Video artists

Tea Guarascio

11:40, 2014, Video Dance

Re-interpretation of Vivaldi’s Spring, in which the sound of the strings are added visual arts and dance. Three dancers celebrating the death of winter and the triumph of the..
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Tomoko Nagao
Super usappe

2:48, 2008, Video Art

This animation is based on the 80’s video games. The main character of a red rabbit is kicking out some items, flowers, mushrooms, cars, restaurant, bank, art foudation, commune ..
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Thomas Schumacher
Sympathische verlierer/likeabl..

19:30, 2010, Documentary

(You may watch the full version on vimeo as well: Likeable Losers is a documentary short about Peter Kröning, a masters graduate from the Berlin Unive..
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Tomaz Boniewski
The big dream

4:00, 2008, Animation

The film is created in a manner of a "dark crime story". A peculiar quadrangle - the main character, a man from his past, a femme fatale and cigarettes - with all the consequences...
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Tahir Un
The Game

2:55, 2013, Experimental

Mardin is an ancient city of Mesopotamia Coombe and nearest to the border of Syria. The city is established above the hill and some border villages can be viewed from. The civil wa..
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Toby Tatum
The Green Mind

3:10, 2013, Experimental

Enter The Green Mind, where lizards pose in secret grottoes, bats circle twilit jungles and snakes entwine amongst flowers. The Green Mind features an original soundtrack by Abi F..
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Tine Isachsen
The horror within

3:30, 2006, Experimental

The film is not linked with my life, but is more about female characters, emotions and contrasts.
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Tina Willgren
The polymoids

2:51, 2010, Video Art

The idea for “the Polymoids” emerged when visiting vacant urban areas in Stockholm. In the middle of town, surrounded by a hectic city life there exist spots that seem to have ..
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Toby Tatum
The secluded grove

4:24, 2012, Experimental

A pastoral dream-zone of autumnal forests and dark abiding groves conjured with the hallucinatory intensity of a death-bed reverie. The Secluded Grove features an original soundtr..
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Tom Sands
The write stuff

5:15, 2009, Experimental

Louis Ludlum is a frustrated writer. After destroying his work in a rage, he realises that he cannot write anything new. It is only when he journeys inwards that he can see any pos..
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Tom Neal
These streets

6:10, 2010, Documentary

These Streets is a short story that explores the thoughts and experiences of three Ambulance Paramedics that have numerous years in the job individually. From the beginnings of a c..
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Thomas Schumacher
Things are never as bad as the..

21:00, 2011, Documentary

(You may watch the full version here as well: „Things are never as bad as they could be" - The absurd audio world Of Tom Heithoff The characters in ..
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Tiong Ang
Two women drinking

1:03, 2008, Video Art

On the morning Pim Fortuyn was murdered in The Netherlands, I was having a cup of coffee in my friend Roelandt’s kitchen in his apartment in Kunming. His wife Weili suffered from..
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Takeshi Ikeda
Una domenica da kappa

10:00, 2012, Fiction

This is the story of Japanese legendary creature KAPPA and Italian patron saint Francesco.
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Tracy Valcarcel Rodriguez
Underneath this dress, i unfol..

7:53, 2012, Video Art

A woman attempts to remember the details of a tramautic experience. She remembers herself standing surrounded by trees and leaves and layers of fabric covering and uncovering her f..
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Tina Willgren

2:29, 2009, Video Art

A village. A street. An ordinary summer day. Or? It is easy to get struck by a feeling of absurdity when one takes a pause, just to experience what is actually going on in front o..
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Theofanis Nouskas
Wait trip dinner

5:40, 2007, Video Art

Debora is a girl who waits for somebody or something, Debora drinks, smokes and gets ready for the dinner, Debora travels. as long as she waits for, she gets beautiful. the dinner ..
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Tina Willgren

4:13, 2011, Experimental

Leftover training clothes working out.
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Tom Walker
You and me

0:23, 2009, Experimental

My video works reference the Youtube generations desire for short, fast, pithy entertainment. They endeavor to undermine the quick-fix notion of such video works with an initially ..
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Tobias Schönenberg
Zehn sekunden himmel

11:30, 2014, Fiction

Leon’s (19) health seemed stable within the last years, until he was recently admitted to the hospital with cardiac arrhythmias. The consequence was an emergency surgery on the ..
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