Video artists

Alfredo Hisa
Through the window

1:10, 2009, Experimental

Series "The gap of vain thoughts" The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
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Alice Arnold
To be seen

26:40, 2005, Experimental

To be seen - a documentary on street art by Alice Arnold To Be Seen is a study of visual culture, of urban culture and an exploration of an age-old urban cultural phenomenon, stre..
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Alexei Mizin
To the beach

2:25, 2010, Narrative

On a beautiful day, a young man and woman are on their way to the beach.
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Anton Iakhontov
Tommy d series: chess

3:10, 2011, Animation

Patrick K.-H. "Tommy D" animation series: Chess (2010-2011 ev). Based at Montpelier street posters, Dewars historical visuals, found footage.
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Arthur Jeanroy
Tout dans la tete

4:25, 2013, Music video

Tout dans la tête (Meurtr’rap), a rap music video shot with a black & white Arri Alexa and a Phantom Flex in wich one can follow the night and the memories of a hitman in Paris.
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Anders Weberg
Undisclosed beauty

3:13, 2008, Experimental

English: "Just because You spit in my eyes does not mean that I have clear vision" French: "Quoi que vous me crachiez dans les yeux, je ne vois pas clairement" Spanish: "Por más..
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Anton Iakhontov
Unseeable doers

01:21, 2014, Animation

A surreal non-sence animation based at sketches, historical visuals, found footage. From "Tommy D" series (2010-nowdays)
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Alex Pearl
Untitled (song)

10:00, 2006, Video Art

I like to work quickly on suddenly apprehended ideas, and often use video as a parallel activity to drawing. Many of my shorter video pieces have a lot in common with automatic dra..
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Aditi Kulkarni
Untitled war

1:42, 2007, Video Art

The video untitled war is about the relation of space, time and individuality(human).
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Aritra Mukherjee
Vatir desher rupkatha

21:00, 2008, Documentary

A documentation about the adverse effect of global warming on Indian sundarban, a world heritage site. How the climate is changing due to global warming in that delta.
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Adam Void
Virtuous reality

2:04, 2014, Experimental

First experimental long-distance collaboration from viral artist and educator, Ryan Seslow, & manic recluse and vandal, Adam Void. Themes of digital vs material, peace vs destructi..
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Arne Körner
Vue pointe

11:00, 2014, Documentary

The biography of a place: a deserted island. A past kingdom. Everything is changing. In a close observation tells the island her own story over which has laid years ago a veil of U..
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Alfredo Hisa
Walk around

0:41, 2008, Experimental

Series "The gap of vain thoughts" The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
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Addie Wagenknecht
Webcam venus

2:41, 2013, Video Art

If asked if there is a difference between the Renaissance painting The Birth of Venus (1486) and a Playboy centerfold, most might say it’s no contest: one is art and the other po..
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Andrea Wollensak
Weir farm

3:56, 2007, Experimental

The weir farm is rich with history of site-specific landscape painting. my work at weir farm explores the landscape and grounds through digital video processing techniques that all..
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Ahram Kwon
What did happen to me the othe..

3:20, 2010, Video Art

What did happen to me the other day?, HD, 3 min 20 sec, 2010 This video exploits the aspect in which the images generated by the photocopier make the audience face the deconstru..
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Antye Greie
Window flicker

2:45, 2010, Experimental

Window Flicker is an audiovisual poem / experimental short film. The intention is to present a series of these multimedia works - various poems and various audiovisual realizations..
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Ane Lan
Woman of the world

7:00, 2008, Experimental

Staging himself as various women of the world, the artist Ane Lan raises questions of the images and ideas of ethnicity and multiculturalism within the concept of a global economy.
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Adam Lenz

8:07, 2013, Video Art

The color yellow signifies a complex set of meanings. Although it is a symbol of power, warmth, and optimism, it also conjures up feelings of caution, illness, overindulgence, and ..
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Agnese Reitano

3:00, 2015, Experimental

"I’ve got a problem. I don’t remember anymore who I am. Every labour that I do to try to exhume a memory becomes an agony. Pieces of my memories come to light, take for..
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