2012, Video Art

It is said that all throughout a man’s life, his work expels as much energy as that of some small stars. This leads to the conclusion that there must be a lesson in it.
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Ashleigh Nankivell
Helping johnny remember

2:44, 2010, Fiction

A horror short I made from an old public domain social guidance PSA, reanimated and remixed in After Effects CS4.
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Alexei Dmitriev

3:15, 2012, Experimental

A war film.
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Art Triest

2:00, 2007, Multimedia

Homes is a project about living in places where many others live. it is about having relations. it is about how these relations define the place where the individual lives. Homes ..
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Alina Ozerova
How I changed from being a sto..

3:30, 2013, Experimental

Visual, temporal, auditory research on relation between nature and science, transitions of adolscence and moving images as characteristics of living. Part of a video thrilogy ̵..
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Andre Hoffmann
How I learned to love the past..

8:03, 2009, Experimental

2001: a space odyssey was produced in 1968, and raised the bar in audience expectations towards the science fiction genre. those newly introduced aesthetics were not only implement..
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Alberto Guerreiro

3:20, 2008, Fiction

Trees dance with the wind and in the forest someone faces his fatal nature moments before a dramatic event occur in the woods. A short narrative visual essay focusing the dangers h..
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Aditi Kulkarni

2:04, 2009, Experimental

An amalgamation of images meant to travel in a moment to penetrate in a monotonous space- time model.
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Alberto Guerreiro
I hate you - the cut.

2:26, 2006, Experimental

A part of the experimental video work based on the concept "X-machina": a work in progress project about the spirit of competion on Men.This footage theme: "The cry of violence". M..
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Andreas Mehringer

3:00, 2006, Narrative

A beautiful summer day in Amsterdam. An old man sits on a bank close to a busy intersection... Time passes... A young and busy businessman locks his bike close to the old man and l..
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