Video artists

Jade Heritage

8:47, 2011, Experimental

‘Laura’ is a monologue performed by an actress in a domestic setting, composed from recalled conversations. Selective memory creates a highly compressed and extreme fictional ..
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Jonas Hartung
Lausche nicht dem wasser

22:00, 2014, Fiction

“Boy” finds himself in an absurd situation. He wakes up on a little island in the middle of an open-air swimming pool, unable to remember anything. A strange sailor is his only..
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Jonathan Kelham
Leaders of men

2:47, 2010, Video Art

The Leaders Of Men considers the subjectivity of utopian philosophy and the creation of alternative worlds, narratives, dialogues and spaces with a concern for a particular sense o..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
Les barbares

5:00, 2010, Documentary

We are scum! we are barbarians!
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Jodie Mack

6:00, 2006, Experimental

Animated photo-negatives illustrate a WWII tragedy. Techniques: 2D stop motion-animation, direct animation, optical printing, color hand-processing
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Joana Roque De Pinho
Maasai voices on climate chang..

9:51, 2012, Documentary

The short film Maasai Voices on Climate Change (and other changes, too) is the innovative and collaborative creation of a group of Kenyan Maasai pastoralists. This participatory ..
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Jodie Mack
Mannequins harlequin

2:45, 2006, Animation

Mannequins Harlequin = a stroboscopic dance party!
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Jodie Mack

2:00, 2006, Experimental

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Jan Mensen

1:50, 2011, Video Art

The error message "media offline" appears on the screen, while working with the film montage-program Adobe Premiere, because that program can’t find the connection to your source..
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Jan Patrick Pineda
Memorial of an Inquiry

8:16, 2014, Experimental

Memorial of an Inquiry is loosely drawn from the account of the Tasaday tribe, a widely known state controlled hoax in the 1970s of Mindanao, Philippines. The dictatorship staged a..
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Josien Vogelaar

0:52, 2009, Animation

An interpretation of Hans Christian Andersens" tale of the Little Mermaid. The film focuses on the cruelty the mermaid has to endure to become a human being and on the question tha..
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Jan Willem Deiman

3:54, 2007, Experimental

Midplane is a diptych based on spatial shapes that rotate around the y-axis.
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Jose Cassella

14:00, 2008, Fiction

A little girl hides an evil secret that she cannot contain any longer. This secret could be the end of everyone around her.
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Jan Wouter Van Reijen
Miscellaneous films

01:20:00, 2006, Documentary

My films are about watching and the question: how can you reveal something that wasn’t visible before... How can you hand a way of looking, without (verbal) explanation.
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Jan Wouter Van Reijen
Monddood (gagged)

17:00, 2006, Other

My films are about watching and the question: how can you reveal something that wasn’t visible before... How can you hand a way of looking, without (verbal) explanation.
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Julien Taillez
Montmartre 06.03.2010

1:39, 2010, Documentary

My first hand on the EOS 550D // Canon 50mm 1.4. Music by Caro Emerald
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Jockel Liess
Multitudinous entity

10:07, 2013, Experimental

The video of ‘multitudinous entity’ is stereo recording of the live-generative audio-visual program/environment. In its structure it is non-durational, and has no clear begin..
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Johanna Thalmann

26:06, 2014, Fiction

Monika is raging. Monika is on the run. Monika is trying to escape from husband Richard. Her destination is Venice. Her partner in crime is Nema, a mute hitchhiker. Nema pushes Mon..
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Jisuk Jung
Napping goldfish

5:51, 2012, Animation

A man take a nap of working. He become his pet goldfish of dreaming. And he feels the emotion and think of the goldfish and other nature. He realize that they are complaining to p..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
Nijuman no borei

11:00, 2007, Animation

Hiroshima 1914-2006
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Josien Vogelaar

4:26, 2009, Animation

Hand drawn animation film based on the novel of Pauline Réage "Histoire d"O" (Story of O). The film was made during an exhibition at the Art Center in Amsterdam Zuidoost (Ce..
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José Pedro Lopes
O risco

2:06, 2011, Fiction

Two friends decide to experiment a special chalk they bought online. The consequences will be brutal. This short film is a mix of comedy and "splatter", and includes a magic chalk,..
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Juan Parra

4:53, 2008, Experimental

The journey of a young Odysseus who seems to discover the world as he goes forward unrelentingly towards the east that becomes west, from day to night, from the city to the desert,..
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Jen Kuang Chang

5:00, 2008, Video Art

“om, ” an universal sacred syllable in various eastern religions, is an audiovisual work to reflect the process of manifestation of thoughts and visions connected and evolved f..
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Jason Haye
On a day like this

12:00, 2013, Experimental

Inspired from the poem "The Way" which is a collection of thoughts created from 2007-2012 ephemeral facebook status in response to the Allen Ginsberg poem Five Am and the Michael S..
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Joost Lieuwma
Once upon a time in my wife

4:10, 2006, Animation

Korte animatiefilm waarin een man fantaseert over zijn denkbeeldige zoontje. Hij wil zo graag een kind hebben, dat hij wel een heel lugubere manier kiest om aan zijn wensen tegemoe..
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Judith Made

3:49, 2007, Video Art

Once it was one now it lives only half a life astopmotion animation about how we are loosing conatct with our surroundings and therefor also with ourselves
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Jef Van Der Heijden
Ongewijde aarde

01:43:10, 1967, Narrative

Because his father committed suicide, he cannot be buried in consecrated ground. Louis begs the priest for the body to be moved; but the priest refuses, stating over my dead body. ..
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Jerome Symons
Paradise regained

1:56, 2000, Video Art

The compact video’s of Jerome Symons are often critical, always poetical. With sober means he handles subjects like elections in Beirut, Indian workers in Dubai or, like here, wo..
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Johan Doesburg

12:40, 2006, Narrative

We condemn others with our own thoughts, our own dreams, fears and wishes. We contain to do more, the less we know about somebody. Wild fabrications about passengers in shopping ma..
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Jan Wouter Van Reijen

7:00, 1966, Other

My films are about watching and the question: how can you reveal something that wasn’t visible before... How can you hand a way of looking, without (verbal) explanation.
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Jessica Fenlon

7:00, 2013, Experimental

Take the data file that is a digitized 16mm stag film from the 1960’s. Alter the data. The stag film puts the viewer in the original cameraman’s place, intimate distance from ..
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Josien Vogelaar

9:24, 2010, Animation

The story of Penelope, the wife of Odysseus, is visualized by little figures made of cut out photographs of the body of the artist. The figures represent the female, male and anima..
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Joan Harrison

1:37, 2013, Experimental

Peripetetica - 2013. This is the second video in a series of videos about the secret life of toys. In this short film a frenetic mechanical toy encounters various obstacles, makes ..
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Julia Peters

20:00, 2014, Fiction

Ruth cares for her mother Hilde who is suffering from dementia. Both women are broke because the care devours every last cent. Only the approval of the ´level of care 2’ can sti..
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Jonathon Nokes
Please set the clock

2:22, 2011, Video Art

Please Set The Clock is a self-portrait through chance and error using VHS tape (torn, taped, bitten, stomped, crushed, scratched, stretched, melted). The accompanying sound design..
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Javier Villegas
Please stand by

2:42, 2011, Animation

On this animation the color bars from the SMPTE NTSC pattern change their usually passive role and became central character of the story. It is an experimentation on time coherent ..
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John Clive
Pole dance

12:00, 2012, Video Art

In his book "The Analysis of Beauty", Hogarth proposes that the serpentine line, "the Line of Beauty" is inherent in all successful works of visual art. He quotes Lamozzo, "For t..
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Jodie Gravett

2:36, 2013, Video Art

Polish An almost entirely pragmatic action and in just the haiku of time taken to feed and revitalise a surface that has lain over familiar and disregarded for too many years of i..
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