Video artists

Johanna Bruckner
The gestural abject

5:00, 2009, Video Art

The Gestical Abject: Myspacedotcom. Homage to Cindy Sherman. 2009 Video, 4"55, 4:3 Johanna Bruckner produced in the course of a special invitation to the 10th Contemporary Art Fes..
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Juan Alcazaren
The leviathan

5:19, 2008, Experimental

THE LEVIATHAN recounts fictionalized events of the director's visitations to the city of Manila as a child. In the film, the director, together with his father and sister, freq..
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Jaap Mees
The primrose place

10:00, 2006, Narrative

The Primrose Place is an adaptation of a short story by H.E.Bates. A country woman and a stranger meet in No Man’s Orchard in Kent.
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Jean Michel Rolland
The puck

6:03, 2014, Video Art

Through this artistic video, I want to deliver a very personal vision of ice hockey where grace and violence come together for better or for worse around a puck which is the obviou..
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Jakub Stachecki
The void

6:00, 2008, Animation

A short animated story about searching for fulfilment.
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José Pedro Lopes
To every captive soul

4:44, 2012, Fiction

When a woman goes missing on Carnival night her soul becomes an emotional kaleidoscope, haunted by the past, cornered by the Douro River and the Atlantic Ocean. A short film made ..
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Judith Made
To seek some to eat from

2:34, 2007, Animation

A man alone in his big house trying to hide from whom? a stopmotion animation for the noisy 3-some ghiu from the hague the underlying subject is the one of the growing indidualis..
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John Blake
Tonge compilation

40:00, 1975, Experimental

‘Between 1969 and ± 1975, I made several works utilising 16mm film, which I conceived as ‘installations’ -although just then that term was not current*- as they were works ..
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Jorinna Scherler

1:33, 2010, Experimental

Based on an excerpt from Dantes Divine Comedy, Paradiso/Canto II: It seemed to me a cloud encompassed us,
 Luminous, dense, consolidate and bright
 As adamant on whi..
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Jean Paul Gomez

2:25, 2013, Video Art

My work references the physical and social conditions we live in. These conditions have produced an array of contradictions that I employ to create spaces between the two, ranging ..
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Jean Michel Rolland
Training doors

5:53, 2011, Video Art

Experimentation on a few different sounds generated by doors, put in relation with the passage of a train. All along the video, the more and more altered sounds respond to the chro..
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Javier Villegas
Triangles and cats

1:54, 2010, Animation

Triangles and cats is a short animation that uses triangles as narrative elements and cats as inspirational objects. It is an exploration in sound and image between the abstract, t..
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Jonathan Spencer
Triathlon pt2 v03: an audiovis..

2:02, 2011, Video Art

This audiovisual piece was made as a result of reading about the Triathlon. The structure of three radically different stages within one event is both intriguing and attractive (mo..
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Jodie Mack
Two hundred feet

2:30, 2006, Experimental

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Juan Alcazaren

3:29, 2008, Experimental

ULTRA explores the feeling of want and desire of the modern teenager. ULTRA focuses on the exploits of a plump boy in his mid twenties and the severe pressure and exercise he puts ..
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Jerelyn Hanrahan
Un poco mas

2:40, 2010, Experimental

Jerelyn Hanrahan is an internationally accomplished artist, professor and curator. Her two and three-dimensional, public sculpture, museum and gallery installations, video and digi..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
Under twilight

5:00, 2006, Experimental

Beauty and/or Destruction
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Jean Gabriel Périot

10:00, 2004, Experimental

Today’s been sad. Tomorrow won’t get any better. Let’s un-do it all over again.
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Jessica Fenlon

6:36, 2013, Experimental

Animation built of 4,000+ decayed and degraded images of handguns. Audio collaged of samples from popular films whose narratives prominently feature guns. Ive been making art that,..
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José Gonçalves

3:04, 2012, Video Art

When an ant attacks another, observed by the sky.
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Jee Song

7:15, 2014, Video Art

In the film, a mirror reflected apartment, and cover it with cheap and colourful bubble gum. This film, representing invisible, and the moment of disappearing. As, the life have ch..
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Jodie Mack
Untitled r

3:00, 2006, Experimental

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Jorge Garcia
User’s guide

4:32, 2013, Fiction

A youth buys a plant every time he meets somebody new because maybe he can become a friend or something more. An intimate videoportrait narrated as a game, between innocence and mi..
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Johannes Gierlinger
Vision of traces

1:09, 2012, Experimental

Vision of traces is a secondary project which resulted from a previous attempt of removing the surface of found footage filmstrip on to paper with the aid of chemicals. The visible..
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Jim Nestor
Vulcan de masaya

11:51, 2010, Experimental

The video Vulcan de Masaya was a documentation of a performance by Nestor at the Mouth of Hell. Masaya is an active volcano in central Nicaragua. In earlier times this volcano was ..
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Jisuk Jung
Waiting and palpitating

4:17, 2010, Music video

This movie is talking about sympathy of a musician who has left her hometown.
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Joe Hambleton
Walking through sequence

3:45, 2006, Video Art

My video explores time in temporal human experience, and how it affects our perceptions and feelings. Through images of mundane everyday events such as walking through a building, ..
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Jan Nuenen
Warning, petroleum pipeline

4:40, 2006, Experimental

A desolate desert landscape is slowly transforming into a futuristic industrialized world. Indefinable machines are branching off into more complex mechanisms producing an industri..
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Jean Gabriel Périot
We are winning dont forget

7:00, 2005, Experimental

We are many We are uniforms We smile in the picture But We are NOT happy
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Jin Woo Park
What can be shown, cannot be s..

7:00, 2012, Video Art

What can be shown cannot be said. Divide things can be shown and cannot be shown Neither of them are related to each other or is more important, or mean something. But rather, an ..
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Joris Dommels
What happens? / un(h)armed

0:55, 2006, Experimental

All is not what it seems...
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Jonathan Franco
When i let go

25:00, 2006, Video Art

A day at the beach Once when I was a child my mother took me to the beach for the first time. I have a defective eye condition since childhood that obstructs me from seeing the wor..
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Jack Thurgar
Winter solstice ritual 2010 / ..

25:21, 2010, Video Art

If you are reading this, it means you have found or stumbled upon extremely rare footage of something very wonderful. The footage is from an event captured live on my computer at ..
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Jorn Ebner

7:45, 2010, Video Art

Synopsis: Filmed in Winterbourne Steepleton, this work was inspired by the beautiful setting of this village, with its stream running through. The camera focuses on the surface of..
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Jim Finn

2:45, 2005, Experimental

Jim Finn from Chicago makes videos about small animals, communism, love, and the disease-like spread of world capitalism. His house is a kind of MGM lot for experimental animal vid..
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Jon Monaghan
Your uncertain spirit

6:15, 2008, Animation

Your uncertain spirit is a single channel computer animated work based off Madonna and Child and penitent Mary Magdalene Christian religious imagery. I tried to transform these uni..
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