Video artists

Manon Bovenkerk

5:30, 2006, Animation

OCNOPHILIA is a visceral ghost story about physicality, the need for contact and the infection in which this needs results. The desolation that the protagonists experience is mirro..
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Martijn Smits
Off road

10:17, 2010, Fiction

A black comedy about a paranoid driver gets into an argument with his navigational device..
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Morehshin Allahyari
Over there is over here

5:43, 2010, Animation

Over There Is Over Here explores the dialectics of time, space, real and unreal to define and critique the position of those who have left Iran in the last 4-5 years in relation to..
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Marco Schmitt
Panopticonthera subobscura

17:00, 2014, Fiction

Through a spiritual ritual, a shaman calls a flying drone, It arrives from the sun and becomes a spiritual tool of the shaman. It flies away, over the octagonally-planned residenti..
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Margherita Premuroso
Paper plane

1:08, 2010, Experimental

Thanks to creativity and talent, Tim manages to make his dream come true and fly through a starry night sky... The story is set in his secret treehouse where he frees imagination a..
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Maxim Zhestkov
Personal project

1:35, 2007, Experimental

Maxim Zhestkov. Resides in Ulyanovsk city, Russia. Obsessed by сontemporary art, illustration, design, sculptures and cg graphics.
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Mauri Lehtonen
Physical examination

3:25, 2012, Experimental

Homage to Owen Land. Physical Examination is a short structural film that shows viewers the elements of film stock that usually cannot be seen during movie projection, like sprocke..
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Mark Zuniga

1:36, 2010, Experimental

An attempt at tracing my steps, trying to understand where I have been and the distance that separates myself from my former self.
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Masoud Ghodsieh
Pink cloud

7:30, 2008, Animation

Story about an old lady and her baby...
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Michael Frei
Plug & play

6:00, 2013, Animation

Anthropoid creatures with plugs in place of heads are up to mischief. Instead of abandoning oneself to the dictates of the raised finger, they soon submit to themselves. But the fi..
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Massimo Premuda

2:46, 2008, Experimental

Popcorning of Massimo Premuda is a unique staging. The difference with previous projects is mainly that instead of toys or objects trouvées, a living being on this occasion..
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Marco Gadge
Prinzip mensch

10:00, 2014, Fiction

The beauty of autumn has arrived in full force once again. Out in the retirement home garden, Hans is enjoying the last rays of sunshine with his son, Peter. Hans is happy with his..
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Michael Gaddini

9:45, 2014, Video Art

Try to think of all the times that seeing a movie or looking at a picture, hearing the music, or simply listening to the calls of nature, something without explanation, suddenly, y..
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Martyna Starosta
Pyromaniac exercises

10:30, 2009, Fiction

PYROMANIAC EXERCISES is a funny-hysterical fairy-tale about power, impotence and terror. It’s about the ability to connect pyromany with telepathy in order to put multination..
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Micah Hahn
Ralph and the cat

3:00, 2011, Documentary

Ralph recalls an experience with a cat that he had when he was a child in the US’s Great Depression.
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Milica Rakic
Red star

2:49, 2009, Experimental

In the work of Milica Rakic the emphasis put on creating a subjective gender self-representation is moved to a broader socio-political context. By using visual and audio archive to..
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Meghdad Asadilari

1:49, 2011, Animation

CPR - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. This animation is designed to promote Shiraz Clinical Skill Lab for the medical students.
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Mk Yurttas.

1:30, 2014, Video Art

Rhodesia is on queer versatility and how identity politics manipulate this versatility by making all the differences look like the same. It’s a video loop of appropriation im..
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Marta Muñoz
Riyaz master project (trailer)

4:15, 2007, Music video

The RIYAZ MASTER PROJECT is an experimental non-narrative road movie filmed in India inspired by the cultural, economic and spiritual context that we discovered on our voyage . Th..
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Marieke Noort
Ruis - de grote ontspanning

0:30, 2006, Experimental

Daily life. I isolate the elements of it and compose again.
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Marios Athanasiou

12:00, 2012, Experimental

Rush is a time-lapse phonography piece where I recorded twelve hours of my life with a set of binaural microphones and then time compressed them to twelve minutes. Animation by Chr..
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Mark Zuniga

7:19, 2006, Experimental

A room fit to be called a closet. Walls painted black and adorned with exposure charts. Notebooks of previous tenants can be found on the table at the end of the room. Wonderful di..
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Marcus Hanisch
Schwarzatmen / breathe dodgin

15:03, 2012, Narrative

In a futuristic totalitarian state in which all the people are cooped up under a glass dome, a man searches for the apparent truth about the outside world and thus fulfills his des..
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Margarita Novikova

15:32, 2013, Experimental

Seasicknesses Video, 15 min. 32 sec., 16:9, sound, colour, English subtitles, 2013. Https:// Filmed during one-month fake expedition in the Pacific Ocean with Ru..
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Melissa Grey
Self portrait

4:08, 2005, Animation

Self Portrait is composed of one photograph presented 360 times, each iteration rotated one degree clockwise. The narration, following the tone of Proust’s questionnaire, is a se..
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Morgen Christie

4:02, 2011, Video Art

Sightseeing explores the cityscape and its inhabitants through a composition of color and sound. The video is graphically abstracted to match any industrialized urban area - while ..
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Michael Ebert
Silent stay

9:30, 2007, Fiction

A young person returns to a house in the countryside to spend the weekend on his own. through patience, connecting cables and a swing he seems to discover a long lost part of himse..
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MaX Dali
Smokers and non believers

8:00, 2006, Narrative

Motions have passed. Legislation has been made. Emigration has gone by. The world has been divided into three areas: Smokers Area, Non-Smokers Area and Neutral Area Only in Neutral..
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Marc Boumeester
Soft city

10:00, 2006, Experimental

Film on music about the interhuman relations in a Megacity (Tokyo)
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My Anh Hang
Somewhere To Disappear

3:00, 2015, Experimental

Driven by a dream, a strange being leaves his home and begins a lonely journey without knowing what he is looking for, until he is suddenly confronted by someone familiar to him.
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Marek Cichy

9:00, 2011, Narrative

Stadium tells with a suggestive image, a thrilling sound and a rare characterization a story of every of us in a little predictable way.
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Michail Agrafiotis
Stealing a race

12:00, 2007, Narrative

Marquis takes pride in breaking of car-alarms. He steals the cars, with his mate Axe; they do the race and just abandon the cars. They don’t remove or destroy something in them. ..
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Marko Ubovic

17:22, 2013, Experimental

In Search for Recollection or about "Stitching" by Marko Ubovic Memory is a mental journey through time and a type of release for past events. Considering the impact of memory on o..
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Marlijn Franken
Surprise in amsterdam red ligh..

6:38, 2012, Narrative

Duet of a little musicboat and the carillon of an old church tower. Biking along an Amsterdam canal I heard a trumpet playing, which is not so strange in a big city. But...the trum..
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Matthieu Cherubini

3:47, 2009, Video Art

The idea of this work was to do a video without any pre-ideas/stories/guidelines/..., the only “data” allowed was the song Sweet composed by Alessandro Ratoci. Whole visual par..
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Mark Zuniga

19:49, 2007, Fiction

You have to begin to lose your memory, if only in bits and pieces, to realise that memory is what makes our lives. Life without memory is no life at all . . . Our memory is our coh..
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Miguel Andrés

4:49, 2014, Video Art

Every system requires a set of established basis that supports it and prevents its collapse. Definitely the socioeconomic system that shelters humans is not exempt from these rules..
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My Anh Hang
The children of the atomic age

4:25, 2012, Video Art

"AS A BODY EVERYONE IS SINGLE, AS A SOUL NEVER" - Hermann Hesse The video contains three screens showing three characters, which are created, based on interviews made with several..
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Marcantonio Lunardi
The choir

4:13, 2013, Video Art

In his leave-taking speech to his students, a professor from the university said that in Italy the culture is totally relegated to the television. This reflection rooted deeply int..
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