Video artists

Anthony Antonellis
Impulse 101

3:42, 2011, Video Art

Impulse 101 is a diptych, half painting/half beamer, 100% on the internet. The work begins with the 4 foundational font characters of 8-bit Block ASCII, ░ ▒ ▓ ..
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Agnès Quillet

1:27, 2013, Video Art

I don’t make any difference between photography and video within my work. Both of them comes from my desire to create images. Incident shows one portrait of a women in her interi..
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Arya Sukapura Putra
Indonesiana Exotica

02:10, 2013, Experimental

’Impossibility is nonsense’. It is a historical memory of place. It is an exotic paradise land called ’Indonesia’. Anything is dangerously possible here
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Alberto Guerreiro

2:06, 2011, Video Art

INSHALLAH a.k.a. n šāʾ Allāh (ﺇﻥ ﺵﺍء ﺍﻝﻝﻩ) is an Arab term to indicate hope for an aforementioned ..
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Aryn Zev
Inside dimension

3:10, 2008, Video Art

Inside Dimension deconstructs and subverts the absurd cultural byproducts of a media campaign that cunningly commodifies personal power and freedom of choice. Original camera work ..
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Aditi Kulkarni

4:27, 2012, Experimental

Insomnia a sleep state of misperception of time and space. This film explores the violence of sleep and its social malfunctions. Here the waking world is a volatile aftermath - a m..
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Anna Avramenko
It’s dark in the city

13:00, 2014, Fiction

A Film Noir with a magical twist, where an innocent man comes to lose his heart. All because of a dame and a criminal who loved her.
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Annabel Dover

0:32, 2010, Video Art

A fisherman’s boat in Whitstable Harbour
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Anaïs Pélaquier
Je m’en lave les mai..

6:28, 2015, Experimental

Distant evocation of armed conflicts. In a slow and fragmented motion, a pomegranate (in french, grenade) explodes on a piece of Bach.
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Anders Weberg
Je suis pere et mon pere est p..

2:18, 2010, Experimental

"I’m a Father and my Father is a Father." 16:9 2:18min June 2 - 2010 Filmed with a mobile phone upscaled in post. Video and Sound by Anders Weberg Participants: Jan Weberg Anders..
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Alfredo Hisa

0:30, 2008, Experimental

Series "The gap of vain thoughts" The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
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4:00, 2012, Video Performance

K is a video performance shot during the 2012 winter solstice. The color violet is at one end of the spectrum of visible light just before the invisible ultraviolet.
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Adrian Regnier Chavez

3:38, 2012, Experimental

King Nicolas is King Nicolas is King Nicolas is King Nicolas.
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4:30, 2014, Experimental

Scars are links to the events that caused them. Very often these events are traumatic. Kintsugi, which means "golden joinery", is the japanese technique of mending broken ceramics ..
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Alaleh Alamir
La couleur de leau

3:23, 2006, Experimental

Contemplating the colour of water, an inner experience. “La Couleur de leau” is part of “Visual Haikus”. Visual Haikus started in 2006 during a retreat. In these short vide..
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Andrea Monzani
La settimana prossima

15:00, 2009, Fiction

La Settimana Prossima (Next Week) puts you right into the situation of a man, Andrea, who stares into the drawn lines of his pencil to relive a reality he lost on a ordinary family..
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Alexandra Ziakou And Kiveli Komninou
Last beat

8:00, 2013, Video Art

In this audio-visual spectacle is being presented the complex psyche and perversity of the human mind. At the basic plan we see a girl removes a man’s heart. The heart symbol..
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Alex Budovsky
Last time in clerkenwell

3:55, 2007, Animation

The Bird Empire expands beyond the Earth boundaries and falls under unexpected circumstances.
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Anaâs Pélaquier
Les douches du rez de chauss&e..

8:06, 2013, Experimental

Finger plays in the dark. The title comes from a phrase in a local newspaper worrying about the presence of a place of prostitution of a nearby college. This concern was alleviated..
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Arne Nostitz Rieneck
Life: patented

1:35, 2014, Fiction

The wonder of human life, birth and procreation has a very different value in a world ruled by corporations. A journey from egg-cell to human life with a surprising end.
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Alex Hetherington
Linda fratianne

3:45, 2010, Experimental

‘Linda Fratianne’ is a multi-screen film of a devised performance, which orchestrates complex, often abrasive, materials. It is based on a story by the Austrian writer Elfriede..
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Alex Pearl
Little death 2

1:01, 2007, Video Art

The films show close ups of what he describes as ‘non-reversible state changes’: a match igniting and burning down, an aspirin dissolving in a glass, a balloon deflating. In ea..
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Alex Pearl
Little death 6

3:45, 2007, Video Art

For “little death 6” I released a balloon into a bleak industrial estate car park. Just as I stopped filming a young woman came out of one of the units for a break. Not noticin..
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Alla Poppersoni
Look at me

7:00, 2014, Video Performance

Substantial need for self recognition
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Antonio Antón
Los Gedelovskys

10:25, 2014, Experimental

SYNOPSYS: A home recordings illustrate my family history, which it’s nothing more than an amount of rubbish I never thought launch out. The family as a cell, members of the "..
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Alfredo Hisa
Make a wish

0:36, 2008, Experimental

Series "The gap of vain thoughts" The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
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Anna Preminger
Mama nostra

6:15, 2011, Narrative

Tanya wakes up from a nightmare on Saturday morning and discovers her husband has died. When her children arrive for lunch, they are so busy arguing over money and family inherita..
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Anders Weberg

2:30, 2008, Experimental

MAMO - MOTHER // by Anders Weberg duration 2.30 min / August / 2008 Video and Sound by Anders Weberg Filmed with mobile phone. ( Nokia N82 Black) Senses and memories of motherhood ..
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Asli Dinc
Man with the fiddle, motorcycl..

0:40, 2014, Video Art

Man with the fiddle, motorcycle and the lonely man; 2014 This video is about the Spleen of everyday life.
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Agnes Szelag
Man made weather part 2 (light..

5:47, 2006, Experimental

This is the second part to a longer piece named "man - made weather". at the time i was struggling with the environmental issues of working in electronic media. i became fascinated..
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Andrzej Stopa
Mary and dzidek

15:20, 2008, Fiction

A road movie married an intelligent comedy. On their successive anniversary, a mature marriage tries to sell their beloved car.
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Ana Husman

9:52, 2003, Animation

Animated video guide for a modern woman made out of four different recipes of sweet meals.
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Arya Sukapura Putra
Meta Mata

03:00, 2013, Experimental

It is a ’metaphysical sensory perception’. How the eye metaphysically blurring out the boundaries of perception between real-virtual and private-public spheres. The eye..
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Astrid Salas

11:00, 2013, Experimental

1- story Almost 700 hundreds years ago, a little Moon was born in what it is now Mexico City on Lake Texcoco (the lake of the Moon). Abandoned and left behind in a chaotic surreal ..
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Amaya Han
Mga Handuraw Sa Kahilitan

13:30, 2015, Experimental

Joy Love is a mentally-ill patient with anthropophobia, the fear of people. She is only friends with Chickie, a talking eagle stuffed toy. Although Chickie talks to her, she never ..
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Adonis Migkos
Miss you francis

1:00, 2006, Experimental

Miss you Francis is a postcard-tribute to the great Francis Bacon.
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Adam Void

1:30, 2015, Experimental

Your boy hops freight trains into the void. Sending messages with a markal, meanstreak, or a spray can. Life is forever moving forward. We have no money, please send us some, so we..
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Anne Marijne Mijs
More than words

11:46, 2007, Other

More than words is a short movie about a complex relationship between a young woman and a young man. By travelling through several layers of emotion each express their own feelings..
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Antti Savela

1:00, 2008, Video Art

My mother loved birds. my mother had feeders of all sort throughout the yard. my mother filled the feeders threetimes a day. my mother is a bird now.
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