Video artists

Matthew Wenham
Cambodia"s forgotten children

30:00, 2006, Documentary

Between 1975 and 1979 the Khmer Rouge devastated Cambodia in what is now considered to have been one of the worst humanitarian disasters of the 20th century. More than 30 years lat..
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Muriel Montini
Chambres(ou chagrin)

25:00, 2007, Experimental

In a hotel room , a woman sleeps, smokes cigarettes and sometimes starts a dialogue. But there is no answer. In a hotel room...
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Marlena Novak

3:03, 2011, Other

Having enjoyed buying and preparing fresh local foods for many years, we were pleased to see the slow food and locavore movements finally evolving in U.S. cities, such as Chicago. ..
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Martynka Wawrzyniak

9:22, 2013, Experimental

Chocolate, 2010 is a 9:22 minute video documenting a performance in which 16 gallons of chocolate syrup were poured over the artists face, slowly submerging her. 
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Mihai Grecu

5:56, 2008, Video Art

Absence, presence and aquatic distortions in this choreography of fluids, mysterious forces twist the physical laws and affect the behaviour of living beings in purified spaces.
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Mladen Stropnik

0:24, 2012, Video Art

My concept / idea is that there is no time and no space. The main thing of all is an idea. Everything else depends on how mouch money you got. So I try to be as economical and ecol..
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Myriam Thyes
Congo - belgium, from the seri..

1:00, 2005, Video Art

The huge Congo (ex-Zaire) is naturally very rich with rain forest and minerals (copper, diamonds, cobalt, uranium, gold and more). For more than hundred years, this wealth has been..
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Mauricio Rivera Henao

3:21, 2012, Animation

Corresponding is an animation that relates the written language, sound and graphics from the analogy between human and animal, which represents cultural paradigms liberating action..
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Margarita Novikova

10:00, 2013, Experimental

This live sequence was filmed on a long travolator interchange at Châtelet metro station in Paris. It resulted in a sort of a "foot made" loop (that was, in fact, the initial..
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Martin Perring

2:47, 2013, Video Art

Due to the advent of new online technology we are no longer just consumers but have also become what is being consumed. In exchange for free services we have become the product. Th..
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Marianna O’reilly

48:36, 2009, Experimental

In January 2009, the videomakers Marianna Magurudumova and Danila Antonov disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Deerpark presents their final two films Delivery and Blackmail..
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Marcantonio Lunardi

2:53, 2012, Video Art

Default is a work of art on the disillusionment of a system which has reached a turning point. A man, alone, sits among the ruins of an abandoned factory in front of a phone. His h..
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Margarita Kouvatsou
Demon no.1

4:30, 2006, Experimental

What happens when you see the world around you unwind with a different rhythm than that of your own? Sometimes an active protagonist and others a simple observer, sometimes synchro..
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Moby Longinotto

7:00, 2004, Documentary

Dimitri is a Russian boy in an English prison. He is being released today, but he’s got nowhere to live...
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Mrmrs Gray
Disconnected from reality

7:17, 2013, Video Art

We are Mr.&Mrs.Gray (aka Jeroen van der Linde and Carmen Hutting), an artist duo from the Netherlands. Our current obsession is constructing paper boats from old magazines and card..
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Martin Christopher Bode
Eine gute geschichte

20:00, 2013, Fiction

When Helga Landowsky discovers the broken jug in an antiques store near the German/Polish border, she wants to have it at any cost. But the old lady has reckoned without Jakub Lato..
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Markus Wende

1:21, 2013, Animation

"I just want sex!" says Tanja to Benjamin.
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Mark Gerstorfer

29:51, 2014, Fiction

ANDREAS loves filming anything that will come in front of his camera lens. He especially takes joy in shooting videos, in which he and his friends CLEMENS and DINA pretend to kill ..
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Mário Rui Silva

20:01, 2013, Documentary

Eucharist is a celebration in memory of the death and resurrection of Christ. Every week there are several celebrations of Masses in the Parish of Anta. It’s important to underst..
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Matthew Berka
Event i (booth)

3:33, 2013, Video Art

Event I (booth) was shot on super 8mm and transferred to HD video. This collaborative audiovisual piece is a nocturnal portrait of place. Part of an ongoing series, the work was sh..
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Michael Brynntrup
Face it! (cast your self™)

4:00, 2007, Experimental

Images from the private sphere of the world wide web. "The video has been removed due to its inappropriate nature". (Sat, 03. Mar 2007 14:06:25 -0800, YouTube | Broadcast Yourself..
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Manuela Conti
Familie coco

2:14, 2008, Experimental

From the dusty shelves of a flea-market, a box of old slides reappears; anonymous family images recompose in a story; an intense, sensual and crazy party from the shadows of a past..
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Malika Whitaker
Fear me not

4:10, 2010, Animation

Stages of the "fear of commitment" in a relationship. The process from its discovery to overcoming the symptoms of it and gain freedom/happiness.
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Marina Taleb

4:34, 2013, Video Art

« With relief, with humiliation, with terror he understood that he too was a mere appearance, dreamt by another. » Borges - Fictions - FICTIONS travels the conflictua..
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Midi Onodera
Fish tales

1:04, 2009, Experimental

Movie of the Week 2009 Originally posted on June 1st SYNOPSIS: Even a fish has a BFF.
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Marija Griniuk

2:50, 2013, Video Art

Flowers (Lithuania-Denmark) Marija Griniuk, 2.5 mins, DV, 2011
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Montserrat Rodríguez
Fragmentos de observación

3:00, 2011, Video Art

El ciclo del tiempo. Todo se repite una y otra vez, como un recuerdo, como si me observara a mi misma de lejos. Según me miro mis acciones pueden parecerme reiterativas o pueden p..
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Marit Shalem
Frozen hope

13:03, 2013, Experimental

A former cleaner is reconstructing the last episode of her life. She does this in a frozen condition from within a cold-store. In fragments of memorizing, according to the track of..
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Mayye Zayed
Girls’ talk

4:10, 2010, Fiction

Friendship can find its way in the weirdest places... when two teenage girls who are completely strangers communicate on the door of a bathroom stall in their high school. This fil..
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Myriam Thyes
Global vulva

6:40, 2009, Animation

The animation Global Vulva connects female figures and vulva symbols from different times, countries and cultures, while they morph into each other - the cultural meaning of the fe..
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Michaela Pavlatova

4:00, 2006, Animation

Film: Graveyard deals with unlucky events which cause death. I am very much for dark humor and irony. This film is very “incorrect” which was a lot of fun for me.
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Meike Redeker
Here is where i long to be, al..

8:50, 2014, Experimental

What does it mean to live in a world that is densely and relentlessly populated by images? In the short film, hier will ich da sein, auch in und neben den bildern, we journey with ..
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Mauri Lehtonen
Hot brain intrusion

4:03, 2013, Experimental

Rebel Federation hijacks all official brain broadcasting channels and supersedes transmissions with low-bitrate adult entertainment, spiced up with digital hieroglyphs containing t..
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Margarida Sardinha
Hyperlightness ad absurdum

25:10, 2011, Experimental

HyperLightness ad absurdum is a short film experimental animation where one sees several geometrical forms rotating when in fact there’s only one (if you stop the animation you..
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Meghdad Asadilari

3:07, 2011, Animation

A short animation about a normal day of a hyper active remote control’s life.
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Melissa Grey
I have forgotten

2:01, 2009, Fiction

The narration is compiled from the google search "I have forgotten." The tree was photographed by Robert Kirkbride everyday for a year.
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Martyn Blundell
I made

4:27, 2011, Video Art

1 girl, 2 years, 3 voices
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Mores Mcwreath
Identity tourist

3:00, 2014, Video Art

Race is an immense, complex, and sensitive topic that still embroils the American public and defines its history. Despite the fact that I think about racial issues on a regular bas..
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Michael Branson Smith
If i could just reach my utili..

0:55, 2013, Experimental

There’s always an alternate ending possible when you’re the Super Friends.
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