Video artists

Chus Domínguez
The dance of the quail. first ..

7:10, 2010, Video Art

In Jean-Luc Godard’s film "Vivre sa vie", Elena Córdoba, choreographer and dancer, heard a small dialog that talked about the nature of the hens and their soul. From that text a..
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Christian Schlaeffer
The return of john frum

7:30, 2010, Animation

John Frum, Messiah of polynesian Cargo Cults, returns as an astronaut and businessman to the postindustrial wasteland of the financial-service-economy. Together with a native, he s..
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Chris Daykin
The taming of tema’s terribl..

4:00, 2012, Experimental

A short progressive film about sensitivity, human feeling and expression. An exploration to transcend.
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Cyril Galmiche
Time out

8:50, 2014, Experimental

This video decomposes time thanks to a basic principle of desynchronization. Sportsmen’s movement dissolve into an incomplete, almost evasive, choreography. Gesture itself be..
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Cristine Brache
Totalitarian nature

3:38, 2013, Video Art

Totalitarian Nature explores surveillance in contemporary society and exhibitionism in the age of social networking, the coming of age, or the becoming of a standard feminine objec..
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Claudia Ruiz

25:00, 2006, Documentary

Trans is a 25-minute documentary about a journey by train from Moscow to Beijing. On board of the famous Trans Siberian express the film passes by the fascinating visuals of extrem..
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Colby Allen

3:17, 2011, Documentary

TREESMOKE documents the unsettling, natural beauty of desolate West Texas. Filmed in and around Marfa, Big Bend National Park, Utah, and various other western states, the film visu..
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Christopher Tevebaugh
Ultra thick!!

4:00, 2012, Experimental

A story about a dead puppy induces the director to reflect on past works. Specifically pondering video trash art and how it fits into a larger conversation of art critique and resp..
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Clara Schuhmacher
Unhinged figures

1:30, 2013, Video Art

Unhinged Figures is an epigram that recycles concepts, textures, and objects from a previous project on transitional nature of community-building and nationality. For this video, v..
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Craig Langlois

6:00, 2008, Experimental

I am... A sculptor and functional ceramicist A educator A product of suburban up bringing and middle child syndrome A person who has written scientific papers supporting the use ..
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Constantine Gras
Vinyl replay

3:39, 2011, Music video

A meditation on a vinyl record collection amassed during 1966-1993. In the studio and on location, long photographic exposures, often with a camera in motion, were used as a means..
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Clayton Flynn

9:21, 2012, Video Art

This video is second in a series of 5 created between 2008 and 2011 in collaboration with the band Cristal and their record company FSS. These are not music videos, instead I view ..
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Colby Allen
West texas

3:50, 2009, Documentary

WEST TEXAS documents the unsettling, quiet beauty of an austere, arid landscape. Filmed in and around Marfa, Fort Davis, and Pinto Canyon, the film visually explores the grace some..
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Christopher Tevebaugh

2:49, 2012, Music video

Set just before 1900 the friendship of two young boys is broken by parents because of bigotry, a concept that the boys don’t understand.
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Clint Enns
Windshield baby gameboy movie

1:47, 2009, Video Art

Images of a car crash are digitally interpreted using a nintendo gameboy camera. This video is an attempt to demonstrate the inherently dehumanized nature of video game images.
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Craig Kerrecoe
Within the weave

7:00, 2008, Video Art

The work of craig kerrecoe and esther appleyard is distinctly different yet united in the concern of exploring the essence of identity, or ‘free-will’ verses pre-destination. i..
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Coalfather Industries

2:07, 2013, Video Art

Placing, ignoring, placing, ignoring, picking, starting, never-ending.
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