Video artists

Alina Ozerova
My family archive

1:16, 2012, Experimental

Rethinking the past - mixing up and blanking out - happens both to individuals and states. How much fake the story should be to become credible?
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Alfredo Hisa

9:20, 2010, Experimental

In our hectic urban routine, the optimism of squeezing everything into a single day clashes directly with our inevitable delays. On the streets, individuals and its means of transp..
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Alexei Mizin

9:59, 2010, Narrative

In a decrepit Russian hospital a young boy discovers that illness is just one of the things he needs to survive.
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Adrian Regnier Chavez

8:18, 2012, Documentary

There is a Sky and its stars. There is an Earth and its bombs.
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Arijana Lekić Fridrih

29:16, 2015, Experimental

"Online" is a documentary made entirely out of found footage material from the Youtube ASMR community with the permission of the 150 Youtube users involved. Autonomous sensory meri..
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Alma Wood

3:22, 2008, Experimental

Originally an eight hour long film material shot after a long day of working on an abstract painting during a residency at the CAC in Manchester. It is an observational piece filmi..
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Adrian Regnier Chavez

8:35, 2012, Animation

Perhaps this is man and his problems.
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Alessandro Amaducci
Pagan inner

6:30, 2010, Video Art

A dance macabre celebrating the risk of life. Nothing more than the idea of the final limit makes ourselves conscious that we are living creatures. The “dance of the skeleton” ..
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Adriana Benitez
Pee blue

5:32, 2011, Experimental

Part of the \"Tish-Tish\" 2011 web-art project that builds a bridge between Youtube’s fetishistic audience and art sphere (without one being necessarily aware of the other) t..
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Anthony Antonellis
Photohop skillz

5:39, 2011, Video Art

Photoshop Skillz is lowfi video artwork which showcases the artist’s skills using Photoshop’s basic tools and filters. The work demonstrates the visibility of the "artist’s h..
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Arifa Beiso
Pink elephant

14:14, 2006, Experimental

The portrait of an aspiring Dionysian. Alone with her wine, drama and madness she resorts to the only company she knows- herself.
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Anaïs Pélaquier

1:28, 2013, Experimental

And his eyes weep blond tears. An eye crying endlessly. The flow of the past. A brilliant waterfall. As a nod also to a certain religious iconography ...
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Ana Husman

4:26, 2004, Animation

Video guide for the contemporary artist.
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Ashley Pigford

3:07, 2007, Experimental

This video simply titled, "Providence", presents the viewer with the rhythm of my footsteps as I traverse the urban landscape of Providence, Rhode Island. The relationship between ..
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Adrian Regnier Chavez

6:54, 2013, Experimental

Every name is yours.
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Alexandra Momin

2:44, 2010, Experimental

Recollection is a film that explores the idea of memory as layers of the conscious and subconscious mind. It was created by overlapping Super 8 film with negatives that were shot w..
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Alessandra Arnò
Save ours souls

2:46, 2008, Video Art

The opening main figure is a reminder of the 3-character study at the basis of Bacon’s crucifixion. Among these waiting forms enter a superior being which then gives way to a ser..
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Anders Weberg

1:00, 2010, Experimental

Video and Sound by Anders Weberg "For the first time since I started using moving images back in the S-VHS days I aimed a camera at myself. " Filmed with mobile phone and upscale..
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Alina Ozerova
Semiotics of aliveness

3:37, 2013, Experimental

Aliveness - if consider it to be a semiotic process - in other words can mean that we are ’moving images’ then (the images that we bear) in a broader sense. Individuals are bor..
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Annekathrin Wetzel
Sie heisst jetzt lotte!

15:18, 2014, Fiction

The deep friendship between Maria and her Jewish friend Lea gradually starts to break as Maria’s husband Hans goes from being a young adventurer to a high ranking SS officer. But..
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Single # double # triple

10:00, 2013, Video Art

"Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony." (Heraclitus) "The whole is other than the sum of the parts." (Kurt Koffka) "The body is a unit. An integrated..
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Adam Lenz

8:32, 2012, Experimental

We often view sloth as a purely pejorative term, but I question if sloth can really be summed up as pure laziness. Below the surface, sloth is a failure to recognize, within oursel..
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Agnieszka Wilk

3:00, 2011, Animation

One day in a clerks life. Good car, good job, good life. But it’s not enough and the clerk explodes at some moment - quiet and empty - within. Then he gets back home peacefully. ..
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Aryn Zev
Small world

6:53, 2009, Video Art

Two actual nano-scientists in bunny suits, reduced to the size of quarks, set out on a quixotic quest to measure and demystify things unseen. Lost in a landscape of neurons, they e..
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Antye Greie
Snow dust focus

1:09, 2010, Experimental

Snow Dust Focus is an audiovisual poem / experimental short film. The intention is to present a series of these multimedia works - various poems and various audiovisual realization..
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Alex Pearl
Study for the invisible girl

3:30, 2006, Video Art

All moveables of wonder, from all parts, Are here--Albinos, painted Indians, Dwarfs, The Horse of knowledge, and the learned Pig, The Stone-eater, the man that swallows fi..
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Arne Körner

10:00, 2013, Experimental

Center of the story is a vinyl pressing plant. It is the biography of a thing, this machine. She told us with every movement and every sound her own story.
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Ali Hakim
Taweez - der talismanschreiber

20:00, 2014, Fiction

Taweez tells the story of an old, lonesome talisman-writer, who earns his money with prophecy and has already lost the hope for acknowledgement in life, but suddenly finds himself ..
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Anne Marijne Mijs
The beginning

9:40, 2006, Narrative

The Beginning is my perspective on Hiphop.
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Annabel Meagher
The letter

1:48, 2007, Experimental

This video is the remaining document of an action via airmail. It presents to the public a private epistolary event between an inhabitant of Mexico City and a person in Lugo, Spain..
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Ana Husman
The market

9:32, 2006, Documentary

Market shoppers use all of their senses when trying to ascertain whether the groceries are local or imported. The privileging of local produced over imported goods is ever present ..
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Astrid Salas
The night of the soul

9:00, 2010, Experimental

The aim of my film was to explore boundaries between the tangible and the solid against sublime and subjective world of thoughts and emotions; understanding the contrast and making..
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Anthony Stephenson
The paste inside the grove beh..

5:14, 2013, Video Art

Om purifies bliss and pride (realm of the gods); Ma purifies jealousy and need for entertainment (realm of the jealous gods); Ni purifies passion and desire (human realm); Pad puri..
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Antti Savela
The pianist

3:03, 2008, Music video

Tuula pulkki is an excellent pianist who lives and works in helsinki. here she present´s ludvig van beethoven´s, "abschied vom klavier". the concert has taken place at "the museu..
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Alexei Dmitriev
The Shadow of Your Smile

3:05, 2014, Experimental

The shadow of your smile, when you are gone A teardrop kissed your lips and so did I
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Ana Rodríguez León
The spiritual machine

19:00, 2012, Video Art

An hypnotic travel to the inner part of human being and the deep mistery it keeps inside. A mistery so full of beauty and of destructive potential. Illness, understood as a possibl..
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Ann Xiao
The uncertain city

4:38, 2004, Experimental

Ann Xiao is an animation director living and working in London, originally from Beijing China. Since graduating from The University of Arts London, Ann Xiao has directed animated s..
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Annika Ivarsson
The World’s Worst Horse Girl

7:03, 2009, Documentary

When I was ten years old I loved horses more than anything else. I was the worst horsegirl in the world. A short documentary about horses, my mother, myself and Bonanza.
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Atoosa Pour Hosseini

5:00, 2011, Experimental

\"Then\" examines the mysterious world that has been embedded in memory of time and space, a virtual universe which exits somewhere between reality and dream. Images in \"Then\" pr..
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