Video artists

Marek Straszak
The clock

4:14, 2008, Fiction

A contemporary man's dream; the nightmare of industrialisation and automatism.
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Matt Parker
The Cloud is More Than Air and..

14:00, 2014, Experimental

For the general public The Cloud has come to represent the intangibility of data; as airborne, enveloping, comforting and offering easy access to the world’s information anyw..
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Marianna O’reilly
The double

58:00, 2010, Experimental

On April 9th 2009, maverick video-maker and self-professed ‘outsider’ Arkhip Ippolitov failed in his bid to commit suicide. The investigation that followed revealed a man o..
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Michael O’Donnell
The elevator

3:45, 2014, Experimental

Emotive, abstract cinematic process. Multiple superimpositions of footage shot at night from the back of a truck. Remixed and hand-composited into interactive digital layers. Machi..
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Marianna O’reilly
The flies

5:14, 2011, Experimental

‘Metamorph’ is a part of ‘The Flies’ (2011) video series. Starting as a video response to Sartre’s play ‘The Flies’, in which the author’s philo..
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Melancholy Maaret
The fluttering of wings in my ..

11:33, 2013, Video Art

The Fluttering of Wings in my Phrenological Head is a video art and sound installation project examining the spiritual components of physical isolation and intimacy, particularly f..
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Michael Brynntrup
The hong kong showcase

3:20, 2006, Video Art

The world is everything that is the showcase. Living in a globalized world - a case study. (loosely based on Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus logico-philosophicus, sentence no.1)
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Malaventura Malaventura
The malaventura audiovisual sa..

3:19, 2011, VJ

The malaventura’s audiovisual sampler consist in a complex set up of software & hardware where through a midi controller its possible to launch audiovisual material in the same m..
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Malaventura Malaventura
The malaventura audiovisual sa..

4:04, 2010, VJ

The malaventura’s audiovisual sampler consist in a complex set up of software & hardware where through a midi controller its possible to launch audiovisual material in the same m..
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Michele Santini
The scriptorium trilogy 01

3:30, 2010, Animation

The Scriptorium Trilogy is a triptic digital animation and this is the first episode. This trilogy is for Lemeh42 a challenge to Marcel proust bid. A story narrated by discontinuit..
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Mauricio Mayorga
The sense of the sea

6:44, 2010, Experimental

View of one point of the Caribbean from the beach, showing the ebb and flow of the waves and their sound. At the far distance almost imperceptible the laughs of kids and the Caribb..
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Marlijn Franken
The surreal congo

16:13, 2012, Documentary

Short [[documentary]] of exhibition "[[the Surreal Congo]]"; Congolese contemporary art in museum MKK in Dortmund, Germany. A tour around the expo, interviews with Aimé Mpan..
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Matteo Pasin
The technical man

6:47, 2009, Video Art

Digital images with a strong electronic grain and a noise alike give way to an innatural and annoyng visual narration in which a man is unremittingly intent on operating on chairs ..
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Meiya Lin
The times are summoning

2:40, 2007, Video Art

The times are summoning is personal memory from the artist’s childhood. By filming a bunch of kids who do the morning exercise every single morning. Presenting a matter of fact: ..
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Michal Mroz
The tree

6:47, 2008, Animation

A frame by frame animation telling a story of a person who receives a special gift, and makes good use of it. Unfortunately, not everything goes as planned.
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Mulugeta Gebrekidan
The triumph of mind over matte..

3:51, 2011, Documentary

Sintayehu Teshale is a courageous carpenter, who is able to overcome his physical disability and found his calling in life. Sintayehu, 42, had begin to work as a carpenter 20 years..
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Minyung Im
Theatrum mundi#1 empty house

13:16, 2013, Experimental

Luna is a young woman who lives in a palatial house. Her only relationship is with a mannequin, Pedro. She looks after him with great love, every day. One day, a glass is smashed w..
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Mauricio Henao

3:00, 2011, Video Art

THIRST is a video art that interprets “domination” in an erotic-violent relationship from a mayfly action of the body as a media panorama. The hegemonic representation towards ..
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Mauro Mnvisions
Three questions to

4:02, 2013, Animation

"Three questions to" is a now tv-program by award-winning journalist Jenna Roberts, title inspired by a short story of Russian author Leo Tolstoy. She found that one thing too ofte..
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Martin Dege
Un nu dans l’escalier, 2006

2:20, 2006, Video Art

A mixture of the motion studies of Eadweard Muybridge, of Marcel Duchamp and „ema“ of Gerhard Richter: turning place is an escalator in a department store 2006. 2 films were fi..
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Manuela Gallo
Unfinished business

1:00, 2008, Video Art

“Chile is a small country traumatized by a long dictatorship with an island mentality and powerful natural barriers: a high mountain range blocks us off the East while the countr..
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Michael Ebert

14:00, 2006, Experimental

A Short Film about a young Man encountering ambiguous Situations and Challenges.
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Mk Yurttas.
Untitled in the kitchen

5:45, 2011, Video Art

About the perception of space, the visible and invisible elements, layers setting up the space, outside and inside.
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Mia Dahye Kim
Urban Garden

7:10, 2015, Experimental

<Urban Garden> displays the long relationship humans have had with nature throughout history; while being juxtaposed against a modern city garden. The artificial miniature ve..
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Marina Taleb

2:09, 2013, Video Art

Hans Memling’s Triptych of Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation inspired this project : a video triptych of contemporary vanities. It’s interpreted as a loop: the left p..
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Martin Sjölander

3:52, 2011, Video Art

“I’m thinking about how I could save him....” offers the fragmented voice of our faceless, female protagonist. Her words echo against the enticingly unrelated visual of initi..
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Meredith Shapiro Toto

0:10, 2010, Experimental

This video piece connects the idea of the virus as both biological and electronic transmission. As simultaneously an organic contagion and a psychological fear, it infiltrates the ..
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Martyna Starosta
Voodoo instructions

10:00, 2009, Fiction

VOODOO INTRUCTIONS is the continuation of the Video PYROMANIAC EXERCISES. It also deals with global capitalism and local gentrification. The setting is aggain the Berlin district K..
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Marie Magescas

8:26, 2010, Experimental

On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Five of these UN member countries are today the b..
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Mikhail Lylov
Watch yourself

26:16, 2013, Fiction

Film “Watch Yourself“ gives an account for curiosity or “desire of eyes”, how it was famously put by St. Augustine. In film curisity is definned as experience for its own s..
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Mark Zuniga
Water 001

2:21, 2013, Experimental

A study of still/motion life adapted to a story of domestic violence. Inspired by the unstable couple that used to live above me.
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Maarten Heer
Waterlanders - best case scena..

10:00, 2006, Animation

Waterlanders is a series of seven animated shorts in which the main characters joyfully explode. Seven Best Case Scenarios.
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Maja Kirovska
Where is the exit? probably si..

2:57, 2011, Video Art

This video is a metaphor for us, modern Sisyphuses, preoccupied with our everyday repeatable actions that almost get unconscious character. Person almost becomes forgotten category..
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Manon Bovenkerk
Wil je me voeren aan de krokod..

3:25, 2008, Experimental

Geanimeerde videoclip voor een liedje van Goslink, waarin een aap verlangt naar vrijheid, mooie meisjes en het oerwoud, terwijl de stad rondom hem langzaam in verval raakt.
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Mladen Stropnik
Woman with the golden tooth

2:34, 2012, Video Art

My concept / idea is that there is no time and no space. The main thing of all is an idea. Everything else depends on how mouch money you got. So I try to be as economical and ecol..
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Mauri Lehtonen

1:22, 2013, Animation

Fungoid garden on planet Yuggoth.
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Marlijn Franken
Zémidjan - african sund..

3:17, 2011, Documentary

In Benin’s capital Cotonou on sundays everyone goes to the beach on a Zemidjan, the local motor taxis. I filmed them passing the end of the road where there is a bump.
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