Video artists

Jerry Galle
Portrait #2

4:00, 2006, Experimental

Inventions for memory Inventions for memory consists of four separate parts. In all four pieces the film surface is treated with algorithms resulting in a painting with light. A pr..
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Jennifer Wilkey
Procedure 9

9:50, 2007, Video Art

The procedure series is a sequential series of videos that explore the experience of a hospital patient, both mentally and physically. the word procedure refers to a medical act pr..
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Josien Vogelaar

3:53, 2007, Animation

A desperate woman tries to contact her lover through mobile phone...
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Juriaan Moolhuysen
Pure nature

25:00, 2007, Experimental

Pure nature is an interactive exhibition on a journey through the continent of south america. at the exhibition visitors can explore south america’s greatest nature, culture and ..
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Jesse Bellon
Queenspark, west 33rd, lg

3:23, 2006, Experimental

The videos explore the nature of contemporary western society, juxtaposing the sights and experiences of the everyday within a single plane. I create a new superreality by collapsi..
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Juan Parra

4:33, 2006, Experimental

A trip back and forth, by the radioscope. an experimental travel across a multicultural and plastic soundscape and possible images about it.
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James Harvey
Rave against the machine

24:00, 2001, Documentary

Rave Against the Machine tells the tragic and uplifting story of a troubled group of young musicians who strove to keep their sanity during the four year siege of Sarajevo in the 1..
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Juliette Liautaud
Recuerdo de mi santuario

07:14, 2015, Experimental

An abstract enigmatic journey in the mountains of Roquebrune, shot in super8, playing with the imperfections of the film to reveal its materiality, following an improvisation of pr..
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Joe Stevens
Reinventing the landscape

5:00, 2012, Experimental

Reinventing the Landscape is a GPS-triggered work that investigates the landscape by capturing a description of a walk using an abstract visual language. Utilising GPS recorded w..
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José Gonçalves
Reject my body

3:02, 2011, Fiction

It’s about the desire to be another and rejecting the body that doesn’t reflect the true identity.
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Judith Van Der Made
Robotic me

4:12, 2011, Music video

Shot in the berlin subway, a non-budget, sci-fi music video about alienation...or maybye about aliens.. who knows ??? ----------------------------------------------------- ’..
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João Ricardo
Roger 71 08

27:14, 2008, Experimental

"Roger 71-08" is a tribute to a late friend, responsible for bringing us (hugo olim and joão ricardo) together as the a/v duo pygar. Ironically, our friend never saw us perform li..
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Jonathan Moss

2:38, 2007, Experimental

A place between the Mediterranean and the mountains, just a few miles from Perpignan, on the edge of a motorway. A place left to remind us of the Holocaust. From this camp in Rives..
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Jean Michel Rolland
Running water

6:52, 2012, Video Art

Access to piped water is a universal problem, felt differently whether you live in temperate places as in Paris where the shootings of this video have been taken, or in more arid o..
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Jasper Elings
Same old story

0:00, 2011, Animation

Short videoloop with 2 businessman and 12 doors
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Jorn Ebner
Sans femme et sans aviateur

6:00, 2008, Flash

A browser-based work, that was inspired by eric rohmer’s film “the aviator’s wife”. it depicts contemporary paris, happened upon following the main locations of the movie. ..
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Jesse Bellon
Santa fe + lg zanzibar + river..

3:00, 2007, Video Art

Bellon’s video work addresses themes of urban space, and its affects on the subject “through mimicking the jarring, repetitive, and fragmented nature of ’postmodern’ societ..
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Jaesuk Huh
Savina&dronzes - stay

4:38, 2013, Music video

Memory is like a stroke made by brush. Countless touches create new memories and those blended memories build a person. “Stay”, music video by Savannah and Dronz, portraye..
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Josien Vogelaar
Selene & endymion

2:01, 2009, Animation

Mural drawings in stop motion technique. A classic story of the moon goddess Selene who is enchanted by a sleeping young man called Endymion.
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Jorge Rubio
Shanghai express

1:36, 2009, Experimental

Platform 13, from Design Products Master Course in Royal College of Art, London, made a trip to Shanghai in 2009, in order to understand a little bit more about chinese culture.
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Jasper Elings
Sharing a beautiful sunset

1:12, 2009, Experimental

Sharing a beautiful sunset, a video composed with shared sunsetphoto"s found with google image search
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James Harvey

11:00, 2005, Narrative

A Taxi driver is confronted be a passenger and his past comes back to haunt him.
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Jerome Symons
Silk road

1:42, 2007, Video Art

The compact video-s of Jerome Symons are often critical, always poetical. With sober means he handles subjects like elections in Beirut, Indian workers in Dubai or, like here, wome..
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Joshua Vettivelu
Small pulls

2:23, 2013, Experimental

There was a pull that made landscapes out of my body. My desire became embedded in the shore. [[Small Pulls]] is a video that explores the desires, longings and pulls that play ou..
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Jon Carlos Evans

8:07, 2008, Narrative

When a man"s wife finally leaves him, he tries to function normally in the home they once shared, but is haunted by loneliness and memories of her. music by nine inch nails used a..
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Jay Forsyth
So fucking blues

3:02, 2012, Experimental

Death desensitized.
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Jean Michel Rolland
Son et lumiere

4:18, 2013, Video Art

Audiovisual experimentation on the sound and light generated by an arc welding station.
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Jan Wouter Van Reijen
Spontaneous combustion of gran..

10:00, 1991, Other

Stratified short film in which the projectionist is not the only voyeur.
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Judith Made

2:56, 2011, Fiction

An alien goes sunbathing in da parc & leaves behind her karaokemachine, it turns out the machine has enchanting powers and makes people dance & sing.... but not without consequence..
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Joshua Martin
Struggles in opposition

45:03, 2012, Narrative

“Struggles in Opposition” is a film about both the need for individual intellectual growth and cinematic innovation. Utilizing highly stylized cinematic lighting, Brechtian ali..
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Johnny Amore

3:59, 2008, Documentary

There are many ways to become something uncommon. This is the story of Johnny Amore and how his life changes. Probably Magic!
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José Pedro Lopes

9:00, 2011, Fiction

A man wakes up with a bag in his head and a rope around his neck. He is standing on a chair in a very dangerous position, where a big movement would leave him hanged. Left alone in..
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Jean Michel Rolland
Techno tools

5:46, 2011, Video Art

Confrontation of the movements and sounds of six tools (saw, drill, hammer, chisel, sand paper and stapler). The absence of any message or any desire of narration gives free rein t..
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Jorge Garcia
The beast

5:20, 2009, Video Art

Sometimes with human features, others with mechanical ones, the beast is a shapeless creature of the depth, that sleeps in the subsoil of Paris (France) and threatens to destroy th..
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Joseph Medaglia
The body of others

5:40, 2013, Experimental

The body of Others engages the tensions between human/animal, interior/exterior, birth/death, and individual/other. In the film, the body is unstable and drifts over itself into sp..
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Joon Sung
The day a pig fell into the we..

4:00, 2007, Animation

One monotonous and tedious day, a pig fell into a well. People gathered around to witness this peculiar event, however disappointedly the pig already disappeared into the water and..
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Jean Michel Rolland
The deadman show

6:43, 2012, Video Art

Evocation of the tripartite relationship between the image, its screening and its reception. The minimalist acting of these three players focuses on the relationship itself, taken ..
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Javier Villegas
The fitting dance

2:10, 2009, Animation

“The fitting dance” is a figurative computer animation piece that explores the narrative possibilities of analysis-synthesis techniques over video signals. The animation is bui..
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Jol Thomson
The future primitive

6:36, 2009, Experimental

Simultaneously a video exploring human relationships to technology and nature, this pseudo-science fiction is also a partial documentary, which takes its footage from a night-perfo..
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