Video artists

Jean Gabriel Périot
Entre chiens et loups

28:00, 2008, Fiction

A young man, looking for a job...
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Jan Goldfuß

9:18, 2011, Experimental

An experimantal narration of algorithms The spectator is confronted with a mere digital world, which is following it’s own rules. It might seem partly familiar to him, partly ali..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
Eut elle été cri..

10:00, 2006, Experimental

France, summer 1944. The public punishment of women accused of having affairs with Germans during the war...
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Ji Young Kim
Eve’s desire

5:10, 2005, Flash

Do you know Eve, who is constantly going up ’The Stair of Desire’ wearing red shoes? Here are a desire getting fatter and fatter, a dark one, a hidden one and a titanic..
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Jonathan Johnson
Explosions bring us closer tog..

1:52, 2012, Experimental

I am interested in new meanings and formal relationships that come to the surface when sound and image from various sources are re-contextualized. I consider internet, personal, fo..
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Jolene Mok

14:56, 2014, Experimental

How to document or capture the particular ’tone’ of homegrown inhabitants living in their everyday surroundings? And how to get each of them to express their own charac..
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Jay Jihyun Kim
Falling blossom

4:14, 2013, Experimental

Korean traditional dance video mixed with kaleidoscope images and various color to express Comport Women’s grief and longing in the history of World War II. During the War, many ..
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Javier Cambre
Feedback chronicles

8:42, 2008, Experimental

Feedback Chronicles exists as a single channel video and as a multichannel video installation. The feedback of a bass player seems to regulate the actions of several people, action..
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James Dooley

4:25, 2010, Video Art

A flash a clunk a scintilla a thump a coruscation a pounding an agitation a stillness a silence Feuerwerks builds a dialogue between musical pitch and visual playback ..
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Judith Made
Fitna / snel dom

0:10, 2006, Experimental

Things I see and experience in the society we live in, so of course it is linked with my life, sometimes personally sometimes how I observe my surroundings.
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Jisuk Jung
Forbidden games

4:32, 2008, Multimedia

Who are we ? where are we doing to the earth ? without growth,the planet soon decays.So what is growth? How has truth been changes by pollution? How have noise pollution, soil and ..
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Jon Carlos Evans
From new york

3:44, 2008, Documentary

A city of lights, numbers, words and sounds that never end. The greatest isolation in the midst of sensual overload . . .
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Jan Meurkens
From the inside out

01:20:00, 2006, Documentary

Deep in the Amazon of Colombia the indigenous tribes understand life with the myths of the spirits, but they are not just stories. For the tribes jaguars and anacondas do not emb..
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Joanna Wright
From train series/ banff train

2:36, 2013, Fiction

A freight train comes and goes.
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Julia Bradshaw
Fun random sounds

4:00, 2008, Video Art

The impetus: a group of free sound effects in Microsoft creative fun pack was titled ‘fun_random_sounds’. However, these sounds, are neither ‘fun’ nor particularly ‘rando..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
Gay ?

2:00, 2001, Other

"I’m gay, I’m a fag, I’m proud and I really love sex."
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Jadran Boban
Ghosts of zagreb

52:26, 2009, Documentary

This documentary is a parallel journey through the streets of modern Zagreb and a generation’s memories of its citizens whose faith and lives was determined by World War II. Five..
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Judith Made
H16 (last episode)

5:44, 2007, Video Art

An everlasting hallway where someone appears and disappears leaving behind a slightly altered hallway, probably unaware of doing so about the unawareness of the influence one ca..
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Jon Londono
Hacker hunter

35:00, 2006, Narrative

Tycoon Mogul gets ripped off by North-Korean hackers. Then hires vampire and gets his revenge.
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Jonathan Gildersleeves

5:59, 2003, Experimental

A film taken from an image, text and audio based installation. The film, which features a piglet exploring the interior of an abandoned warehouse, is one of three shown as part of ..
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Jan Willem Deiman

3:44, 2006, Experimental

havoc is an abstract video created by the editing and the distortion of several graphical elements such as grids and lines. the visual, auditive and physical experience is where th..
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Jasper Scheepbouwer

6:25, 1996, Narrative

Neighbours don’t always get along.
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Jasper Scheepbouwer
Herrie - multiple works

27:00, 2006, Narrative

All of the films of Jasper Scheepbouwer are either subtitled or without spoken words
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Jeroen Hoekstra

2:00, 2006, Animation

A short film on bacterial life resembling sexual behaviour in a bar
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Jasper Elings
Homemade popsicle

1:00, 2008, Experimental

A short film about a tasty popsicle
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Jorge Catoni
Hoy juega chile (chile play to..

0:30, 2011, Video Art

Hoy Juega Chile (Chile Play Today) 2010. Taped on "La Vega Central" (Santiago, Chile) meanwhile was developing the World Cup 2010 (Chile v/s Spain game) and almost all the country ..
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Jing Zhou
Inner shrine (digital poetry, ..

2:30, 2013, Experimental

Inspired by the poem "Journey Home" composed by the noted Indian poet, Rabindranath Tagore, combined with my writing, "Inner Shrine" reveals the emotional and spiritual journey in ..
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Jack Thurgar
Internal networkz [vol 1 : the..

25:21, 2011, Video Art

Internal Networkz is the first in a series of video documentaries exploring the capitols connecting wild corridors, such as its rivers and train lines. In this first volume, the vi..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
Intimated diary

3:00, 2001, Other

A very private moment in which the body becomes an artificial, fabricated entity. A young man is getting changed in front of a mirror. He cleans the scars on his stomach, takes out..
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Joan Harrison

1:00, 2013, Experimental

Iterations - 2013. Iterations is a one minute video exploration of the secret life of toys. It stars several handsome robots and a persistent mechanical fly. 
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Joanna Tam
I’m American (Happy 4th Edit..

17:20, 2013, Experimental

On July 4th, 2013, using the fireworks as my backdrop, I repeatedly said "I’m American" for the whole duration of the Independence Day fireworks celebration in Kingston, NY (17 m..
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José Gonçalves
I’m not a hooker, i’m a da..

2:10, 2011, Fiction

There is a prejudice installed about the body, when the body is a vehicle of expression and comunication, still remains in the general opinion that the performing arts, particularl..
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Jan Willem Van Dam
Kakaja zemlja

19:00, 2006, Narrative

1990, Leningrad, Russia, Soviet Union. Perestroika hits home and Igor Yaruskin, a fairly old fashioned painter, tries to maintain himself in turbulent times. Jan Willem van Dam (1..
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Juliette Liautaud

04:59, 2014, Experimental

An abstract poetic winter tale, reminiscences of a winter travel in czech republic as crumbs of a dream. A road through a frozen windshield opens the path of an inner dark vision f..
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Jana Bürgelin
Kuchen essen

16:00, 2014, Documentary

You have to pick the raisins out of everything! You’re born, you live, you die. The trick is to do the best out of it. The question after the sense of life imposes itself in many..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
L’art délicat de la m..

4:00, 2009, Documentary

About policemens’ sensibility
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Jean Michel Rolland
La course (the race)

3:45, 2013, Video Art

Rhythmed by the race of five horses shot in Marseille Borély, this video, tribute to Muybridge, doesn’t try to take the public into the universe of racetracks but rather t..
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Juan Rey
La montaña

6:00, 2008, Video Art

The mountain This video is a short walk up the hill Tronador one of the highest peaks in the Patagonian Andes of Argentina. The Tronador is lined with glaciers, these glaciers are ..
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Jean Michel Rolland
La noyade (the drowning)

9:23, 2012, Video Art

The shootings of this video art creation have been done in July 2012 in the port of Nice (France). Lit by a bright early afternoon light, they focus on the links that hinder boats ..
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