Video artists

Libia Lazcano

6:10, 2010, Experimental

Short experimental film made with 8mm footage, letters, notes and pictures I have collected. Essay about memory and the construction and reconstruction of history. This is a story..
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Liesbeth Verhoeven
My last party

7:01, 2007, Experimental

One of the alter egos of Liesbeth Verhoeven is Zilli Frish, a busy, stressed manager that has put herself this goal: coming to the core of her business and herself. She’s doing t..
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Laszlo Csernatony Lukacs
Nancy Brücke: Television ..

58, 2015, Experimental

Nancy Brücke is an Experimental Space Music Group that reflects the feelings of urban life with visual and acoustic effects. It was started in 2011 by Viktória Traub (m..
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Lennart Ruff

37:51, 2014, Fiction

Christian Lukas, 22, is on the run. He took part in a drug study and together with his girlfriend Anna discovered the death of a fellow participant. However instead of investigatin..
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Luis Zubieta
Norma jeane is marilyn

3:45, 2011, Video Art

Marilyn Monroe was the unfortunate yet radiant wrapper Norma Jeane Mortenson, a necessary disguise that hid demons and nightmares to fill the screen of dreams and fantasies, illusi..
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Lucie Eidenbenz

2:45, 2010, Experimental

O is a snowy planet where life appears and disappears in an uncanny way, following cosmic movements and mysterious laws. It’s a white land where meteors die in the middle of pear..
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Lucas Sa
Os grilos do sul gritam aurora..

2:25, 2012, Experimental

The crickets sing, and a drop of blood falls.
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Lia Chavez

4:09, 2006, Video Art

Filmed in London’s Piccadilly Circus, this silent video depicts the deconstruction of capitalist icons by fragmenting familiar symbols and logos and reassembling them in a chaoti..
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Liang Shuo
Physical material study (light..

1:00, 2006, Video Art

This Movie contains 3 real life episodes of the life of a Young man: in his room waiting, drinking, smoking, doing nothing and everything. Fifteen minutes precise slow motion acti..
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Lemeh Fortytwo
Possible cities

30:00, 2009, Animation

Possible Cities is a DVD composed by 26 short animations. Each animation lasts 60"" and corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. The Possible Cities cannot be recognizable, we have..
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Leigh Dehaney
Prvni a poslednii

10:00, 2010, Experimental

TOPHAT is drawn towards a familiar place, or so it seems, and ponders about new memories. Sifting through artifacts from former lives remains a roll of film. "Perhaps?" TOPHAT wond..
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Larisa David
Re action

01:30:00, 2012, Video Art

Several Space and Time fragments are put together to form a global vision of a whole determined by the sum of actions/ reactions of its pieces.
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Lynn Cazabon

2:55, 2006, Video Art

Reel is a digital video about film and its obsolescence as a representational technology.
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Laurent Gutierrez

24:18, 2010, Experimental

RUNSCAPE is a political response to the current privatization and militarization of our cities. When running remain the only unbounded space in the urban field, a young man is cons..
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Lira Kay
See you tomorrow

4:08, 2010, Experimental

’See You Tomorrow’ is a video and sound installation, it is a study of artistic experience. I look at the artistic process as a jumping from one reality to another. The film w..
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Luca Acito
Shit world

1:52, 2007, Animation

A strange god creates his world to be happy!
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Luka Klapan
Shucking corn with us

09:50, 2014, Documentary

In Hruševec Kupljenski, a small village, which is about twenty miles northwest of Zagreb, operates folklore society of the same name, led by Stjepan Đurinski. Every year, the..
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Lin Li
Silence, when i enter it, is g..

4:00, 2013, Video Art

A meditative soundtrack accompanies sequences of still photos which create an impression of movement and continuity. At the border between illusion and reality, the images and soun..
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Lin Li
So near, so far

4:33, 2012, Video Art

Water in nature has a mystical quality which is comforting to some people but unsettling to others. This video seeks to evoke such a quality through an inter-modality alchemy of vo..
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Laurent Pernot
Still alives

2:34, 2006, Video Art

This project, by linking the languages of animation and video compositing, puts in dynamic report a series of old and more recent photographic images, and from various sources (Hun..
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Luca Acito
Stone wings - immobile con le ..

3:58, 2008, Fiction

"i travelled the world looking for beauty i did it for her, for her stone wings i only know that she is sad her eyes have lost the will to see because it is impossible to fin..
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Léopoldine Roux

4:31, 2008, Experimental

With Pink Fountains, the big sweating colours, painting with birds, paintings for the sky... Léopoldine Roux is acting like Alice in Wonderland, colours are sweating from he..
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Lemeh Fortytwo
Study on human form and humani..

2:00, 2008, Video Art

This work has been first shot as a video performance on a theater stage, then it has been edited digitally. the title in fact refers to both the two phases of the work. as a record..
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Leslie Supnet
Sun moon stars rain

3:20, 2009, Experimental

Sun moon stars rain is a psychedelic visual elegy, lamenting the death of mother nature’s children.
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La Cause
Take off

2:45, 2009, Experimental

A broken crash test dummy falls in a dark dump. Mysteriously, dump elements of metals, woods ands fabrics moves slowly and fits to the crash test dummy. He’s now rebuilt and he..
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Lucia Jeesun Lee
Terrain in between

1:00, 2014, Experimental

I find myself constantly moving between two extremes in many aspects in my life, as an universal nature of balancing myself. I am interested in rhythms found in our bodily action a..
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Leon Reid Iv
The kiss install video

8:54, 2013, Experimental

The video submitted contains footage of a speech made by Leon Reid IV on December 23, 2008 at Feralmade gallery in Cincinnati, OH. The video covers Reids development as a graffiti ..
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Leevi Lemmetty
The last job

14:51, 2012, Narrative

Rob, a lonely assassin, is on his way to his last hit. The road leads him to a secluded cabin in the middle of the forest. Under the midnight sun Rob finds himself, quite literally..
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Lilian Chan
The proposal

3:16, 2010, Experimental

Animated by Lilian Chan Music "Sing Sing Sing" by Benny Goodman
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Louise Todd
The search

12:04, 2011, Video Art

"The Search" utilises performativity as I excavate the earth, focusing on the process of perpetual searching. Filtering through the earth by means of frantic and urgent actions, "..
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Lior Sagi
Tozeret bait / homemade

18:00, 2013, Narrative

Ahuva’s son, a kibbutznik from the south of Israel, is arrested on suspicion of rape of a minor. Ahuva is convinced that he is innocent and commits to clearing her son’s name d..
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Luca Libertino
Twilight code

16:40, 2007, Narrative

Packed products’ labels lie, and being awake is just a kind of a less naÏve sleep. Tv images are just fear lessons we have to learn on some far off stranger’s skin. A perm..
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Leonardo Re

9:56, 2014, Fiction

Wasser explores various stages of a man’s apathy. Unable to see or perceive his wife, he associates her missing with water. To remind himself of her and in an attempt to avoid hi..
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Lisa Hutton
Wings & things

1:00, 2005, Experimental

The video submitted here is from the series, "actions (after lewitt, baldessari, and kaprow)." inspired by the conceptual activities of these artists, this project considers the ma..
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